Rpg Maker VX Action Battle System Download And Review

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Kris Jashugan: does thsi run with xp aswell?

tom price: i click game and it says RGSS200E.dll could not be found and its right next to the other file???

Ash Baillie: Can i edit this and use this for my own game.

mekkabon: This is sooooooooooooooo cool! Is the download totally free? Or do you need a code to run the program. I already bought RPG maker VX.......(with the turn based battles)

hit268: its a cool abs system and all but i need to be able to attack with a different graphic. CAn you help me plz?

Tomislav Bartol: read the description, dammit!

MrEpiccowful: @HuMiL1At0r Its also choked with viruses

Radnall909: Please do a video n how to make mobs attack like they are.....I don't want a final fantasy type battle system I want yours when they just walk around and attack, also how do u make the damage numbers fall like that?

CrazyNicmun: It's a way how to battle with your enemy

MrBexter110: ia there aomeweher the german version ?

natsu145: how i can make enemies ? please help

NightMare5056: @xxhumanlolxx you need winrar

Hello!: Hey, if you want RPG maker for free, check out my video on how to do just exactly that :)

Eliran Wolff: @thesoftwarez Hello. great tutorial! I have a problem. when i open the game.rvproj file, it says it failed to load actor data can you help me because i really want to use this

HuMiL1At0r: @MrEpiccowful Proof?

Mavs Kennedy: u need an winrar because if he didnt make it an archive it might contain virus download winrare then extract

RedDeadPanda: Great Battle System!

chrisall76: @xxhumanlolxx get winrar.

ajromero: how exactly do you make this work?

Иван Алексиев: you talk a bit like microsoft sam...but good video


MrBexter110: *somewhere

William McCullough: Tyvm

remotefilm: It's work on a mac ?

DickRich3321: dont mean to be a signifcant douche wit a question idk if you answered in the vid i could only get as far as to the gameplay jw if you could run this script with default characters of rpg maker vx it looks like the ones from xp as far as i gotten

Akshay Saraf: dude how do u switch between party members???

Sesoj R.: no pc needs winrar, you will ALWAYS do better with 7zip.... its free and better in many ways

AnasLin: Thank you

Azazel fuentes: how do i use the script for my oown game?

TheJellySlime: that's just a made-up story, we want proof -.-

12al34: Or 7-zip is good too. Even better, because Winrar is still shareware right? Yeah, 7-zip is free.

Gameteen777: Can more than one person fight with you?

qbblast: When I opened it up, the game window said: Script 'Cache' line 80: RGSSError occurred. Failed to create bitmap. I went to the script and I didn't see anything wrong, but I get that message on most games I download made from RPGVX.

Lucas Cruz: where you found it in this battle?

yyz90125: Ill give this a try, Thank you.

yyz90125: I'd like to make a technical comment. While the game is actually programmed in VX, the actual main character is a port from XP. When confronted to developing a real VX character with your system I am facing some issues with the actual animation. I really love it, but this is giving me a headache, as I don't want to use an XP character. Any insights? Thanks.

bidoofgoo: @HuMiL1At0r Not every computer has winrar, like mine! But ur right, its free! xb

TheSoftwarez: oops I never even saw your comment. But yea what they said. I belive somelse had asked about that earlier

TheSoftwarez: Give me some time to work on looking for some gens XP, there are bound to be some, Ill go forum hunting in a little while

TheSoftwarez: yeah, ill work on it tonight. i have cam. studio 6 now!!! which means HD!!!!!

Robbi~: Your microphone freaks up like you're on skype FTW!

98tokyodrill: HOW COULD YOU MAKE THAT GAME??!!!!!!!

iAndrew0110: google winrar

simmysteve1292: thats xp not vx

Aaron Ritchie: Haha @ 5:03. Anyway, thatnk so much for this, I've wanted to implement something like this in my game for a long time.

igrimy: If you made this script, I have a question: how can I change the character? I tried to explore the database, the script in order to change the character/actors ID and animations and change them. But nothing worked, it is still the same character. pleeeeeeeeease HELP!!! The script is awesome, but I want to change my character!!!!!!!!

MrBarnane: plz give me the script!! thx

HuMiL1At0r: what's wrong with you guys, winrar is a program that every pc needs to have. it's free, just download it -_-

ZinWaver: @Hallo1103 its vx, there just using xp sprites.

Jamal Mays: I cant access the script through demo. May I please have script by pastebin
Rpg Maker VX Action Battle system download and Review 4.6 out of 5

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Rpg Maker VX Action Battle system download and Review