1894 Marlin Cowboy Limited Mods By 'Quick-Stevens'

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Gunner Gatlin: @bgsport1 - they are a couple of cowboy action shooters here in Michigan - Deuce Stevens and Ketchum Quick that tinker with old west style firearms - you can see some of their videos if you look up: Deuce Stevens or Rockford Regulators

Gunner Gatlin: @RCboy221 - for the red dot this may be the ticket: try 'egwguns.com/marlin/marlin-1894-picatinny-rail-scope-mount/'

Pat: @GunnerGatlin thanks becuase im gonna try an aim point red dot sight on mine

Pat: @RCboy221

Gunner Gatlin: @TheJsil - thumbs up!

Gunner Gatlin: @RCboy221 - yes - you buy a Weaver mount to add a scope if you'd like.

Pat: is it tapped for a scope mount from the factory

SFHoe: I did very similar mods to my action as well. Polished the internal parts, cut down some springs and cleaned everything real good. Now the action is butter.
1894 Marlin Cowboy Limited mods by 'Quick-Stevens' 5 out of 5

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1894 Marlin Cowboy Limited mods by 'Quick-Stevens'