Sneaky Pete Holsters And Drawing A Sig P238

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Sneaky Pete Holsters and Drawing a Sig P238
Sneaky Pete Holsters and Drawing a Sig P238
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Maine Catholic Guy: I am waiting to get mine in the mail. Right now I am using a belly band holster which is good, but it’s a problem for fast draw. I know people say everyone will know what it is but really, I don’t care. Open carry and conceal carry is legal here without a permit. I also figure I wear my shirts big and loose anyway so it will be covered by my shirt so no one will see it anyway. I would be more worried about someone seeing the bulge in my shirt where my belly band is. The only advantage the belly band has, is it has a holder for my extra magazine...actually I could carry 2 extra magazine if I wanted. I also have a good inside the waste band holster ordered so I will try that too. I like to have a variety to choose from. But right now, the sneaky Pete looks like it will be my go to holster.

AverageNiceGuy: I am impressed with my new "leather" Sneaky Pete Holster that I ordered from the manufacturer. With the available options to fit a Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace, and Extended magazine and "pinky grip" extender options, and with a rubber "Hogue Grip", and with the "belt clip" option. The holster looks great, fits great, and also allows clean concealment, with easy "silent access" because of the magnetic closure. This combination creates the situation in which I am less hesitant to "carry" because of discomfort.

Yoshi Yamamoto: Most any technique works slow motion. How does it work full speed, say sub 1 second draw to first shot or under duress like a struggle? Thanks.

marv farley: cool concept but that thing is huge for such a small gun .

Jimmy Ohern: Glad to see a fellow left hander doing a video! There are so few made.

kbw rvwhntr: Could you please tell me which size I need for my Ruger P95. It does not have it listed on the site but was wondering if I need an LC 380 or SR22 holster. Any info would be appreciated.

phelps4824: Nice vid thanks. I am looking to get one for my sig p938 and this vid helped me out a lot

daniel whitman: l love that you can open carry ,but your not .slso being able to tuck my shirt in .But not sure why Sneaky Pete didn't make a cut out to make gun easier to hrab hold of and draw. the one I have for my Barretta 25 auto. is great , zbut l have much difficulty with my SCCY 9mm.

Jonathan Ocampo: nothing really "sneaky" about this huge pouch sitting on your belt. that looks like crap.

atomiccat2002: Any updates on the holster? still using it after 2 years?

Elliot Check: @ pt7941: There was a question from pt7941. For whatever reason, The reply tab did not work and then I accidently deleted the comment.
The question was; what was the watch that I was wearing?
The watch is a Breitling Twin 60, circa 1995. An automatic in the Navitimer line with 4 sub-dials, 9 hands and a slide rule bezel.

Jefferson Wolski: Very helpful.  I'm using my SP when clothing requirements for the day make IWB problematic.

Max Zweck: nice review

dexter2433: love mine
i have 2 one for my soon the be replaced DB380 and i also have 1 with my Glock 26 g3 and can not think of any other way i would carry nice revue

Ben Hayat: Thank you Eliot for sharing this technique!
Every day, I learn something new.

Elliot Check: I should have also mentioned, although you probably realize it, if you miss with the thumb you are still in position to continue opening the other way.

Jon Quint: Have a 'Sneaky Pete" myself. Very nice, works great and in several months of wearing it have only had one question about it and that was form someone who probably knew I was carrying anyway!
Sneaky Pete Holsters and Drawing a Sig P238 5 out of 5

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Sneaky Pete Holsters and Drawing a Sig P238