How To Build A Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane

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How to Build a Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane
How to Build a Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane
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Flite Test - Delta Wing - Scratch Build
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Delta Scratch Build Video
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Krishna Singh: pl give diminsn

shefaat ahamed: I wanna more building videos

Rui Chaves: Hello, I'm doing 3 identical aircraft to this, in fact they are almost replicas of the model skyartec or sky fun that is bought in hobyking etç, and I bought one, but then I decided to do it and I started it, Bigger and a lot smaller, but I'm with a possible problem, ..the weight .. because it seems to me to be a little bigger than the original model sky fum taking this into account, which motor you advise, the plane must have Almost 1m wingspan and 85 or 90cm length and can have a weight of 1kg or 1.5kg after everything is installed, so I accept engine suggestions with good torque and also propel to use, will it be a 6x4 inch? Turnigy engine 2836 2350 kv ?? Esc. Of 60 or 80 amp, .. 3 and 4s batery, soon I will show one of them, and if it goes well then I will post videos on this magnificent and simple model, .. asadelta, .. skyfun !!!

Pritam Maity: This plane wont fly!

Make Your Own Change: is it flies ?

Asaf Yohannes: And what is the thickness of the pushrods you used?

Asaf Yohannes: just answered all my questions. Even the ones I haven't asked yet! THANKS MAN!

Asaf Yohannes: How do you make one elevon stay down and the other elevon stay up...I mean, don't the servos only pull the wings not push?

ViceVersa Musik: where is the best place to get the best foam board for RC?? or is there a specific site that is just for building your own Foamies? thanks

vishnu vishnu: how many weight of this plane

JamesON PC: Thanks dude!

Rony Abi hanna: Jjmonns give me the dimensions please

Ky J: What size propeller was used? Thanks

Jose Carreras: 5:10 - "This is a flaah-skaah reciever" :-)

M khan: Hi, where do you get these controler from? Everything except the white body?

wordreet: Cheap and cheerful FTW!!

bob Last: So let's see it fly.

Crash N Burn Racing: I don't think a plane this small really needs any rods for reinforcing.  I have seen much larger planes made with the same foam with no reinforcements.

호마이's: What kind of knife are you using

Altamash Shaikh: excellent.......
How to Build a Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane 5 out of 5

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How to Build a Simple 3ch RC Delta Plane