Sound Proof Generator Box

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How to quiet a portable electric generator on a budget
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donald laisure (73SuperGlide62): Wow 

ItzAn Opinion: This is definitely the best I've seen so far and I've seen a LOT here on YT! Any words on how one can get a copy of the plans?

Jessica Gourieux: Did you ever end up sharing your plans for this box? I need to make something like this so that I can run my generator at a farmers market for my startup business, please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks

blkwizzard50: impressive

Fredrick Metcalf: Best I've seen so far .......good stuff! ! ! !  !

Screww Googlle: Impressive results.

3beltwesty: The Champion Generator 46595 is 68dB at 23 ft according to its specs:

Lowes and Home Depot has sold many of these units.

0:30 Fuel Tank Moved up : Roy here has the 3.8 Gallon Yellow stock fuel tank moved upward about 11 inches for ease of refueling. Normally the tank is right behind the Champion logo. Thus the Yellow fuel tank is mounted to the outer top box and a longer fuel hose used to connect to the carb. An exploded view of the generator is on page 19 of the manual below.

Here is the manual for this generator:

0:30 Thermometer is seen in the lower right of the inner box. It looks like a simple kitchen type. 

1:11 Duplex Plug is 120 volts since this is a 120 volt only alternator

The 46595 Champion is rated for 3000 watts at 120 volts and 3500 watts surge. 

Roy's generator has a low oil shutdown sensor that kills the engine if the oil level is too low.

This generator has 2 brushes on the rotor for the field current. An AVR (automatic voltage regulator ) is on this unit . The AVR is sensing the stator coils output voltage and adjusting the field current to the brushes that connect to the rotor. This scheme makes the sensed impedance at the AC socket to be lower than with a non AVR unit. This means that at light to medium loads the voltage will be closer to 120 volts. With a heavy load the field can be fully on and the output voltage drops way more.  If one plots voltage versus amps "used" there will often be a break were the AVR is saturated; ie ran out of poop.

This video shows one of the better sound reducing cabinets. It has a box within a box with distance between them. This is required since at least one half the noise is NOT from the muffler area. That noise is from the 3600 rpm engine; ie 60 revs per second and the plug fires 30 times per second.

Trying to reduce low frequency noise at 30, 60 and 120 Hz etc requires thickness, dampening, walls ( the two boxes) not to be connected by much. 

A homemade enclosure requires one does not overheat the generator, thus fans and vents. A massive concern is fire; thus to all be carefull and do not burn down your house.

Davy Chinkatok: Nice, sound proof box you have it 😄😄😄😄😄😄

Jim East: Great job, I would have put something on the outside to read the temp. inside the box. I assume, relocating the gas tank was for convenience of fueling. I bought 35 of these Champion ( I think 6500's ) generators during hurricane IKE to install on my customers a/c condensing unit so they would have a/c in the house. After that storm, many HOA' s put heavy noise restrictions in place that address generator noise. As for the comment about purchasing quieter generators, most people make  this type of purchase  when the need is great and supplies are low, therefore selection is poor.   Please email if you decide to share your plans. thank you.

mike grubmiller: put a gen in a shed once in 30 minutes it was to hot to stand not to mention the fumes

bcvonnie: Very nice! Looks good and not over done, good job.

Darin Teichmer: Roy, did y you ever put these plans out somewhere?  I would really like to get a hold of them.


Peter Gizmos: This thing works great, good job!

XboobtubeX: I guess I will never understand why people do not just buy a quiet generator from the start. Then no box is needed. Honda eu6500is. Best there is. And the quietest straight from the factory.

Brad Emerson: very nice

Byron Moore: Hey there Roy great video i been trying to find something just like this been trying to find a way to make my gen quit while at deer camp or just at a camp sight so i don't disturb anyone i am welling to buy the plains from you.
Thank you for sharing this video

Kristen Lee: did you share the plans for how to make this, whether it is for a fee or not, i too am interested...

Sean Williams: The only problem I see with that is that it's no longer a "portable" generator! But it sure does cut down on noise!

ChronicPain: Best sound proofing of a generator in my opinion. You deserve an award :)
Sound Proof Generator Box 5 out of 5

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Sound Proof Generator Box