24 Hour MRE (homemade) How To Make A MRE Meal Kit. How To Survive A Zombie Outbreak.

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24 Hour MRE (homemade)  How to make a MRE meal kit.  how to survive a zombie outbreak.
24 Hour MRE (homemade) How to make a MRE meal kit. how to survive a zombie outbreak.
Homemade "MRE" - Urban Survival
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Make Your Own MRE Rations
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Homemade MRE
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DIY MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) Cheap and Easy.
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Mock slowmotion: I would try to eat most of my food out of a tin so I could heat it up

xXM60E4Xx: Jerkey water some type of pasta chips protein bar etc

ImpossibenKryptonerd: We would probably make that last a week in europe but i suppose in america they are big spenders

Daniel Sov: I put a battery because the gum raper can start a fire 

MrAdzerman: I LOVE YOUR BEARD!!!!

Grievous003: No SPAM Meat here?:D

The Doctor: @ToothFilledVag Yeah, I thought of that, too.

Creepytune_: I like all the energy stuff but holy crap you would be extremely thirsty after eating some of that stuff.

fudgeonator: Condom and lube!!! and maybe some glucose tablets. ;)

ZombieGuids: Wow suicidal much?

Matthew .Lanister: well in my opinion ( i have studied other techniques and i believe this to be the best ) i would stay in small buildings: small houses, gas stations, fast food places etc. and on the type of zombies the longer the apocalypse the more genetically enhanced they become.

darkknightnero101: lucky me i can only eat one meal a day and im able to run for hours if i eat more then one meal i fall asleep

Nattaktak: I'll have beer i my RME pach only beer

datguy635: I feel bad for cats in asia.

Poprocks2727: My dad is in the military so we have those military meals a lot of them

Gmer XD: Will you put a potart in your survival kit, i know i would because nyan cat will jump out and kill all of the zombies

noobnoobyify: hmm... My "survival" kit is filled with nukes. Of course, I won't survive after denotation.

Cameron Wells: yah that will be easy to get to and get away from for supplies

Mike The Gamer: gum.. so not needed.

Steven Peters: how long will your mre keep for?

Charlie King: Turkey jerky gung ho lazana and crap like that and gum

bob jewls: you should do more stuff like this

MrFishy5: I would try to get to a small remote island because zombies can't swim and if we keep killing them they have to run eventually

Jen Jens: Lots of can stuff... Lots and lots of can stuff. :P

Lexbori27: Nice mre with the whey protien.....i have powder protien in my and plus for hormel just add those wal-mart hand warmers to the kit to heat the meal

Zoobs: in my mael kit ther its only pie!

Joe D: a gun and some beef jerky

gameaholic18: The pack i have put togeather involves a lot less solid food, its is mainly essiential vitamins, protein bars, gluecose tablets for a quick sprint. from my sports course at uni, snacking in survival is better than large meals, a lot of small snacks is better than a large meal so in total i would take things like all in one meals bars, although solid food makes you feel non-hungry, you can survive on just tablets, which will keep your strength up also.

FalloutFire: best chat up line ever in a zombie outbreak "hey babe want to prolifarate the species"XD

TactiKoolStuff: How much did just one cost?

UndeadDragonX04: Lol

TheLeft4DeadSpace: hey im 9 will i suvie the zombie atack ?

PunkTeenVideos: is he suggesting that you need gum to have sex?? O.o

Brandon Humphrey: survival meal kit nadoshima ramen mint choclate pockey beef jerky 5 mint gum mio energy listerine pocket packs ramune soda fruite by the foot pb&j bread and to finish it off pop rocks and pixie sticks

DarkWolfx174: i like how chuck elegantly said that the gum is to bang the hot surviver chick

zyxflame: It is important to consider high calorie items that will take up less space but still quench you're hunger, protein bars were a great call, personally I probably would have replaced the coffee with McDonalds apple slices though, they give more energy they stay good for a couple years and your initial food isn't meant to last long

qsargfear aefw: hey Chuck, i judt wanted to share somthing i did with my bug out bag (WIP) i was trying to put a sleeping bag in a garbage bag to go in the bag. i tryed knotting it to the handle on top and later cut it off cuz it was un comfortable. i decided to take the heavy weight garbage bag strap things that you close the bag with and rolled up the sleepingbag pit it on the bottom, and tied a knot with two of the straps on both of the shoulder straps. i just wanted to share this with the ZGB crew.

TheCOREAN: I would put mine in a ruck sack and init I'd put tins of tuna doritos mouth wash water cola energy drinks other things a kitchen knife bottle opener can opener

Shadowninja286: in every single MRE bag i make i always bring tuna thats really good

90beans: i'd bring beef jurky

RossEyeAm: It's not going to happen, but if it did, I'd find the nearest gun, gather all my loved ones, and give them the easy way out before putting one in my own head. freak trying to survive. If they came, we'd all die out eventually so there's nothing worth surviving for

MrLawdog1015: trail mix is yummy

Yucky81995: and beef jerky

Lewis Kelly: he has not took his wedding ring of

TuomionNalle: @Andiatus you can still hunt and go fishing

TheRegularTroller: where did you get the New Whey? Is there a age limit on 5 hour energy?

MiniRawTV: thats a 72 hour meal kit for me

Datfakinggui: Anything ill eat without spitting it out/gagging

Michael Graves: No one should go with out beef jurky

SarcasmSkateTeam: @ILIKEPOTATOEZ1029 NICE
24 Hour MRE (homemade) How to make a MRE meal kit. how to survive a zombie outbreak. 4.8 out of 5

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24 Hour MRE (homemade)  How to make a MRE meal kit.  how to survive a zombie outbreak.