Sound Proof Generator Box

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Sound Proof Generator Box
Sound Proof Generator Box
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Generator Quiet Box (Baffle Box)
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Quiet generator Shelter.
how to make a sound proof box for generator
how to make a sound proof box for generator
Part 8 (Final design) Honda EU2000i inverter/generator baffle-hush-quiet box
Part 8 (Final design) Honda EU2000i inverter/generator baffle-hush-quiet box

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aguyandhiscomputer: 1:22 Was that Flipper in there?

Epiccatsandkittens: that is darn quiet. can you do a db test on it?

SharpEnuff: If you have a dropbox account or icloud you can upload the plans there in a public folder and post the link here for free. I guess you can put them in a PDF file I doubt it will be a very large file.

david wise: did you ever make plans if so tell me where to go love your idea I understand the concept just looking for the way the air flows in your box a few simple drawings would be helpful

Alex: ricer

MsNumber1rider: do you want to build one of these for me ? if so how much & ship to N.C ? i never heard one as quiet as this , great job

cittybulder: now could i put that in my basement if i have proper ventlaton?

mariano garcia: Dear Roy
I have a mobile car wash business, well in fact I start, I did a box like you but the temperature inside is very hot, so I install a big fan just next to the generator no more than 4" and it is still hot. Before that the generator just turned off due to the temperature, now it runs okay but it is still noisy and I can turn it on at 7 pm when is still early morning. Do you have an advice? Thank you

Danny DeLaRosa: Did you ever set up the plans for people to access?

humantribe: That muffler just tops it off! Nice job with the generator cloaking device.

reactor4: I knew it would be a box in side a box. Also I thought could put it in the ground.

Jenna Bobenna: The best generator quieter box I've sen here on the youtube.

daniel charbonneau: how do you run the extension chord outside the box ?

Leroy Lucas: Thats not gonna work for long due to heat then premature failure. If you want stealth & peacefulness, buy a $1,200 Honda like I did.

med1pilot1956: Wish you would have given a tour of all the steps you took to arrive at this design. This is the quietest I've seen on You Tube yet. Being that tightly enclosed, I wonder what your interior temps are at a full load.

fritzmusic: YEAH! This is the best result I've seen yet and I've looked at a LOT of them. Great video and VERY effective demonstration without saying a single word. I loved how you could hear your footsteps and shifting on the ground in your sandals before walking up to it right out of the gate before you unpeeled the decibels the generator makes. Effective. You didn't BS around and let the result just speak for itself You didn't make a 4 part video buildup to let-down and just showed the after/before within the first 1:45. The double air gap idea is killer. Box in a box with an air gap. Would like to see more of this idea floating around.

onebigkahuna69: cool looks like a mini dumpster.

Edison Queiroz Villela: the best I've seen so far!!!

Anthony Calabro: I have a splendid idea for you. This idea is not ordering you in any way to share your ingenuity, nor am I implying that you should share your idea with America. Personally, it would behoove you monetarily, if this was a concern. If it's not, then by all means try this solution. Take the time to compile everything that's involved in it's production, photo copy it,(compilation), then whom ever wants this ingenious idea, have them send a self addressed envelope with what your cost would be. (no checks) I believe that it would be less stressful, not to mention the monetary gain. The ball is in your court, you decide if it's worth the trouble. I believe that it would be, as I definitely would be your first customer. If you have trouble deciding, talk it over with someone you trust, then make your decision. Great Idea, good luck with it.

jonboy545: Hi Roy,
Excellent box. I understand you may be hesitant to release plans and what not, and I understand. Takes alot of work. Would you atleast be willing to disclose the materials used for the actual sound proofing?
Sound Proof Generator Box 5 out of 5

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Sound Proof Generator Box