SRAM X.5 Vs Shimano Deore

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SRAM X.5 vs Shimano Deore
SRAM X.5 vs Shimano Deore
BBT: Sram vs Shimano components rankings. levels and heirarchy.
BBT: Sram vs Shimano components rankings. levels and heirarchy.
Desviadores Shimano vs SRAM
Desviadores Shimano vs SRAM
Shimano trigger shifters vs Sram trigger shifters and twist gripshift style shifters
Shimano trigger shifters vs Sram trigger shifters and twist gripshift style shifters
On-One 456 Evo Carbon Shimano Deore Mountain Bike
On-One 456 Evo Carbon Shimano Deore Mountain Bike

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Johny Rockon: Даа, результат на лицо, как говорится

Григорий Мецкан: Спасибо автору. Очень полезный тест. 

Cee Neiton: In my opinion:
Shimano=Everything else
Sram might not be as durable as shimano components but they are still good products

srSADOL: Desregulado!!

schlooonginator: Honestly, I don't care what something "looks" like on video but rather how does it actually work in real life. As mentioned, Shimano no longer uses this design on off road groups. In fact, Shimano offers a superior to SRAM shadow design that keeps the derailleur tucked under the cassette as opposed to sticking out for a rock to knock it. SRAM has yet to confront the issue.
To be fair, I think SRAM did a lot of good coming into the game. Throughout the 9 speed era SRAM arguably had better action in the shifting department and they still make really good products although their high end groups have enormously expensive price points. Shimano learned quickly that they were no longer the only game in town and that XTR had serious competition.When Shimano released 10 speed they made numerous improvements to the very areas criticized which were finicky set up, required more maintenance(to maintain accurate shifts) and too light shift action. People loved XTRs patently buttery smooth shifts but found them a bit vague so they retuned the entire pull ratio and geometry of derailleurs and shifters to give a vivid feedback while eliminating to finicky and constant maintenance. SRAM and Shimano are still very different in feel really and ultimately its a personal choice. Do you prefer smooth light shifts or more forcefull yet mechanical feeling sram? Just don't think you still need to do a barrell adjust every second ride with Shimano anymore.

Calvin C: Shimano' old design, still used on road, is pretty clever, 2 horizontal pivots separating the vertical forces from the parallelogram, but still has the issue of c-g distances varying dramatically over time as it wears. 

tony montero: sram el mejor  me cambio a sram 

Callum Hildaclan: Truvativ is a part of SRAM, SRAM owns Truvativ.

Elsupercab: para mi es mejor sram es mas rápido y suave en cuanto a durabilidad las dos son muy buenas no se descomponen 

luis lopez ascencio: No se mueve nada

MrCedou88: Sram est mieux,si l'on regarde bien le dérailleur secoue beaucoup moins que le shimano,c'est des risque de déraillement en moins...

Dennis Servillon: shimano is the best

Misterio415: exacto hermano .Deore Shadow vs SRAM x5 INSTEAD .beside deore looks like it wouldnt snap as easily as Sram

Misterio415: why?

spoonoff: I find SRAM stuff is lighter and works better... Until it breaks and doesn't.

Tomaš Machan: Saint Forever!!:D

Thomas John Solidum: saying that means your a retard. Shimano and Sram are both awesome

Mac Grinnell Padre: nice comparison.

oscar rivera: por favor no comparen un cambio deore ordinario de 2006 con un sram x5 de 2009 haber ponganle enfrente un tipo shadow haber si se mueve siquiera un apice

vakbudosfeketemedve: shimano for retards
SRAM X.5 vs Shimano Deore 5 out of 5

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SRAM X.5 vs Shimano Deore