Watch The Earthing Mat Work

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Watch The Grounding Mat Work
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Pablo Fumero: GOD that kid is annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hoarybat61: Great video and thanks. Lose the kid in the video next time as it was very annoying.

Sye Rodriguez: This video will show you a cool way to test your Earthing products. I got excited about this when I first tried it.

Brenda Verly Luhman: Even though your adorable little boy included himself in the video, I think we all got the jist of it all....the grounding pad works, for real. I ordered my sheet from with free shipping. It is very nice quality and can't wait to sleep up the benefits! My order came with a complimentary copy of the book "Earthing" and that explains everything in detail and how this all came about so that was cool of them to include that. Also an outlet tester comes with the product so you know for sure that you will be grounded with your product. Thanks for the video so that I have some visual proof that this is for real! I am amazed!

eddivision15: Thank you for the video!!! and I love that you have your family with you!!! Not distracting at all and other viewers should not complain about the best sounds in the world, that of our children!!!!!

CharlesWolfeSkate: Tight! I just got mine today :D

nefertitii: How much is it

yoko174: How has the experience been for you? Did you notice any changes, just started using mine.

Laura Vaughn: Are you using a Klein Tools Model mm1000 for testing voltage?

PozitiveVibrationz: whats the intro song?

leslie hull: loved your video. You explained it so well with the (good) baby sounds. Going to your webb site now. Family sounds made me smile. Leslie

naturallivingreviews: Any noticeable changes so far from using your Earthing Mat?

Ms. Alex: I have a good question. Could these mats cleanse my quartz crystals by placing the crystal on the mat for a night?

DarcProjekt: The little guy's adorable but distracting. Still "liked" the video though

Jessica Gagnon: What would your electricity be if your wore sneakers?

naturallivingreviews: The intro is a loop called Gleaming and it's from iLife Sound Effects from Macintosh.

naturallivingreviews: All Right! Glad to know you liked the video. Thanks.

curtsher11: dude thankyou for this video take care


Matenalwraith: I feel like this venture has zero potential...

CharlesWolfeSkate: It's working alright.. I like it best directly on my knees.. But still waiting for big changes. Good luck!

groundedSymbiosis: Great demonstration, thanks for sharing. On our Channel we test the new minimalist earthing sandals, Earth Runners. They are great for connecting to the Earth while our in nature.

naturallivingreviews: Check the link in the video description to get prices 15Justdoit Thanks for watching.

sdluthier: Hey thanks man for the video, very informative and of course family rated! Off to look for a grounding mat thanks to you!

naturallivingreviews: I don't know enough about crystals to answer this question. I do know quartz crystals are NOT conductive. Wish I could answer this question better.

naturallivingreviews: Glad you liked this video sdluthier. Thanks for the comment.

Rebecca Diener: Where do I buy a "splitter wire"?

markus goncalves: This article is amazing wow From us national library of medicine, well thats pretty much sold me

Danilo Borovic: thank you very much for taking your time to make this video.

vokuro88: put earthing mat on my pickle and watch my cortisol level optimize. possible? you bet.

Sue Wilby: Hi. Sadly your little boy is very distracting. I'm sure he is very cute but honestly he needs to be quiet or out of the room while you make a video.
Watch The Earthing Mat Work 4.5 out of 5

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Watch The Earthing Mat Work