How To Use SharkBite Fittings

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Sharkbite Fittings and Pex Pipe Review
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Ted Farabee: Stupid With Money: Are Sharkbites Reliable?
How to use sharkbite fittings for easy fix. Plumbing Tips!
How to use sharkbite fittings for easy fix. Plumbing Tips!
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The SharkBite Training Video

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Steve Duval: What is the point, these things are expensive and and they sometimes fail. Sweating pipes is not that hard and it's way cheaper and they don't leak

Lindsay Millsaps: yo

fixtillbroke: Great high definition camera and "guy next door" commentary. I personally hope you're around for those twenty years and then some. You've helped me make up my mind about a repair I need to make before selling our house.

Plumber At Work: Home owner hack job . What a joke these things are.

sciorts: Can the plastic bushing be put back in?

maczrule: All i know is DO NOT buy the crap Lowe's sales (gatorbite i think), they are no where near the quality of the SharkBite brand.

José Flávio: Can i use sharkbite on any pex pipe, or only on sharkbite pipe?

John Galvich: That is some pretty exposed wire off to the right hope you fixed it...
Other than that thanks for the demo on sharkbite.

etarheel1: Great video. Thank you very much sir for posting. Wish me luck!

George Siatos: torch for sure!!!!!!

George Siatos: leaking all tha time!!!

JD Mumma: Thanks! Appreciate the detailed explanation video and bonus on the zoom ins!

john Eachus: The Sharkbite site training video instructor does clean the end of the pipe before adding the fitting as required to solder a connection. This will you save time.

N Kel: tried these last night (the fittings)....worked well so far. the engineered product is amazing. 

Dave G: This guy should get a prize for making things clear and understandable including great tips  one of the best tutorials ive seen     just renovating a 40 yr old basement plumbing   Thx   keep up the great videos

JohnnyRebel: Your a good man thefe vince. Good work. Going to try to do my shower hardware with these sharkbites.

al stewart: First time to watch your video.  I recognized all the fittings and tools.  I think I saw you using PB(polybutylene) adapters for couplers instead of couplers designed for copper,pex, and cpvc pipe at both ends.

Tous Shong: Love your video.  Didn't know you do plumbing as well because I just saw your video on  installing  FH trailer.  Great Job!

N Kel: thanks for video...the effort, but you didn't think through your message and it lurched and was  ambiguous. do  redo and it might be better.

Matt Peters: Good informative video! As a Plumber myself, I would only use a shark-Bite in an emergency situation! They are great in that type of situation however, Shark-Bite fitting can range from $15-25, if you were to do a large repair it would be very costly. As for the repair in your video, if you have the wall opened up why not solder the joints that are required to do the repair?? Copper fitting cost pennies compared to Shark-Bite. Just my professional opinion. 
How to use SharkBite Fittings 5 out of 5

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How to use SharkBite Fittings