How To Build A Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane

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How to Build a Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane
How to Build a Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane
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fidias t.: where i can buy the electronics?

Ethan Brackman: Using hot glue to secure carbon fiber is like going to a stripper for a hug

ike palmer: Can you please do a test flight if you do thank you so much

Santosh Kumar: what battery are you using say please

Pat: What esc,motor,and battery are you using?

Jose Burgos: Thanks for the tip.

Deovrat phal: Hi, what was the approximate cost for making this plane?

jjmonns: I am not sure exactly what you mean. I am using various X-acto tools

SixSixSevenSeven: Any RC website. Or salvaged from another plane

the1realanalogman: Nice build! I'm going to copy your build process, blow-up the dimensions of your ship and make a larger version out of 1/2" foam (probably about as big as I can squeeze out of a 4x8' sheet) and see what happens. Thanks for posting and I'm looking forward to the flight video!

derklettermann: Nice Video! Perhaps you could show how to set up the channel mixer on the Spektrum Dx6i to fly this plane?

craigdent111: What size motor, speed conroller and battery are you using? I dont want to over power it and make it uncontrolable

jjmonns: Yes, quite a few actually. I have plans for more but honestly i have been disappointed at the number of views that all my other RC related videos have gotten so I have been reluctant to spend the time to make more how to videos

Jose Burgos: How do you check the cg on scratch plane

nizarhaddad542: From where I get the Remote Control and it's circuit that is used in the plane that I you glued it on it's Fueslag ?

TheCowTheif: That knife thing u used at 1:12

SixSixSevenSeven: you could try balancing the elevator in such a way that the plane gradually loses altitude somewhat like a glider and then use the switch just to enable the ability to climb. Or I have seen the idea of using 2 channels for elevator and either ailerons or rudder and then a switch for a motor and essentially making a self launched glider, glider loses altitude slowly without motor, gains with motor. But its just an on/off.

chrysabra: wish we would see it fy. looks damn nice and damn easy good video ,good explanation wow

Aidan Reece: hi i love this plane i will build it but ive never built a plane like it so im gonna try and build a mini version of it so thankyou and good job on the vid :D

Salman isa: This This Yes Yes

GOPI CHAND: supper!

RandomGamerDudes: Wtf are you saying aldobuli? This isnt texting, people read it. Not just one person.

shayne neitsch: Where can you buy the engines from?

Siegfried Gebauer: do you have a video flying this thing, i'm triying to make something similar, but it can't get a stable fly. It just crash al the time! thanks and regards!

TheCowTheif: You earned a like sub and fab!

jjmonns: There are CG calculators online to help aid with figuring it out. On this plane it is about in the middle. You always want it to be nose heavy from the center of the wing. Since this is a delta wing you need to figure out the wing area and find out what the half point is based on area and go from there.

shayne neitsch: thanks. did you make any other kinds of jets?

Олег Кудлай: Спасибо большое, попробую сделать!

MegaFlapjack10: uhhh

123blahhhh: what about the controller

jjmonns: I see your point, though the dust created is mild. I have heard cutting under water minimizes exposure. The trouble with snips is that they can often cause the edges to fray. This isn't a big deal though cause a little CA glue can remedy that quickly.

Henk Hatzmann: Looks great!! Do you have any plans?

Grooken: It's in the description

TheCowTheif: What's that little knife thingy called?

jjmonns: All you have to do is set it as Elevon. It's a mix between elevator and aileron if you have a radio that does mixes directly. I use a FlySky radio but nearly all radios and definitely specktrum radios can do elevon mixes.

zhiwei luo: good

aeromodellerindian1: good plane man!!!!!!!!

aldobuli65: i dit it and ot works thanks man

jjmonns: It is an X-acto saw, you can buy them where x-acto products are sold

jjmonns: ebay, hobby parts, hobby king, RC Timer

Jose Burgos: Nice plane, how did you check the CG? In something sp small?

jjmonns: I'll try to get a video of it flying soon. If you are having issues with stability make sure your weight balance is correct. It needs to be fairly nose heavy.

tehmina shah: amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Funny Arc1: could u send me every thing u used to build it

Genis Bibin: i love this plane! :D

morespeedvicar: Is this polystyrene sheeting?
How to Build a Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane 4.5 out of 5

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How to Build a Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane