Chevy Big Block 454 Engine Starting

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Marine Chevy big block 454 First Start
Marine Chevy big block 454 First Start
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big block 454 chevy 2 bolt test start.wmv
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454 Big Block Chevy Live Engine Run
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my chevy 454 motor first start in my 1971 chevelle
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454 Big Block Chevy Crate Engine

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canadianboater: Nothing beats a Big Block Chevy- absolutely no replacement for displacement! 

niiiiiiik: Sound from hell!

carlitos cruz: How much dose that engine run me for$$$$

Kelly McCammon: Holy crap that is one sexy ass engine. Wow!

jesse kitts: your scaring the crap out of that poor doog that's not nice but the motor sounds freaking nasty

mrjose9181: Love that sound

James Sawchuk: 454's are sweet engines. But it is using old technology when stock. The solution? Throw a freaking turbo on it. You can put turbos on old big blocks and make seriously sick horsepower. Forced induction allows those Japanese motors to make serious horsepower. But you know what? There's still no replacement for displacement! When I get money a 427 crate motor with a turbo. Maybe twin turbos. That will be freaking sick!

GeorgeHamberhill: Very Nice! My 2001 2500HD has an 8.1 496 cu in, love em big blocks!

Fxr1212: sound good to be stock bud.

silentmesa480: Redneck mating to attract there cousins

Jon Bonner: Love the valve covers, is that high compression?

307OLDS: Dude you're awesome! Love the Chevy plant!!! BAD freakIN ASS! Easily one of the best on Boobtube!

MarkTheAmazing: dont need it already got one

okay: BBC Mark III "mystery" motor. Released by Chevrolet in 1963 for 1964 NASCAR. Predecessor to Mark IV. This iron 83? model is "old' as time. Ford flat-heads still run but Oldsmobile OHV Rockets killed those in 1955. How long is this smelly rat going to live? LS3 small block Chevy's dine on rats and so do DOHC SVT Cobras. Hemi on your ass lately? Mark IV''s LMAO!

okay: If you can find it: There was a book by Philip Smith in print about twenty years ago. It is outdated with the engines it mentions. However, this book has every formula that every engine designer has/still uses. Proven science, the laws of thermodynamics, and airflow in respect to internal combustion are the same. BTU= Amount of air to fuel power will never change. All we do is incrementally improve the burning of the fuel. Read and learn and leave blondies 40 year old head design anchor to rust.

okay: Since this guy 'builds' engines, Newbies should check out for about a hundred books from American to Japanese and European engines. Turbos, nitrous, and tuner books supreme. Educate yourself with a couple of $30.00 books. The internet is full of "E-ngineers' {cough, cough} Seriously, this is a basic rebuilt with no exhaust....That's it....noisy. Owned in 14 seconds by a factory EVO or Impreza wrx guaranteed. Roush for Ford or Hennessy for Chevy.. Skyline would put him in ICU.

okay: Deception: Orange paint on Mickey Thompson aluminum valve covers and fake aluminum color on the cast iron smog heads. Probably an AMF bowling ball sporty is parked around back ridden in by his assistant. Trolling for kids with big blocks= Taking the money of the youf.

okay: The 3904359 grind is one step up from the grandma grind. It is still hydraulic. Does not sound sexy. 4 bolt main conversion was waste o' money. Cast crank and itty bitty 3/8 rods plus cast pistons make this motor a great choice for a 80's model suburban in a place with lax emissions. If your ring seal produced less than 2% leak down and the valve job was good, this might be okay, for a truck motor. Still there is a neophyte kid itching for "Big Block power" around every corner.

okay: I do not have a video of my car from 30 years ago. A good comparison-is to watch "Dcon's 64 Nova running in the 9's" On YouTube. Any V8 sounds amazing with un muffled headers. I could not hold my hand closer than 2 1/2 feet from open exhaust for more than a second at 1150rpm idle. Your big blocks? Camaro or this one? Serious burns? I doubt with only 10-1/2 to one compression. Stick to shooting guns or lifting weights. Engineering is not your forte' "Popular HR" stuff from the 80's is your car.
Chevy Big Block 454 Engine Starting 5 out of 5

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Chevy Big Block 454 Engine Starting