Daisy Powerline 5501

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Daisy Powerline 5501 Blowback CO2 BB Pistol Table Top & Shooting Review
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Daisy Powerline 5501 field strip and cleaning with mods
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Daisy Powerline 5501 review/shooting.
daisy powerline 5501 co2 bb gun review
daisy powerline 5501 co2 bb gun review
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Daisy Powerline 5501
Daisy Powerline 5501
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Daisy powerline 5501 part 2
Daisy 5501 Co2 pistol System blowback!
Daisy 5501 Co2 pistol System blowback!

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King Kane: where you get it from?

atlcin38: to person talking sounds like cleveland off of family guy

mcloving480: damn nice and beautiful gun!! how many fps? please answer me

ShadowDx18: Does ANy One Know If u Can Shoot This Gun Sideways??? plz answer

SpongeBreezy06: I just got this fun a few days ago an it's great! Bought it off Amazon (Pyramyd Air) for $68! The whole gun is metal, except the levers and clip. I love the way it feels in your hand; almost like a real gun!

freddiekjr: does this shoot metal bbs? and when you load up and rooster back, can you keep shooting untill the clip is empty? and if you have the co2 in but dont shoot does it waste the co2? please help

aazazaz: good i cant decide 693 or dis got any suggestions

ogkush8502: i need help when ever i shoot the trigger gets stuck and i got it unstuck then the barral isnt doing what its suppose to do

PoliceWillProtect: I dont like pump shoto pump shoot. Not my kind of gun. I like the semi-auto daisys.

sheeveington: im saying, if you dont hold it it will only engage the one time

Chillinhawk: I like the way the clip loads.

alezatf: yes this shoots metal bbs yes you waste the co2

alezatf: this is better than the crossman or depends i prefer disone because ist blowback but the crossman can also shoot pellets

sheeveington: oh and for everyone, the slide only locks when the magazine is in, and you only rooster it once, after that it doesnt lock because it is blowback so its semi auto

456100tazz: can you freaking guys stop saying clip its magazine

eazye254: how do you reload

Anal Bear: thats a wicked nice gun

LJTHOMAS54: @drumgun358 in order from left to right on the gun the first button is safety on/off 2nd release the slide after loading 3rd is to de-rooster the gun if you do not want to fire it =)

ghillie531: if u are talking bout the one with the red dot, it is the saftey. if not, then it is probably used to take apart the gun.

TheAirsoftmaster3: where did you get it from and how much?

Michael Griffin: its for sale ?

showoffjp: nice video man,keep them coming.

technoshamanarchist: Mine sux after using it for a couple of weeks. I have to rooster it every time now to be able to shoot it again.It is powerful, yet crappy...

HArryhood421: *robs a convenience store

sheeveington: freaking stole one from kmart !!!!! its so worth 60 bucks

SpongeBreezy06: The only problem I had was when it came to screwing in the CO2. It's VERY hard (for me) to screw it tight enough to puncture the top. If anyone else has this problem, I suggest a wrench.

sheeveington: it is semi auto

pizzafan1234: @davitoon no you cant, they are similar but you cant.

juggalotus112488: dude get the power line 15 xt i killed birds 50+feet away man so either you want the look or the damage pat cuz the blow back waste co2 and plus you run out faster ihad one and it broke in a week and i have other four years now

Raildog111: are you on drug?

foxbrosedu: where I buy parts of it?interns

pizzafan1234: @456100tazz why does it bother you so much? a clip loads from the top, a magazine from the bottom.

jake jackson: Hello YouTube this is my dinsity 5501 hahahahaha

sheeveington: i just used a flat head, or my shirt for better grip haha

sk8attak: which part is plastic? which part is metal? which is better crpssman 1088 or this? do you rooster the back every shot or every reload?

JasonDDGS: my trigger is stuck back

ThePaperClipGang: nice gun

Andres Ricardo: @ogkush8502 same crap happened to me did u get ur problem fixed yet?

tHeEnIgMa246: @mcloving480 430 fps

ipswichking: are u man lol

modder03: wich parts are metal and which parts are plastic.....also is it a repeater like do u have to rooster back each shot

747pro: @sheeveington , not to nick pick, but it you hold the slide relewas button up, and then pull back slide, in theory (real gun) it should stay. airsoft does this to. if im wrong, please tell me.

Mark Crawford: nice bb gun man

tuggdc: LIKE 60$

bullethead809: i think the crosman better

Olajuwon: Pretty nice. I'm thinking bout' getting this one (5501) or the 69 cuz i like the way both of em look. I'm feeling the way the 5501 looks more though cuz it looks more realistic since it doesn't have the Co2 twister thing at the bottom but i dislike the constant rooster backs with it. goin to check out your second vid to help me decide.

eximyes: is it all metal or some plastic and does it use .6mm

Zack Reynolds: he sounds like clevland from family guy lmao

tuggdc: yea i think so im not sure

the install guy: prolly the worst review of all time...
Daisy Powerline 5501 4.4 out of 5

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Daisy Powerline 5501