Suzuki LT230E Quad Runner With Cobra Exhaust Installed Quad Sport ATV LT230S

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biggggggggg12: i prefer the quadzilla lol i love them i have a lt80 lt250 a lt500 and a lt 230 all 1988 in my storage but i got hurt and cant ride them for a while sad face :(

moniters: haha i had a sticker on mine from 89 and 90. it was in colorado. im in ohio. these things have been around lol.

steve069: @domiNATEshots12 I turned the choke off. LT230E models have a thumb choke on the handlebar where as the Sport models have a choke lever built onto the carb. When you start these cold you turn the choke on, let it idle for a bit, and turn the choke off. These aren't your modern EFI machines

Nate Atkins: What did you mess with in the first 50 seconds, did u like slow the idle or something?

Rabscallion69: hey im probably gonna bye one from my buddy for 500 , is it worth it? for my first bike jsut to dink around on

steve069: @electriclight99 No.

Noah Jenzano: i have the same bike, i would like to buy a full cobra system but i can not find one, where did u find yours?

steve069: @qscfthn67 E models have automatic transmissions & electric start, Older Sport models have clutches and kick starters

steve069: @pyroracer44 I think I got it off eBay a few years ago but I cannot remember. I'm not even sure if they are still making them. For some info: The pipe is so free flowing that the quad runs slower than stock and the jetting is screwy...If I ride it for more than an hour through the trails it will start stalling. We only use them as workhorses now so we really don't care anymore. I've had the two twin 230's since fall of 93' when I was 8.

coshyno: better loud

MultiMattyice: nice....check out my 230

steve069: @Rabscallion69 If it runs good, why not?

electriclight99: did you have to rejet your carb?

Ryan Stewart: Lol my 230 has a crack in the exhaust so it sounds like a really loud Harley.

Ghetto Jank Surplus: does a lt230e have clutch lever?

steve069: @WARD5KUSTOMZ Runs the same, just louder. The pipe was rusting out so it needed to be replaced

WARD5KUSTOMZ: how much better does it run

steve069: @motorclcleman Yes, Header to Tailpipe

steve069: @wilsonphish420 LOL sorry but It comes in very handy at my hunting camp for moving supplies, etc. My bikes are for screwing around!

87Zilla02SnoPro: Dude! That thing is MINT! Take real good care of it!

Subrosa225: @qscfthn67 no the lt230s does

twinstacksisuzu: sounds good to me but i like them loud.

motorclcleman: is it a full exhaust

wilsonphish420: Great Quad I'm getting one myself but do everyone a favor and get ride of that fairy fo fo Rack you got on the back of that quad it takes away the sole purpose of that sick wheeler and that is to be a sport quad.
Suzuki LT230E Quad Runner with Cobra Exhaust Installed Quad Sport ATV LT230S 3.3 out of 5

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Suzuki LT230E Quad Runner with Cobra Exhaust Installed Quad Sport ATV LT230S