How To Make Vegetable Glycerin Tinctures

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How to Make Vegetable Glycerin Super Immune Boosting Herbal Tincture - Alcohol Free!
How to Make Vegetable Glycerin Super Immune Boosting Herbal Tincture - Alcohol Free!
How to Make Vegetable Glycerin Spritz
How to Make Vegetable Glycerin Spritz
DIY Vegetable Glycerin Mixture
DIY Vegetable Glycerin Mixture
*11* ~Homemade
*11* ~Homemade "Vegetable Glycerin" Mix~
Tutorial: Vegetable Glycerin Mix (Mist Spray)
Tutorial: Vegetable Glycerin Mix (Mist Spray)

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ausetkmt: I am NOT a professional but this video needs to be redone. It is not helpful. You leave out steps that are important to making the products like decarboxylation. This video is very discouraging to say the least it does not help you make anything other than a decision to not watch any more of your videos

Jason Markson (Golden Mango): why don't you fill up the mason jar with the tincture, THEN put the cheese cloth on top as you have done, AND THEN turn the mason jar upside down and let the tincture drip out into another bottle?

You can process greater volume this way, with much less work.

Snicker Licker: How much weed is a quarter cup???

Nemesis_Bliss: Worst video I've personally ever sat thru...First you spout off about other videos lack of info then provide ZERO yourself via a one-handed video with your fkn PHONE that shows NONE of the process! IDIOT! Oh and if I didn't have a "real pot" to use in the video, I wouldn't be buying pot to start with! GET SOME PRIORITIES LOOSER!

Clan Cannabis: im def going to try this with the sugar leaves from my next harvest. 

MisterGee Marino: What a Damn waste... You are better off removing the oil with acetone or methanol and Then adding it to the Glycerol; so as to have a much higher oil to glycerol ratio, The Brown stuff is WHAT YOU WANT. The green you are taking out is Chlorophyll. The cannabinoids, themselves, are Golden Brown. If you do an extraction using Petroleum ether or anhydrous methanol, NO green comes out.

Angela Vermillion: FY I made this exactly the way he did and got zero effect from my vaporizer

Hubert Merworth: How much for you to make me some and send it?

raymond johansen: Do it work do you get high on the e sig?? 

SquirrelSnipa Williams: interesting video also you do realize that when you upload a video its ip tagged thus showing where it originated from no point in hiding the face when you upload a video especially from a phone its like sending a letter and putting ur address in the return spot but not ur

pronidalee: lol unfortunately im in no position to cook this for hours =/ is it alright if i cook for an hour 1 day and cook the same jar the next and the next? 

Kyle Godfrey: Can you do this in a magical butter cooker?

jmedees: 7:30 "you'll get a little..uh... boost off of that"

John Doe: Thought you had to decarb before making tincture and vaping. Did you decarb the product before making the tincture? I know cooking isn't an issue as the cooking process heats up the product and decarbs the product while cooking. Got a crock pot hooked up to a temp controller set for 160 F. Gonna try it this weekend but I'm thinking about placing the product in the oven first to decarb before making the tincture.

lilislander1000: Can you add something to cover up the smell ? Like it won't affect the product?

wedo_ 320: Is this the best tutorial on making "e-juice"

Mailer assistant: how potent is this out of the vape pen

perridanny: Will it get you high if you put it in a vape pen?????

Sir Strobie: QUESTION, If i DO NOT decarboxylate, can i still use it orally AND still vape it?
How to make vegetable glycerin tinctures 5 out of 5

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How to make vegetable glycerin tinctures