Honda Accord VTEC Solenoid Gaskets Replacement

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genmockify: This is the same process for a 1998 Hinda Accord V4 . Thank you again. 

Stanley Plock: I was able to get a 10mm Box Wrench on the bottom nut.
'96 Accord EX Wagon.

I did the fuel filter a while back. That was fun!
My Civic is a LOT easier to work on.

Cassie Scott: vtec solenoid b is failing. Do I replace the whole solenoid. My car seems to not have a passing gear and when plugged up to computer it says vtec solenoid b is failing. Would this be the process to change the whole solenoid out.

museatex: Thank you for this guide. I replaced all seals using your guide as well as distributor o-ring and gasket following another guide. I didn't have oil pressure sensor on my 97 EX vtec solenoid, it was replaced with 12mm bolt. I need to return 22mm deep well socket. Also the tube that connects to the thermostat can be twisted to provide additional clearance. I ended up using 8in extension with 10mm socket with no interference.

Brian N: tried to save time and not take off the thermostat housing because i didn't want to lose the radiator fluid; spent half the day trying to fit all kinds of tools on that bottom bolt but couldn't get it off. save yourself some time and headache and just do it the "long way" by removing the thermostat you will thank me later.

912dwest: do you have to replace both gaskets to fix leak if only the top portion is leaking

Jorge Caldas: Hi, can somebody remove that solenoid without remove everything as you did?

Chris Shepherd: I stripped the 10 mm bolt on yhe bottom of the vtec solenoid what do you think the best way of getting it out

Mike Morris: dude im getting this fixed in a few days. talk about an oil leak from hell!!!! i had to put in a quart a day hahahahaha

Jesus Vega: I got a check engine light on my 1998 honda accord ex its a vtec system malfunction p1256 code and i see in forums doing this will fix this? Anyone have had the same problem? 

Jorge Caldas: Please, put here a video how change motor and transmission mount for accord 95, please!!!!!!!!!! Thank u.

Jorge Caldas: (....) What do u think? Also, to change just the upper gasket I only have to take off the three screws, right???? And when I take them off, the engine oil comes out? Thank u.

Jorge Caldas: It´s so helpfull...Thank you for posting  that  video. Now, my question is: can I change just upper gasket because my valve is leaking on the top and I think I don´t need change both gaskets. Wh

Chris Graham: Great video thank you. I have a 1998 honda accord 4cyl AT LX sedan the whole thing was about 99% the same. Took me about 90min in the middle of the night with one work light and a flashlight. Parts with coolant only cost about $30. 214xxx miles everything has been happening in the past month. Tansmission, power steering pump, oil pan leak, alternator, distributor leak and then vtec leak. Spent about a week trying to figure it out couldnt see the leaking spot just the trail of oil on the transmission and finally found other people reporting the same issue. Ur video showed how easy it was. 

tj sy: Need to do this tom. Mine is a accord 2000 4 door do i need to remove the water inlet or just the air box and egr? Tia!

Miles West: My theremostat went bad recently and I know I had a leaking VTEC solenoid gasket so just completed both jobs. This video was very very helpfull. Mine was a 1999 Honda 4 cylnder and there were minor differences. Plunger under the solenoid did not have a spacer but was formed into the top half. Also, I had to remove the EGR valve to get to one of the VTEC assy bolts which was a good thing because that provided the opportunity to clean it out.. Thanks big!!

Eng Lee: very good instruction. job well done

Paul Ang: This is one of the best repair videos I seen on youtube. Your audio is clear and explanations straight forward, that is most important to me. You seem to know what lies ahead and what to expect. Such is invaluable to people like me who have not attempted such tasks. Keep up the good work. God Bless!

Carlos Jimenez: What is the gasket called at the part when you said to replace all gaskets. Between the inlet housing 

theknob1: Excellent job on the video!  You are very thorough.  Thank you.  I don't think I could ever do this.  One question.  I have a 2000 Honda Accord LX with the smaller 4 cylinder automatic.  It had an oil leak that was really so slow that there was no drip.  Then last week it began gushing when running.  Took it to a local garage (experienced shade tree older guys) and they said it was this problem.  Could this be the problem if it is all of a sudden gushing oil?  Also do you have any idea what a Honda dealership would charge to do this?
Honda Accord VTEC Solenoid Gaskets Replacement 5 out of 5

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Honda Accord VTEC Solenoid Gaskets Replacement