BMW X3 Offroad Pass.MOV

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BMW X3 offroad pass.MOV
BMW X3 offroad pass.MOV
Best BMW X3 Off-Road TEST | OFFROAD 4X4 Adventure 2017
Best BMW X3 Off-Road TEST | OFFROAD 4X4 Adventure 2017
2018 BMW X3 - Offroad driving
2018 BMW X3 - Offroad driving
BMW X3 4x4 snow fun and offroad compilation
BMW X3 4x4 snow fun and offroad compilation
BMW X3 snow fun and offroad compilation
BMW X3 snow fun and offroad compilation

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Alex Sta: Большие идиоты пожалуй только арабы, соревнующиеся у кого дальше с горы укатится новенький лексус. Зачем так издеваться над X3 который в принципе не предназначен для такого бездорожья?

iVlogBuzz: This AWD is for Hair Dressers

The Andy: Jævlig imponerende til en X3 å være..

Geo GR: ωραιος ρε φιλε

RL R: freaking idiot can´t keep a camera still...

kubek kawy: Dopiero teraz naprawiłam reduktor elektryczny do napędu 4x4 zębatka na allegro

Jamie Conrad: Been through deeper rivers in mine and mine still is fine

7archodas: Παιδια εχω μπεμπα καμπριο και φυσαει στο δρομο αλλα επειδη τυχαινει να εχω και ενα φριλαντερ σας λεω οτι εκτος δρομου η λαντ ροβερ δε πιανεται.Η μπεμπα ακομα η χ3 και η χ5 δεν ειναι να τις ζοριζεις.Ειναι καθαρα πολυτελη υψωμενα οχηματα.Σιγουρα τα θεωρω απλα οχηματα στατους.Πιστεψε με σε τετοια σημεια το φριλαντερ τα καταβροχθιζει χαλαρα

Alessandro Puttini: is stock X3?

oph1066: horses for courses x3 is not a fail. It's a 4WD that drives like a sports saloon that can get you through a winter, that's what its for. It never claimes to be a Discovery or Land cruiser

savvas Quattro: BMW X3 fails !!!!! see top gear

meg8egb: These retards should now try a Land Cruiser 70 in a street racing.

africanos89: ta plousiopaida vgikan sto vouno ,,, na ne kala o mpampas

ridgeline006: most suv can do light offroading with right tires and some type 4x4lock and at least 8in ground height

clin37 .Borsaleano: buy an offroad car to drive it offroad. if you can afford x3 to do offroad, doesnt mean youre not an idiot

gfhfmf: i think it really gone bad

blueballer69: u know that there are 4x4 trucks for going off road. Im thinking it would be cheaper than destroying your bmw.

Roman Dan: it would be really awesome if bmw would make real 4x4's more like touareg, i really love the x3 for it's engine (3.0sd) , comfort , gearbox and 4x4 system , i now own a e39 530d touring but i test drived an x3 and i think this would be my next car. The problem it's you cannot make a really good road car and have the articulation good also for the offroad. Maybe on future there will be a system to unlock the articulation for offroad.

Wyklburg: XDrive is a good offroad system ;) Especially on the new x3!
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BMW X3 offroad pass.MOV