My New Rapid 7 Quick Review

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umx-9: He's just talking about himself, not really a review apart from him saying its "bang on".

Of course I'll subscribe to your channel talking about yourself and that you bought a new gun.

Patterdale Zipsuzilil: frikin crap

mrmegabangbang: Good video mate try the A&M Marksman silencer on your new 7 I don't think you'll be disappointed ;) let us know your thoughts if you get one :)

plasticeddie1: Good video, gonna get myself the FAC version .. Got a HK416 .22LR but to many restrictions on what I can do with it.

Dan Reilly: haha you cant get a real gun!

phailandaids: I sadly own a MK-1 Rapid-7 in .20, had all new internals etc and it's still the biggest turd of a gun I have ever had the misfortune to own.....Honestly, for the money you will pay for a secondhand one you may as well go and buy an Air-Arms or Weirhrauch, esp if you're sub 12 ft/lb, far more accurate and "tight", the ONLY advantage a rapid sports is the ease at which you can adjust the power. I hate my one so much I offered it to my workmate at about half what I paid for it

Offshore Drifter: would a weihrauch silencer be a good choice for an fac rapid too? cheers

Cancerape: nobody owns a Rapid 7 that is sub 12ft/lbs......reported.

ade lewis: cool vid mate ive been thinking of getting a decent PCP and i was thinking of either a daystate ranger or a rapid mk2 after watching your vids mate i think im going to get a mk2 or mfr when i do i will be posting a few vids

theoben1972: can you just unscrew the bottle like on mfr or do you have to dry fire it b4 taking the bottle all the way off like they used to be4,heard you can just screw sraight off now

m4x1170: Well I'll answer the mount the question mate.. There are too ways in which to mount scopes, use the Theoben mounts that arrive with the rifle but if your scope has a wide saddle as do the falcon range etc then a weaver or dove rail will be needed in order to mount it properly, it will also benifit you in using this option because you can apply a good user specific eye to scope balance and adjust it to your shooting style.. I have a vid on my channel of my rapid custom so feel free to ask away

jon wilkinson: Respond to this video... much cheaper than carrying a spare bloody rifle!!!!!!!!!!! and and more practical than a pump which you probably do not want to be doing outside anyway even with filters or a diving bottle albe it a small one, then It is a truly excellent rifle

jon wilkinson: Its not my shooting its the rifle its just so so good but like most things it takes practice do not know how experienced a gunner you are. I had her screw cut as well to take a weirach silencer so now its even quieter. I went out with her today and shot one pigeon one bunny and one magpie not bad for an hours work. As long as you do not mind the weight and as long as you see the detachable bottle an advantage as I do, you can take only the bottle to be filled or carry an extra one,

jon wilkinson: @LocalHitman Iv got an s type she is a heavy girl but I prefer a bit of weight I am no fan of feather light rifles. she is .22 and sub FAC. when I first got her I was all for getting her taken up but now I do not see the point all it means is less shots. found her to be very pellet fussy went through most of the top brands before H&N field target trophy in 14.66 gr with these I can empty at a golf ball size stone at 60 yards and if anyone doubts this I will happily prove it to them

vermin filmer: nice first vid mate, ATB john

LocalHitman: @PLINKINATOR Is your Jim Edge the shiny aluminium one that I've been hearing about on the forums?

LocalHitman: @george1904 I had a MK2 .25 running @ 55Ft/Lbs with a AWT, that was another bit of kit that I have since regretted getting rid of! I do have a personal preference for the MK1 though, and I have one that will make it's debut on my channel in the near future so look out for that, its gonna be a nice bit of kit when I'm done.

LocalHitman: @poolhalljunkie72 If you decide to get rid of the S-Type, let me know mate.... Got a friend who's after one.

LocalHitman: @derekfaz2010 Cheers mate, gonna get out there before the weekend and get some shooting-time in for the camera.

THE HUNTSMAN CHANNEL: lovely rifle...great little review...look forward to more.
My new Rapid 7 quick review 5 out of 5

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My new Rapid 7 quick review