Shooting A Short Reflex Deflex PVC Bow

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Shooting a reflex deflex from a closer angle at the target.
Shooting a reflex deflex from a closer angle at the target.
shooting the reflex deflex  hunting bowbow
shooting the reflex deflex hunting bowbow
Reflex Deflex Bow shooting
Reflex Deflex Bow shooting
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Martin Eisath: Hello and good evening. BackyardBowyer please make a tutorial how you make the Egyptian bow

Spectre590: Yes, PLEASE make tutorial on this one!

andre denslinger: please make a tutorial on this bow

Dan Mervine: Reflex is when the points move up and away from the handle for further tip movement (stronger bows and more stored energy), Deflex is when the limbs are bent towards you for a smoother draw and less stress on the bow. So an unbraced bow with Reflex Deflex will have a profile like a stretched out W.

frankgon4: I would love to try out one of those. I was surprised by the ability of the bow.

Jamie Everts: I used to practice taijiquan near the archery range next to Diamond Head; and i've been to a picnic with Greywolf and the Horde. Have not been back to Honolulu in 10 years...Nice work. Thank you

Jean-Luc Coelho: where do you place the arrow on the horsebow?

PWArchery: Cool bow. I'd like a tutorial also. I want one of these PVC bows for killing fish from my kayak. What is your thinking for the shortest fastes bow to put arrows in big fish?

rcinnerf: I absolutely love this bow and have attempted making it 3 times, but failed two and one has a really high draw weight (too high). So, could you make a tutorial? thanks

BackyardBowyer: Thanks!

ripfletching: Nice

BackyardBowyer: @immaredpanda Yes, you are correct!

BackyardBowyer: @gladgurkan91 Thanks!

Commander Pebbles: @BackyardBowyer I said deflexed off the handle with means the opposite way off of the way you did it, reflex off the handle is what you did

Jerry Karlsson: It´s nice to see this little bow in action!

BackyardBowyer: @AhnkoCheeOutdoors Thanks, it is 3/4" PVC and that is Kapiolani. It's usually not so windy, but it seems that the Kokohead range winds followed me. Aloha.

BackyardBowyer: @godzilla20000000000 Well you did ask to see a bow that was heavily deflexed off the handle. The Egyptian reflex/deflex is about as deflexed off the handle as you get without being ridiculous.

Commander Pebbles: the shape of it makes ne cringe

Ahnko Chee Outdoors: Aloha Nick, that's an awesome little bow. Is that 3/4" PVC? Are you shooting at Kapiolani Park archery range? Nice to hear the Gray Francolins calling in the background. They didn't exist on Oahu 20 years ago though common on all the neighbor islands. I worked for DLNR back then and a friend in DLNR helped introduce them to Oahu.

Simon Van den Broeck: very nice man and yes your right about the angle maybe you should try the other shoulder maybe i will make one but i don't know for shure it looks nice i all ways nicely crafted but i don't like the shape of it i'll be making on like reflex deflex shaped any day soon now but i will make it more like a longbow reflex deflex shape it like to see some more vids man i really like them :D
Shooting a Short Reflex Deflex PVC Bow 5 out of 5

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Shooting a Short Reflex Deflex PVC Bow