How To Disassemble, Clean, And Reassemble Sig Sauer SP2022.

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Vickie Gorman: So I shot my sig the other day and no surprise work like a sig. I sold my old p226 years ago and is the only gun I regret selling. Fit and finish like no other and take down makes this firearm look complicated. You could almost look hard a a p226 and it would come apart right there on the nice vid man.

Richard West: Best video on How to disassemble & clean & reassemble a Sig Sauer SP2022 nice & easy way to do it Thanks

Cutloe: great video thanks man

Brandon Beard: great video, I was looking at one of these about a week ago And in a few weeks I'm going to pick one up. when you started talking about how to take it apart then broke it down the first thing that came to mind was my old Ruger p95dc. the derooster feature and how it breaks down might be some of the reasons why I was attracted to it LOL

Squatch88: Nice video. I thought it was interesting you prefer a sp2022 over a glock 19 because the trigger. I feel the complete opposite. I own both and really like both but I've always said I like the glock better because of the trigger. I just can't get use to the reset on the sig. it resets and then has about a quarter of an inch pull before it fires again.

Jorge Borboa: simple and to the point. sometimes you need that person to be there to show you some of the particular tid bits but this video is right on the money. Thanx, great demo!!!

Frederick Bassett: The background music is "VERY!" distracting.

Invictus 971: Thanks man... Pretty good video... Everything is clear

Chris Saylor: You did one thing very wrong in this video. Never have live ammo even in the same room when you're cleaning a firearm. It only takes a very quick mistake to have a very bad day.

Phauxtoe: Marshal Tucker Band!

nycupperes: Kill the music and u have a decent video.

Harte Robba: Overall very informative. Wish he didn't move the weapon around so much....and had better lighting to show the areas he lubricated. Slow down and use brighter lights and this would have been perfect. Thanks for your time Mate!

Frankie Jordan: Yup that guy is right I jus took mine apart put a 100 rounds through it definitely has to be broken in I tried to take it apart the first day that wasn't working

Hellcat Greg: Just bought one today and started my 10 day waiting period. I had read reviews and heard the take down was tricky, so I asked the guys to show me how to do it. Not sure why but they "kind of" showed me how but couldn't do it. They said it's just new it'll loosen up. You know like a 911. That didn't feel right and I've bought loads of guns from them so here I am and thanks!. Too easy ;-)

Superstar Status: Thanks for the video

Jim Neill: are there a way to dry fire this gun without the magazine in.

gossagest1264: Glad I found this video as I couldn't reassemble the pistol afterwards...  good helpful tip in reassembly.  SP2022 is a great bang for the buck pistol.

Under Construction: I've never been able to get this weapon reassembled so easily! Every time I've cleaned it, it has taken at least an hour to get it back together. Your method of having the slide pin in first, then pushing back made it super easy. Thank you for posting this.

Nia Daigle: Great video. I just bought this gun today.

tgood1985: Great video, great gun, love the Marshall tucker band background music!
How to disassemble, clean, and reassemble Sig Sauer SP2022. 5 out of 5

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How to disassemble, clean, and reassemble Sig Sauer SP2022.