Motorized Bike Engine Rebuild

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Fred's 2 stroke motorized bicycle engine rebuild #2 Putting it back together
Fred's 2 stroke motorized bicycle engine rebuild #2 Putting it back together
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Motorized bike engine rebuild
Motorized bike engine rebuild
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High Performance Motorized Bicycle rebuild to max and ride
Motorized bicycle engine rebuild
Motorized bicycle engine rebuild

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Michael Baugh: Looked solid. I give that engine 90 days max before total failure and another rebuild. Also, you should use a socket the same diameter as the bearing, or a press, or at least a rubber mallet. That bearing is screwed.

Laz N: dude there was no sealant just a gasket and it was a bitch to split it apart.  with that sealant in u gonna sweat on yr next rebuild

Reinier Basson: i liked how he went from working on his feet to working on a table with gloves on 

Laury Pontier: Hammer time

Kielar Hansen: The red stuff is rtv sealant 

Mr. Nice Guy: how do you get the sprocket of, do you need a spacial puller? 

Owen LaBounty: whats the red gasket stuff you used?????

evandro sales: eu tive uma idéia de otimizar esse motor,retirando todo o mecanismo(bobina) de geração de energia e subistituindo-o por uma bateria.Isso é possivel? 

Marcelo Arrizabalaga: Too slow....

alex dias: 50cc

Rolands Strods: tu tak esi meistars

Jason Teasdale: You can get a full gasket kit for these engines for about $13.......

arthur clark: the 11.1 compression will likely hold up until you demand full throttle all day without some remorse to back off unless prepped

arthur clark: What to do is what you need not do if you can't rely on the basics,These engines are tough enough to go 11.1 compression on 97 octane but not intended to run down the interstate. Granted machine shop high speed balancing the assembly is likely expensive if you can get it done so 1 or two ounces a distance from the crankshaft center can be done on a drill press rod and forged piston if you want to stand there throttle wide open awaiting detonation....

arthur clark: Like the video once again,These engines are the easiest to assemble and reassemble without doubt.I'd planned to enhance the basic Stinger but have to pay for machining of the piece itself.I'd rather build a turbo charger out of a small billet of aluminium for it very little to it no less until I pick up some tools I'll have to be content...Boy Go Fast !

bikr1975: ohh, i meant, it was my fault i never rebuilt the engine or cleaned it free of built up deposits. anyways, whats your experience with these engines? have you done your own little successful experiments for more power or what? thanks again for your reply :)

bikr1975: hmmm....thats interesting about lightening the flywheel weights and yes, i think i found the culprit. it was some little bits of loosened carbon residue the caused the scouring inside the cylinder chamber. i think that may cause piston lockup. anyways, the two head bolts that screw into the crancase body have ripped themselves completely out! ugh!!! why? lol....its a guy thing to keep experimenting to find more power and progress of finding out what NOT to do ;) yup, IT WAS ME THIS TIME! :)

arthur clark: HEY ! looks to me that someone has incorrectly light'n the crankshaft on the assembly in the opening picture of the assembly.The counters can be drilled out but the featured above is weakened by what appears to be router grove a little to deep little to close to the crankshaft center line.It will break if so.

arthur clark: Great video,thanks.

arthur clark: The fuel only enter the cylinder the piston keeps it out of the crankcase,only one way it can a damaged piston or cylinder.The engine featured appears to be a stinger probably the best of all of them.With a machine shop available mill off the cylinder @ top to 11.1 and light'n the crankshaft counter weights by drilling 2 sets of holes 4 or 5 each side.This easily double the power with changing port timing or economy but will need high test gas.keep the old engine if it's identical to the above.
Motorized bike engine rebuild 5 out of 5

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Motorized bike engine rebuild