Remove Anti Reflective Coating From Glasses!

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Remove anti reflective coating from glasses!
Remove anti reflective coating from glasses!
Remove Anti Reflective Coating from glasses now - AntiReflective Optical Coating AR
Remove Anti Reflective Coating from glasses now - AntiReflective Optical Coating AR
Demonstration of Armour Etch to remove anti-reflective coating on plastic eyeglass lenses
Demonstration of Armour Etch to remove anti-reflective coating on plastic eyeglass lenses
How to Easily Clean Glasses with an Anti-Reflection Coating
How to Easily Clean Glasses with an Anti-Reflection Coating
How to remove cloud.scratch from your eyeglasses  100% work!!!!
How to remove cloud.scratch from your eyeglasses 100% work!!!!

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Peter Dudycz (Phathom): They sell the cleaner at Walmart for cheap:

Johanan Gates: You showed the ingredient and it is alcohol. Save yourself some more money now. :)

Brian Corcoran: Good job, Buddy.  Thanks for the info!

Peter Dudycz (Phathom): BTW, this is not a scam. I am a real person and I did do this. It all depends on the type of protective coating on the lenses. Mine had a cheap coating.

spottymaldoon: Well done - I also dislike anti-reflective coatings as they tend to age the glasses prematurely and, so it seems, most glasses sold today have them. You could suggest that this is a 'planned obsolescence' strategy but I am not a conspiracy theorist - I just like seeing through a simple pair of clean glasses! If removing the coating still leaves scratches (often does) these can be removed with fine metal polish or even toothpaste and a very soft cloth - so long as the scratches aren't too deep. Opticians HATE us doing this - can you guess why?

Dee Fox: Thank you so much for this film. The coatings on my high index lenses suddenly started to degrade,  in the UK it costs around £240 for new lenses so i was quite upset!  After watching this film I ordered Wipe n Clear from Amazon on Saturday (£7.99), it arrived today (Monday) and my partner has just finished removing the coating as you directed. To start with I tried myself but gave up after about 10 minutes. My partner is quite tenacious and enjoys a challenge. With the help of a car windscreen ice scraper they had the job done in around 30 minutes. 

Grail Gal: My glasses have been soaking for a month now - no real difference.  I guess I'm off to the optician. 

Paula Kenny: You make that look very easy.Last night I soaked the glasses 12 minutes the first time while trying to find something to scrape with. Tried various household objects but anything sharp enough to remove it was also leaving scratches on the lens. Soaked another 10 minutes and tried again. This removed about 75% of the coating, but again, it left scratches. Soaked cotton balls in solution this morning and left them on the areas with coating left, after about 5 minutes I got the rest of the coating off. Would I do this again? No, even the blurs are better than the scratches  Now I HAVE to replace the glasses for sure. 


Ngamer834: I sympathise Just bought brand new glasses with Anti reflective and they're already scratched. My old glasses had that coating and lasted years, so perhaps it's a quality issue.

Idolomantis diabolica: THANK YOU! I thought I was gonna need new glasses.

Shelly Brown: I hate shopping at WalMart so went to Fred Meyers to pick up some of this Wipe and Clear and also Armour Etch.  I saw this video but wasn't sure it would work so figured I'd get a back up and read lots of reviews about Armour Etch working well.  However, Fred Meyer's didn't carry either so I remembered reading you can use car wax so I figured I'd give that a try.  Tried it on the left lens and holy cow - I couldn't see AT ALL, it was so scratched and cloudy.  So then I went searching for Armour Etch but despite having multiple hobby stores here, none of them carry it.  Finally sent my son to WalMart because I was desperate.  He found the Wipe and Clear.  I soaked for about 20-30 minutes, then used a credit card to scratch the coating off.  Still very scratched and cloudy.  Was losing faith this would work for me.  After the third soak and scratch I finally saw a glimmer of hope as a small clear area broke through.  Have soaked and scraped probably 6 times now - tempted to leave them overnight but this is my only pair of glasses as I lost my others and put off getting in to replace them so this is it.  My point is the AR coating is not coming off easily, but it IS coming off.  I can actually wear my glasses now with only spots of limited/blurred vision whereas I couldn't see out of them at all after the turtle wax.  Hoping to get it all off before work tomorrow!

Bryan Barnard: Thanks for posting this, Peter. I used the same product and got excellent results following your lead. The coating on my lenses was on the inside surface, and all I had available for scraping was a cheap ballpoint pen cap, but it worked fine. Like you, my glasses were old enough to be sacrificial, and I needed results right away, which this delivered. Thanks again!

Mimi M: where can I get a scraper like that , or what else can i use 

Kathy Nguyen: Most Premium Coating have 2 years warranty which cover for scratches and damages to lenses. Plus most optical lab have 30 to 60 days policy for you to remove the coating. How do I know this? I worked at an optometry for 8 years. 

Emilee R. Gonzalez: My glasses are horrible.  I'm going to try this tonight.  Hope it works. 

Harke Juice: This happened to mines too, thanks so much for the tip Peter, definitely saved me some sanity as well.

Conans River: windex and your thumbnail work as well

Mark Newitt: This looked like it was going to work, but didn't. How long should I let the glasses soak for? I have tried a few times and nothing! Help...

Ethan r: i just wish glasses would have a warranty for this kind of thing i just think its so messed up it happens then its like i guess it gonna cost me 500 i dont have for new ones but thanks for making the vid i will have to try it was use using my finger nail at work to try and get it off bc it just look crappy bad enough i have to wear glasses in the first place but the glaases looking crapty on top of it is like fml lol 
Remove anti reflective coating from glasses! 5 out of 5

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Remove anti reflective coating from glasses!