AK Flat Bending, Making An AMD65 Receiver Part 1

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Wayne Morris: boy this guy is a craftsman. his experience with aircraft work really shows. makes it look like it is a simple process which I am aware is not. thanks for the most interesting AK videos on the web.

GIANG THE TOOL: I'm not living in the U.S. Can you please help me to buy a Flat receiver? Thank you.

armorer1911: Why can't a Press bend the upper Rails? Why not Heat Treat the entire Receiver in a Sodium Electrode Bath? I heard that great way to avoid Warping.

megablister: Nice work. Love the high speed stuff, gives me a chuckle don't know why. I'd like to do this do you have a link for the forming block plans?

Dan Roy: Exellent teaching, but as an instructional video maker, may I give you a heads up, not personal..monitor & edit your video sound, please, it 's better to use a lapel mic for table top demo vids because the camera mic picks up all white noise & creates a "bathroom effect" echo, the bench top echoed every bump & bang when items were layed/placed/ thrown on it( could use a rubber mat?) Segments with hammer strikes, drilling & grinding noises could be shown at excellerated speeds with sound off, it would have made my learning of your knowledge, easier & more fun. Thanx

Grant Kleinpeter: A liberal's worst nightmare!

robert denson: and to think that i call myself a gun guy because i can assemble an ar-15

archangel20031: I never even considered getting a flat and bending it, until I saw you do it.
I have one that is welded (2nd try as I destroyed the first) and want to try this.
Can I also have a copy of the jig plans?
I found a set here, but the resolution is rough.

nastynate.2015: I see you like doing every thing free hand is there some thing wrong with using a drill press,

村上裕李: +ginsboy2003 can I have plans for the jig? my email is closest.num.2.0@gmail.com thanks!

williamdj11: Would u sell ur flat bend jig or do u know where I can buy one for cheap

matt lemon: just wanted to say you are a very good teacher. Telling why something should/shouldnt be done is something alot of people miss but you are one of the few that do. Thanks for your informative and helpful videos.....keep up the good work

Michael P.: Very informative video, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.  It would be great to have the plans for your jig!!  My email is DubTap21@gmail.com if you could be so kind.  Thanks much in advance.

Michal Novák: až si to uděláš celý tak dělej machra, součástky složit umí každej debil

TAC MAN: "well their rivet sets..uuh actually suck" LMAO I cracked up at that part.

Kevin honey (kg): that jig is allsom

CRAIG HANSEN: Could you send me the info on that flat bending die please? i have been looking at many ideas on how to make one and your design is simple and looks very sturdy. I have a polish underfolder and an amd65 to build, also have almost enough parts to put together a ak pistol. Your videos are very informative and have got my interest back in finishing some of my parts set projects.

bouda brayant: can you give me all the plans and And measurements my email is : mvpbouda@gmail.com

Rob Akins: this vid taught me alot about using a press....thank you!!!
AK flat bending, making an AMD65 receiver Part 1 5 out of 5

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AK flat bending, making an AMD65 receiver Part 1