How To Use SharkBite Fittings

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Sharkbite Pex Pipe and Fittings
Sharkbite Pex Pipe and Fittings "Review"
How to use sharkbite fittings for easy fix. Plumbing Tips!
How to use sharkbite fittings for easy fix. Plumbing Tips!
SharkBite Fittings - How to Use SharkBite Fittings and Plumbing Connections (AUS)
SharkBite Fittings - How to Use SharkBite Fittings and Plumbing Connections (AUS)
How to use SharkBite Fittings
How to use SharkBite Fittings
Soldering VS SharkBite Fittings
Soldering VS SharkBite Fittings

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James Wenzel: That exposed copper on that wire doesn't look to safe but great video on the product.

N Kel: tried these last night (the fittings)....worked well so far. the engineered product is amazing. 

Samu Rai: I just finished fixing my plumbing leak from the hot water line going up to the kitchen sink. I cut a whole through the drywall in the living room on the other side of the sink, and found a copper pipe close to the floor that had a pinhole leak. The leak was just about an inch below a three-way 3/4 to 1/2 to 3/4, and I cut out a section of copper pipe below the floor. It's a real pain to melt solder with a torch without catching your house on fire in the wall. But with some metal plates and a spray bottle I managed. 
The easiest thing was to put it back together with these SharkBite fittings. I cut one piece of CPVC from below the floor and connected it to the copper with a 3/4 SharkBite Coupling and it attached to the SharkBite Three-way to the rest of the copper pipe. No leaks. I made sure that I had the solder on the old copper pipes melted off and sanded down smooth to be sure the SharkBite would have a good seal. This was after I bought a repair clamp that didn't work. It's made like a hinge and a piece of rubber goes on the side over the leak and you tighten it up with bolts. Kept tightening, kept leaking, until it was smashing the copper tubing. That was a joke and a waste of $5, ...that might work on a heavy steel pipe where you can crank it down hard enough to stop the leak without crushing the pipe. These SharkBites seem to work just fine as far as I can tell so far.
The only place that had them around where I live was Home Depot. They had a sign out front that says: "Now Hiring" and then written in Spanish...(this is in Indiana) ...and I thought...they want to hire someone who is not able to read "Now Hiring" ??? 

Dave G: This guy should get a prize for making things clear and understandable including great tips  one of the best tutorials ive seen     just renovating a 40 yr old basement plumbing   Thx   keep up the great videos

cslix: Your a good man thefe vince. Good work. Going to try to do my shower hardware with these sharkbites.

al stewart: First time to watch your video.  I recognized all the fittings and tools.  I think I saw you using PB(polybutylene) adapters for couplers instead of couplers designed for copper,pex, and cpvc pipe at both ends.

Dan Carmichael: Is it necessary to taker out the plastic inserts if your using copper?  Great video btw.

Tom Shong: Love your video.  Didn't know you do plumbing as well because I just saw your video on  installing  FH trailer.  Great Job!

N Kel: thanks for video...the effort, but you didn't think through your message and it lurched and was  ambiguous. do  redo and it might be better.

Matt Peters: Good informative video! As a Plumber myself, I would only use a shark-Bite in an emergency situation! They are great in that type of situation however, Shark-Bite fitting can range from $15-25, if you were to do a large repair it would be very costly. As for the repair in your video, if you have the wall opened up why not solder the joints that are required to do the repair?? Copper fitting cost pennies compared to Shark-Bite. Just my professional opinion. 

Alex Profit: Thanks for sharing.

Kenneth Gaydon: Great video Vince.

ronnykizzizl: Nice video, Vince. Thank you very much. You gave me the knowledge and confidence to do it myself.

Viseth Sen: good job sir

fishingindeepwater: Thanks Vince. I think the same way also about the house. When I'm gone the house will still be standing. At least the house took care of me. O ya. Shark bite fittings are great. I had a pin hole leak by the softener in the basement and the city valve to the house wouldn't shut down all the way. Soldering was impossible. So I did the shark thing. I'm a happy camper for life. Thanks for the video friend.

Leesherwood: I have a bunch of shark bites in my basement on a shower installation. 6 yrs. now. Not a drip. Great in places where flammables can catch on fire from your torch. Great video, nice and detailed. I'm very satisfied with this product. 

click411: Thats funny. He said he is 72 and if it last 20 years he will be ok

Atomic Bum: Thanks for the video.I am (eventually/gradually) going to Shark Bite.Can you use copper 3/4" on one end with pvc on the other end?Its for water from meter.

chosenvanh01: Thanks for the videos, I just out this videos about shark bite after I spend $250 for plumber, plumber use the shark bite on my shower pipe, great videos next time I will the shark bite on my whole house
How to use SharkBite Fittings 5 out of 5

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How to use SharkBite Fittings