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Judy Terry: Love to watch your videos.You are the only one I enjoy listening to.  Actually the only one I watch.  Just started using my E-Cig the last month.  Trying to get off Cigs. So how does one enter your contests?

johntheawe: Holy crap I just realized you look like Bruce Willis with hair OMG

Alex Nguyen: This may be a little late, but I have had problems with leaking too. I know that the leakage is coming from the base, and  I know that it should be tightened. However, if the base is screwed in too tight, it becomes extremely hard to unscrew. I'm guessing this is just a design flaw.

French Princess: What percentage ejuice do you recommend for this? 

Milos Ristin: mine doesn't fit on any of my batteries 

Angie White: just got the pro tank 2 and I love it!

bull dozer: Holy crap. this man is going through mid life crisis or something.   his addicted to these snoke shisha pipes.  he is a otal addict, calm down fellah

Andrea Streets: What's the name of blue one in the back? At the beginning..

Christian Gutierrez: Should I get this or an AeroTank?

IMDARKFIRE007: damn that itaste 134 is a BIG friggin mod. looks like a star trek prop. i want one lol. going to use the protank 2 on my ego c-twist and vision spinner two. love the fact the coils for it also go in my gs-h5, just one coil to buy.  for someone only 10 days away from analogs, i know to much lol.

Who E1se: Im new to vaping so forgive me if this is a stupid question but how long do these tanks last I know you can replace the coils if I do that should it last for a very long time? 

Sauron191: What is the make of your battery /mod ... What ever they are called?? Looks like a light saber!! And it has variable power!! Where can I get one?? I'm in the UK ... 

Brian “SkFy” C: So... i have an Evic with an Aerotank.
The first month it was great, i really enjoyed it..
After changing the first coil, it was still fine...
But then after a few days, i started having a really bad taste when using it..
So i tried new coils, that didn't help..
Tried guides on the internet that said: Dryburn, cook the coil, place it in alcohol..
Nothing worked, tried everything with different (new) coils, wasted like 10 by now and only got to use 2...
So then i thought, f-it.. ill get me a Protank2....
But now that has the exact same issue.. 
I used 3 different types of e-liquid to see if that changes anything, but they all have the same nasty taste.. While a few days ago they all had their own unique nice flavour..
If anyone got an idea, please tell me..
Cause i'm about to throw this crap in the garbage and buy a pack of smokes.

Timmy vapes: just got my pro tank 2 in :)

haymaker710: My protank 2 isn't giving me any flavor. I tried replacing the coil and switching juice but it makes no difference. It's like vaping air. What can I do?

Slapnutts McGee: I love this thing!  I have a cheap starter kit (Bold Vapor, comes with a Protank Mini clone by default) that came with a 650mAH battery and it still powers the Protank II just fine.   No leaks from mine, but then I've only been using it for a half hour.  We'll see how she holds up for me.  Heh, I also put grape in it right off the bat.  Good stuff!  

UpgradeHD: Hey man great video! Could you possibly do a review on the Smok trophy tank? It would awesome! Thank you

matt robertson: just got the pro tank II with my x6 big vape love it

valery tozer: I use 100% VG very Thick. my juice is Real Cig 24mg by Vaporgurus, now I have a Protank2 on a spinner. I have Never had to let it "sit for a bit" Not even on my old evod. I saw the juice you used was very runny and clear so more PG, Right? so why did you need to let it sit? confused.

Sojko Macka: Geting my protank 2 tomorow, i cant wait im gonna vape it on my ego c twist, dont actually have a budget for mvp, or itaste or whatever but i think it will do awsome on a ego battery
ProTank 2 Review - IndoorSmokers 5 out of 5

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ProTank 2 Review - IndoorSmokers