Remove Anti Reflective Coating From Glasses!

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Remove anti reflective coating from glasses!
Remove anti reflective coating from glasses!
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Demonstration of Armour Etch to remove anti-reflective coating on plastic eyeglass lenses
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How to Easily Clean Glasses with an Anti-Reflection Coating
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Why get anti glare coating on our glasses?
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Greg Quillen: Yeah mine has bubbles or something in it. Never knew how to get rid of. Was just about to try to find glass polishers. Thanks for the help. Got to try this

James Prest: Dude... you saved me about $150 - $200. THANKS SO MUCH!!! I mean like... YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK MAN!!! I can see now... it worked!

Aurélien Carnoy: Thank you, you are an inspiration for all of us. what we are witnessing is "Planned obsolescence"

Eric Musick: Will this work on glass lenses?

smoothkaos2: This does NOT only happen to cheap AR coatings. I paid for the extra so-called good stuff and for no apparent reason at all the inner part of my left lens (next to my eye), which is almost impossible to scratch, decided to have all of these hair line little scratches appear where the coating is coming off. They say it looks like I scratched them so warranty wouldn't cover it but I'm OCD about my glasses/sunglasses and would know if I was responsible. Anyway it pissed me of so I'm now scouring youtube for a solution. Hope this works. 

Michael Jamont: I left my glasses in the hot car and then later that evening when I came back to put them on I noticed it was blurry against light is that the AR Coating?

smoothkaos2: Thanks Peter. I'm going out today after work to buy some of the cleaner. Fingers are crossed! 

Michael Jamont: Does this work on plastic lenses?

Matt McNeil: Great vid, this worked perfectly on my Superfocus glasses. I was going to go get some of the product you mentioned, but I tried Windex and it worked like a charm. I can see again!

paulanderson79: Why would you want to remove the coatings??? That's plain stupid !!! Try buying some top class lenses (I currently have Carl Zeiss lenses) and you'll find the coatings practically impossible to scratch.

TheWcr84: I'm not sure. But I think windex would work as well. Maby even stronger 

missinugianna: Looked up the price everyone...$2.88 a bottle. .......Thanks for posting this!! Hopefully I can fix my glasses that I bought for $360.00. This will kill me if I can't fix them.

AurumDream: I am so glad to run into this useful information; I am so glad to know that I am not alone. I have worn eyeglasses for 50 years, I know how to take care my eyeglasses - never use any Coating and never got scratch "on the lenses" before. Now, I wear "Varilux Comfort Progressives High Index 1.67" (about $615.00). Even force to buy my 2nd replaced lenses, the lens manufactory still INSISTS on putting all kinds of coatings - Scratch Resistant Coating, Anti-Glare Coating, Ultraviolet Treatment which left me with no choice, much less of its grade. Even with more cares, however, the coating chips again 1 year later. How about other types of coatings? Does anyone has the same, chippings / crakes, problems with coating other than AR COATING? Maybe I should refuse all of the coatings on my expensive lenses. It is not cheapness issue, not caring issue; It is the coating issue. It is the business trick how eyeglass industry makes us to buy new eyeglasses every 1 or 2 years, regardless our prescription is changed or not.

patti wathen: never get hairspray on your anti-reflective lenses. it ruins them!

Melisa Funer: I'm going to try this with my glasses today. I am so sick of the scratches! I hope it works.

Callista Lee: Thank you soooooooo much! I was just about to head out the door to take my glasses in to the optometrist's to have the coating removed. I stopped by a few weeks ago and they told me I'd have to get new lenses so I was prepared to go in to fight with them today to just remove the darn coating. I've had trouble with it on glasses before but on this pair its has just been nuts. Now I'm thinking that the reason they are no longer selling glasses cleaner at that shop is that they realised that it was what was causing the problem! Grrrrr. I'll do it myself. Thank you again. 

JT: I don;t think this works well on all coatings, just anti-reflection coatings. The anti scratch coatings reportedly don't react to the same chemicals as the AR coatings. I could not effectively remove my AS coatings this way. 

Liz Bauer: What if you don't have a scraper like that?

keend0g: Peter, are those glass lenses in the video? I have an AR coating on a pair of glass lenses that is scratchy and hazy. same problem. I guess I don't have much to lose at this point, I either try this or get new lenses (these are only 2 years old). Hope to hear from you. 

Yesquiet: Thanks for making this video ....... after removing the scratches a year ago ...... are they getting scratched again .. ? .... or have you been so careful that they have remained pretty clear .. ? ....... Been tempted to have them re-coated for the anti-glare properties .. ? .... my glasses now have some light glaring ...... but I'll endure that if necessary .... I am wearing them again

Randy Brown: Went to walmart, got this product, worked all afternoon trying to remove the coating. Scratches just kept getting worse. I'm going to try buffing with a dremel I guess. Disapointed, I hoped this would solve my problem.

AurumDream: Oh, this reminds me that the chippings started spreading like web after I had my eyeglasses PROFESSIONAL cleaned in the optical shop, probably with the same chemical ingredients or the coating just could not withstand the vibration. 

Liz Bauer: What if you don't have a scraper like that?

GraemeCree: The stuff is actually called Wipe 'N Clear. If you go looking for Wipe 'n Clean, you'll be looking a long time.

ana trubiic: Hi! Love your video, Thanks! Want to repair your vision? Check out this fantastic site about eyesight and reading vision care at * Brendt Shocking Reading Glasses No More * website (I cant remember the exact site so google it)? My uncle told me superb things about it and got great results! 

Prateexit Sagar: hey can u tell how to remove the uv ray protection film from the glass?

Kitty Kurth: I bought two pairs of glasses the same week from two different places. The A/R coating on the pair from For Eyes is still perfect three years later, the A/R coating on the pair from Macy's Optical was totally scratched and impossible to see out of after less than a year. The glasses have been sitting on a shelf, but I am going to try to remove the A/R coating tomorrow.

CountyOrdinance: I also use zenni. No problems. I even teach a sunday school with young kids who grab my glasses and whatnot. I've smudged them, they fall off when I'm running, sand gets on 'em, etc etc. No problem. I have only 1 scratch, from the time I dropped them and stepped on them, crushing the glass into the tile on my kitchen floor. I love the oleophobic lenses, they're easy to clean. Just takes the edge of my shirt and one swipe. The best part is that my glasses were $35 w/shipping. Zenni is awesome.

faro0485: Well there's always pinhole glasses.

Peter Dudycz: I've taken good care of my glasses. The last pair I own cost around $400. It depends what company makes them. Some get cheap and use a crappy coating.

citiwide318: And no it's not a scam that your eye care professional is try to "up sell" you with A/R coatings. A/R coatings help improve over all clarity of the lenses and help reduce eye issues affiliated with cataracts and light sensitive vision. And premium grades are also baked onto the lenses to help fuse into the hydrophobic material of the lenses. So don't shoot down A/R period just yet. Standard grades have to be offered because of many insurance providers give you selective coverage amounts on them.

Nightbird: Thanks for the recommendation..and their website does look great. My last pair came from the greateyeglasses website, but Zenni's prices & styles are much better. I couldn't find the "oleophobic" lenses you mentioned. Are they their standard lens, or is there a box you can click to request them?

Peter Dudycz: I would not recommend nail polish remover. I tried that on an older pair of glasses, it discolored the plastic and made it white.

Higgfarm: The coating on my $400 Dolce and Gabanas started to come off. When I asked my optometrist he said, "Glasses coatings are only meant to last 2-3 years, so the fact they have lasted this long is remarkable. Unfortunately there isn't a way to fix those lenses, so if you are wanting to keep them, I would suggest being very careful when you clean them to keep the coating from coming off. The other option would be to replace them." I wish they'd told me this when I bought them!

Nightbird: Sweat doesn't really cause chipping from my experience. But everyday life events do. You might just be the ONE person on earth who never drops them, lays on a table incorrectly and they get scratched, or who knows what else. Or, you found the ONE company that uses an incredible AR coating. I take care of mine like Gold, use the right cleaner & microfiber cloth, & still they get scratches. Please let me know what online company you used, I would love a pair like yours. =)

NoTanFightFan: Thanks brother. This video greatly helped my dad with his glasses.

MissUmaDarlin: Thank you Peter..going through the same thing with my glasses. Really upsets me that the cleaner they gave me with the glasses is what did it. Gonna try this tonight.

Dallas Jensen: walmart's wipe n clean is now safe for use with anti glare

CountyOrdinance: Step 1 of ordering is your frame, step 2 is your lenses, if you press continue, on Step 3 you will have 3 options for AR coating: Standard anti-reflective, Super Hydrophobic, and Oleophobic. The oleophobic coating is around $15, but I can HIGHLY recommend it. On the same "Step" you can see clip on sunshades for 3 or 4 dollars. I don't recommend this at all. They typically don't stay on well, are cheap, and don't fully match the shape of your glasses. Hope this helps! :D

aliveandwell inruggedville: Well done, anti reflective coating is at least a terrible product.

Alexander Andreou: The best solution i found till now !!! couldent find this product in Cyprus but nail polish remover works wonders too! :) also if you dont have a plastic scraper you can use an old visa card ! Great tutorial !!!!

Voivod 1966: I've had a pair of online, $30 glasses, about as cheap as you can get, with AR coating for over two years, I sweat onto them constantly and there's not a single chip or scratch on these lenses. I don't know what people are doing to their glasses but it's apparent people just can't responsibly take care of them.

jonwilli0203: Thank you so much

TheGNUfan: You get the same product, the only difference is the lack of a warranty. But considering that you can buy several pairs for the same price and warranties don't cover everything, you might as well just purchase them online.

OptometryStudentscom: This happens when you buy a poor quality AR coating only. Get the good stuff and it wont.

Terri Smart: Fantastic. I am a runner and they did not tell me that sweat will eat away at the coating too. they won't let me get a new set of lenses without a new exam. Buttheads. thank yo so much for this video.

Toni Gandel: Bought this product and it doesn't work at all on my Verilux lenses. Tried soaking and wiping and prodding with plastic brush but it doesn't remove it at all. I wonder why you find it worked and isn't doing jack squat on my glasses?

Nightbird: Crizal doesn't actually manufacture the lenses from my understanding, only the coating. If the coating was sandwiched between two lenses, then it couldn't do it's job and the lenses would still be vulnerable. This would be like sandwiching Teflon non-stick between two metals -the Teflon has to be on the outside to do it's job. But your right that they are making money out of all of us with this incredibly inferior product. I'm sure a class action lawsuit will come from this.

MotionPictureGems: Thanks for the tip.

Peter Dudycz: They are selling you these coatings without telling you all the facts. It wasn't until I pestered the doctor that I found out that sweat can eat away the coating. My friend who is a runner bought a new pair of glasses with the coating on them, they started chipping away after a month.
Remove anti reflective coating from glasses! 4.6 out of 5

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Remove anti reflective coating from glasses!