Paracord Belt (the Making)

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Paracord Belt (the making)
Paracord Belt (the making)

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Nate Bomb:

wewoh: How wide is this belt?

Colin Odom: I don't say retarded unless it's deserving. Why would you start a video in the middle of the process? RETARD!!!

Liz Capalingo: could someone please tell me what not this is??

Liz Capalingo: could you make a video from beginning 

LokuKina Cherokee: Great job, unfortunately like all of the other videos, there is no show of the beginning and instructions on what to do. 

mack powell: Hi, good video, how much paracord do i use is i want a to make a 30 inch belt?

DAVID S: What kind of knot is it, and how do you started the knout out.

valerie evans: can you show how you start please

SnagrodThraka: Hello, if you haven't already started making your belt, try using the Millipede stitch with a cobra around it. That's what I'm using right now and it works pretty slick.

halo0205: How wide is the belt? Thanks for the video.

MsAJ39: can you put on how to start and end the belt. thank you

paracordmalaysia: yes we used 50ft in middle but only 28ft each left and right :)

paracordmalaysia: So for that, but anyway, it is 60 feet overall length of tan for both sides :)

Luca Bellussi: Hi! Good work! i dont undersand, you used 50 feet for the center and 60 + 60 feet (left and right)? Or 30 +30 for left and right? thankyou:)

MrRoshan334: Oh thank you i will make sure to place an order

paracordmalaysia: Hi there, You can buy paracord with us :) We are get all our paracord direct from USA.

MrRoshan334: Hey I live in malaysia too and dont know where to find paracord could you please tell me where you get yours thanks :p

OomeBien: This weave for making belt, it can be wide cobra and super cobra weave :)

Paracordcowboy hernandez: seems pretty sloid im planning on tryin to make 1 soon is there any other braids you wouls suggest
Paracord Belt (the making) 5 out of 5

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Paracord Belt (the making)