Honda Accord VTEC Solenoid Gaskets Replacement

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Craig Townsend: Do you have the honda part numbers for the oil pressure sensor o ring, inlet assembly gasket and o ring? Great video. Thanks

Pedro Rainha: Great video! Detail and quality!

Mike B: Can you tell me the name of the part at minute 24:00 that you said can fall out and get lost? Can you buy that part on its own?

Daniela Garcia: I don't have any connections for the solenoid mine wasn't even connected when I saw it and it doesn't have the oil pressure switch either

Amit Shakya: just did this last night on my 6th gen accord. comments/tips:

1) the top double circular gasket for the 5th/6th gen are exactly the same. honda dealership told me this. the 6th gen catalog doesnt show the gasket as sth u can buy separately.

2) if you want ease (ability to use torque wrench as well), do it like in this video. additionally, for the 6th gen, i would (for max ease) remove the egr valve, disconnect all connectors in the nearby area, remove distributor, remove the breath hose in the Valve Cover, etc. all simple/easy.

one extra step: for the 6th gen, its better to use univeral joint for removing the top 3 bolts (plastic cover for wiring in the way) or the egr vavle (if u are removing it) because its very easy to strip the head if u try to do it at an angle without a u-joint.

3) you can do it without opening the coolant or removing the egr or intake in the 6th gen (i.e. only remove some of the connectors). BUT you need a 10mm offset (home depot $30 set).

WARNING: its a PAIN IN THE ASS. your hands will hurt from turning with your hand in such a tight space (with egr, inlet, etc in the way) but IT IS possible.

DONT TRY LOOSENING THE BOTTOM BOLT WITH A U-JOINT. the inlet is in the way for even a 1/4 u-joint and u will strip it (esp if its drenched in oil).

ALSO: dont forget a magnet pickup tool. esp. when trying to get things back together.

Tristian Shaw: does anyone know the solenoid and deactivater model for the 98 model vtecs? I'm have a major oil leak and no one seems to know ???

Oscar Matamoros: It is necesary to clean the engine part where the VTEC valve goes? Or put some SILICONE?

everydayidie alilmore: hey bushougoma. That coolant hose you bent and tied up out of the way at 6:25...mine looks pretty old...i bought the car used and it has almost 172,000 miles. im sure the hose is 172,000 miles old. so. will it break if i bend it like you do in your vid?

Charlie Lim: I did mines one today and I did good but when I put everything on then try to start the engine it wouldn't start :( check everything the wiring its all hooked up,I need help!

Edgar Robles: micarro falla a cuatromil reboluciones q sera. falla de sensor. d velocidad .hoo valbua egr.. ayuda plis

jose plascencia: I am going to attempt the change the solenoid on my accord. Its an 01. Is it about the same or maybe easier?

Colton Gore: where in the world can I find a oil pressure switch oring for my 2000 honda accord se 2.3lite? I found the gasket and oring for my thermostat water outlet housing, and my upper and lower spool gaskets for my vtec solenoid. I cannot find the oring for the oil pressure switch. Can I use the same size oring just a little thicker maybe would that be ok? Do you know a part number? I'm going to order a new oil pressure switch on ebay because mine is leaking. found one for a good price but it doesn't say they provide a oring with it. Thanks.

logiclightmatter786: Hello Bushougoma. I have a huge oil leak in my 1997 accord. every time a start the car it leaks a quart of oil in like 5 mins. do you think its the vtec gasket.
will highly appreciate your response. thanks

Thomas Lam: Very knowledgeable and thorough! A+

HeyItsChris: You should show if we can hear it kick in now.. please? There's also the oil control orfice o-ring under the rocker arms which is pretty easy to replace. I replace the one in the middle of the orfice, as well as one on the top of the control orfice hole to 110% seal it. Which allows the VTEC to Not go Unnoticed, You will clearly feel and hear it kick in and you'll feel the vtec power pushing you back in the seat way more. You should clean the internals of everything, some holes are less than 1mm in diameter, like the oil control orfice which easily gets clogged and will disable vtec. Clean all holes thoroughly.

Jack Gustafson: Used this video for my 98 accord, pretty much the same process. Now my car doesn't hemorrhage oil everywhere. Thanks!

Luis Cabrera: Would this be the problem to my accord 2000 vtec 2.3 will not rev over 4 rpms ?

CCCP: good video!) thanks

James Lucas: Could you help me diagnose an issue? I have a 2001 Gs R integra. At 80 mph and 4k rpm the car vibrates really bad. Could the cause of this be the solenoid gasket being clogged ? i changed the transmission fluid snd the car accelerates as should as long as I keep it out of V Tec 

phantom12896: at 23:43 shows where the second gasket goes, u are welcome
Honda Accord VTEC Solenoid Gaskets Replacement 5 out of 5

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Honda Accord VTEC Solenoid Gaskets Replacement