SRAM X.5 Vs Shimano Deore

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SRAM X.5 vs Shimano Deore
SRAM X.5 vs Shimano Deore
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Callum Hildaclan: Truvativ is a part of SRAM, SRAM owns Truvativ.

Dennis Servillon: shimano is the best

tony montero: sram el mejor me cambio a sram 

Sonny Christofilis: SRAM is great But Novatec, dt, truvativ and shimano are a tiny bit better

Cannibal Christ: i have a deore on my bigfoot it totally kicks ass i don't care what you sram freaks say either its just my opinion and moving around doesn't mean anything like all these videos try to say

drbroccoli: Shimano makes great cranks and front derailleurs. For rear derailleurs, chains and shifters, go SRAM.

hsenc017: 산에서는 sram 이 더좋다는게 대다수의 평

tinkeramt: No son de la misma gama,ademas la cadena del desbiador deore esta mas larga, XTR & SRAM DEORE & SRAM no

bandoboy32: it soesnt matter about movement. as long as it provides clean quick shifts. shimano rapes sram

Anderson Trindade: Good video... thank you!!

polskiZiomek: That chain was too long for shimano, that's why it looks that crap. Look in what position is Sram sign and Shimano. The shimano is not stretched. There should be screw some where to set the stretch up.

theluckyman74: @TheIncridibleOne McDonalds is also the largest fast food franchise, but does that mean they make the best food?

aldila rizkyansyah: I hate SRAM . Shimano is better . I try x5 x6 x7 x9 thats so bad really bad . They not saving my money. Too fast broke. A lot of many problem sram gears . Now i'm using SLX , XT , for my two bikes . I used 2 years ago . But i'm not looking problem with my gears set shimano , diffrent with sram .

acoustic4037: At 0:46 the sram is on the smallest cog. Your observation might be incorrect. IMHO either one can run for a decade easily w/ no issues. It depends too much on abuse and maintenance. I have run sram since 1997 with zero issues to this day. I also ran a ton of shimano with no issues either, except that I like grip shift better than rapid fire. IMHO anyone who breaks 2 of these things is doing something wrong, even if that means they are lending the bike to an abusive friend unknowingly.

efe1303: Thank you for this awesome video!

powerworr: the chain is moving the samo by both derailleurs !!!!!

Miko Tolosa: thanks man.. been riding with deore rd and works really fine at all..^^

bryan0102: sram x5 sucks ass mine broke 2day first day of owning it

GrizzlyRecoveryZone1: So what exactly does this comparison prove? Deore is designed to move like that and to absorb shock that way. Pointless vid...

Misterio415: why?

Sam Williamson: SRAM products are more cheaply made (which often accounts for weight savings) I've been a heavy cyclist for years and also a shop mechanic. I'm almost out of fingers to count how many SRAM components I've broken, but I've never broken a Shimano component. I've used both brands in the past about equally, but am currently phasing out all of my SRAM and replacing it with Shimano. I feel this way about both SRAM's road and mountain components

Sobakus: The only thing bad about SRAM is that in many slavic languages it means "shame/disgrace" lol :D

Kissmybumper234: @theluckyman74 First of all, you are comparing apples to oranges here. Shimano is the biggest producer but that in no way means they don't use quality materials to make their products. Your analogy fails.

Tlotzin Martinez: OK, tenía mis dudas con que grupo iba a equipar mi bicicleta, pero creo que apostaré por SRAM X.5...

Bruno Miguel: i have deore shadow and its very good

DRUMSTUDDZ: I'd like to see the XX and the XTR head on.. BOTH on the same gears.. BOTH on the same trails.. BOTH on the same day and weather condition.. then we will see how BOTH do..

britney00: mike- You'll be fine. I have a lot of SRAM parts but your Shimano setup is great too. This video is next to pointless. If the video showed how bouncing affected shifting, THEN it would show something important. Otherwise, this video is irrelevant.

eixvo: I've ridden with both , the shimano with in a few days of use was battered and bruised to the point where i had three gears that i could use on my back cluster ,the sram is still working like the day i got it . the shimano managed to chip the pain on my bike it bounced so much.

mauricio corvalan: @GekO1 si puede ser , pero si tengo que elegir me quedo cn el saint ademas el sram de este vidio se come el abuso ante el otro

tramvaj12: @VictorSobakus LOL, I did not notice that and it is on Serbian as well same meaning SRAM=SHAME :) But on other hand pronounce of SCOTT bike is something as BASTARD :)

Perv Ert: Come to think of it I've been riding with a deore derailleur for about 3 years now and I've never cared about it bouncing around, it does but I honestly can't think of a time where that has actually had an effect on my riding. If it ever breaks or stops working well I'll take it into consideration but if it doesn’t effect my riding it doesn't bother me.

Tomaš Machan: Saint Forever!!:D

Azarien: All we see here is that Deore is shaking more than X.5 on very rough terrain. It does not necessarily mean that X.5 is better in all circumstances.

HondaRaycer: This is a very interesting comparison video. I use SRAM, but my husband uses Shimano. His shimano has been tough as nails. My SRAM is a bit more fickle, then again I also ride differently than he does.

Armando Olivas: eeeah no vale madre shimano... jaja mejor sram!!!

galemak: Yeah i use shimano and i am really impressed of it accualy it works perfect...and my opinion is that the shimano is better becouse it absorbes the inpacts and with that u gain more friend use sram and yes they are preatty good but they got less life than shimanos...

LotusCortina4: All very nice. Unfortunately, the video can't show that my Deore has lasted 6 years, and is still going strong. Neither can it show the amount of Sram X.5's and X.7's we used to get returned to my shop. The stopper is plastic, allowing overshift and eventually a mech in the rear wheel. Nice.

Misterio415: exacto hermano .Deore Shadow vs SRAM x5 INSTEAD .beside deore looks like it wouldnt snap as easily as Sram

SuperSoupable: are the deore shadow is the same as x5 in movement?

hoolgolo13: siema IN POLAND ,,SRAM,, IS FIRST ------PRODUCT

Reybgd: Sta pricate seljaci jedni iz Amerike, samo nesto serete ko magarci...ponika je zakon, kakav Shimano, kakav Sram, sram da vas bude...

okhabin: depends on rear or front. you cant use sram shifter with shimano rear drailleur. but you can use shimano front with sram shifter. shimano=2:1 sram=1:1 (front doesn't matter)

brentsrx7: My Sram parts are bullet proof, I have had less consistent performance from Shimano personally but both companies make kick ass parts.

Miko Tolosa: thanks for the great vid. but i'm just a little too late. i bought Shimano Deore RD M531 just today. should have bought SRAM..='(

VirtuosoX1: @youhenyo Im considering a new giant talon 29er, is the X5 durable? will it handle rough terrain with quick shifting? personally i had two shimanos that never did the job right :(

PeppinoGamerPc: Sram x5 forever -3

SarsaNiTomas: @mikoece002 been riding on me bike with deore and guess what compared to my bike with sram x5. i kinda visit my bike tech(s) more often with shimano deore to what ??? adjust the rear derailuer.....

Thundermand: And how can it provie quick and clean shifts if it's bouncing like that.

rperencevic10: It's bull sh,t vid..with the sram side he go,s around the hard hitting roots and logs...shm d is the winner..

Adziu: @tramvaj12 In Polish it means "I crap". And that is probably why you cannot find it on new bikes.
SRAM X.5 vs Shimano Deore 4.2 out of 5

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SRAM X.5 vs Shimano Deore