BMW X3 Offroad Pass.MOV

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BMW X3 offroad pass.MOV
BMW X3 offroad pass.MOV
Best BMW X3 Off-Road TEST | OFFROAD 4X4 Adventure 2017
Best BMW X3 Off-Road TEST | OFFROAD 4X4 Adventure 2017
BMW X3 - Road Tests
BMW X3 - Road Tests
BMW X3 off road
BMW X3 off road
ZhiQing testing BMW X3 offroad
ZhiQing testing BMW X3 offroad

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Alex Sta: Большие идиоты пожалуй только арабы, соревнующиеся у кого дальше с горы укатится новенький лексус. Зачем так издеваться над X3 который в принципе не предназначен для такого бездорожья?

iVlogBuzz: This AWD is for Hair Dressers

The Andy: Jævlig imponerende til en X3 å være..

Geo GR: ωραιος ρε φιλε

RL R: freaking idiot can´t keep a camera still...

kubek kawy: Dopiero teraz naprawiłam reduktor elektryczny do napędu 4x4 zębatka na allegro

Jamie Conrad: Been through deeper rivers in mine and mine still is fine

7archodas: Παιδια εχω μπεμπα καμπριο και φυσαει στο δρομο αλλα επειδη τυχαινει να εχω και ενα φριλαντερ σας λεω οτι εκτος δρομου η λαντ ροβερ δε πιανεται.Η μπεμπα ακομα η χ3 και η χ5 δεν ειναι να τις ζοριζεις.Ειναι καθαρα πολυτελη υψωμενα οχηματα.Σιγουρα τα θεωρω απλα οχηματα στατους.Πιστεψε με σε τετοια σημεια το φριλαντερ τα καταβροχθιζει χαλαρα

Alessandro Puttini: is stock X3?

oph1066: horses for courses x3 is not a fail. It's a 4WD that drives like a sports saloon that can get you through a winter, that's what its for. It never claimes to be a Discovery or Land cruiser

savvas Quattro: BMW X3 fails !!!!! see top gear

meg8egb: These retards should now try a Land Cruiser 70 in a street racing.

africanos89: ta plousiopaida vgikan sto vouno ,,, na ne kala o mpampas

ridgeline006: most suv can do light offroading with right tires and some type 4x4lock and at least 8in ground height

clin37 .Borsaleano: buy an offroad car to drive it offroad. if you can afford x3 to do offroad, doesnt mean youre not an idiot

gfhfmf: i think it really gone bad

blueballer69: u know that there are 4x4 trucks for going off road. Im thinking it would be cheaper than destroying your bmw.

Roman Dan: it would be really awesome if bmw would make real 4x4's more like touareg, i really love the x3 for it's engine (3.0sd) , comfort , gearbox and 4x4 system , i now own a e39 530d touring but i test drived an x3 and i think this would be my next car. The problem it's you cannot make a really good road car and have the articulation good also for the offroad. Maybe on future there will be a system to unlock the articulation for offroad.

Wyklburg: XDrive is a good offroad system ;) Especially on the new x3!
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BMW X3 offroad pass.MOV