LitterLoo Automated Litter Box

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LitterLoo Automated Litter Box
LitterLoo Automated Litter Box
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Lisa Jo H: The only thing I don't like is the cord sticking off the front where the cat would be jumping into the litter box, it's kinda in the way and some kitty's like to chew cords. Is there anyway to make it more inconspicuous? But I do love this design. Easy and open topped. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 is it available to purchase yet? And how much?

Byromie: This has got to be the best automated litter box idea I have ever seen. Functional and more compact. Saw your video as a recommendation to my own litter box idea that I tried to license without success. While yours is the best electric box, my idea I believe is the best manual litter box idea. Unfortunately the litter box market is just way too flooded and I don't have the cash. Wish you luck with your awesome idea. I'll be sticking with cheap manual boxes, but maybe some day I'll get a automated one ☺️

LitterLoo: UPDATE: A picture of the modified and painted prototype can be seen on the web site: I'm told another Kickstarter is coming soon!

Lanna Studio: Just wonder how much when them first come out..

Karl Knight: what happens when the cat gets curious and goes under it and gets trapped while its rotating is there a sensor for this?

SAMMIsLIFE: I think my cats would be scared of this

Tractorz: what is the height from the bottom to the top of the pan? Will my cat have to JUMP into it or can they climb into it?

MrBorderdown: Same as every other automatic box; Designed for unrealistic consistent feces. The box will need manually cleaned far more often than advertised. The grate will get clogged, where you'll have to disassemble to clean more often than advertised. Cats will still urinate on the sides of the box, it will dry and stink. The motion will scare most cats, so they will dart out of the box terrified after BMs regardless of a timer or motion detector. That litter will be thrown and trailed everywhere. Due to it being less coarse; It will get everywhere including the air. The non-stick coating will fade rapidly from the uric acid in the piss. You kickstarter is filled with outright lies, and there are actual devices that use indoor plumbing. There is nothing this box does differently. A plumbing based solution is the most sanitary, period.

LitterLoo: UPDATE: Although May is the current estimate for release, we've been surprised how quickly schedules are getting pushed back. Our engineering company (as talented as they are) grossly underestimated the time it would take to design this for production, but we're still pushing hard and making great progress. We're currently refining the design to maximize quality while reducing production costs. We want this to be the best litter box on the market and an excellent value. Version 2 of our prototype is due within about a week, and from this we'll be performing significant updates to the design to reduce shipping size, reduce production costs, and maximize quietness. Nobody wants to hear an automatic litter box at 1:00 am, so we're pushing hard to be perfect in every area including noise levels. We want to get this right the first time and leave no doubt that this will be the best litter box on the market at a very reasonable price.

Flor Ré: Hi! Is it true that this wonderful litter would be released on May 2017? Please let me know, I'm really interested. Thank you!

Bil Din: Where can I purchase 1 of these I've been searching high and low can any 1 direct me

Rose Jaeger: How I can buy it?

MoDRun: Kinda interested actualy.
Just wondering how loud it is - as in if it makes a loud sound my cat dont like once the cats wont use it again.
Also how will i know the litterwaste wont start smelling the whole house?
Because im looking for something that will seal the smell of the litterwaste until its full and then i have to go out with it.
I alredy waste enough plastic bags as it is going to the trash with cat litter waste.

Emmi em: Where can I buy this? I want one.

Josean Way: How much are you going to be marketing them for?

Josean Way: When is going to be available? Looks like a fantastic design. I need one!!!!!!! I was wondering if it had a manual mode, my frisky felines will jump at noises.

msxmargo: I just researched auto kitty boxes and this to is the best idea and big for a kitties - is this for sell yet? where?

LitterLoo: Below is an update from Les with the new updated schedule. There have been so many additions that we think it's important to push the schedule out to make sure everything works flawlessly. Here's the update!


The engineering of the new Litter Loo is 99% complete. We will begin to build a new rapid prototype next week. Some of the new features that the original Litter Loo did not have:

1. A movable drip cap on the fourth side (next to the sifting tower). In our testing we discovered that some cats will face away from the sifting tower and pee toward the screen. We needed to prevent that so we came up with a drip cap that moves out of the way so that the clean litter can enter the sifting tower and the clumps can slide down the ramp into the waste drawer.

2. Two additional buttons and three additional lights. These additional controls and indicators will add the following features:

a. Drawer full light to let you know you must empty the waste drawer.

b. Adjustment to allow for different types of litter so that it levels properly.

c. Cycle/Cancel button to either start a cycle or cancel a cycle in progress.

d. Ability to set the delay timer to five different settings (3, 5, 7, 10 or 15 minutes).

e. Ability to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors to either increase sensitivity to detect small kittens, or decrease sensitivity due to nearby vibrations or activity.

f. Ability to set the Litter Loo to “automatic” or “manual” mode of operation

3. A waste drawer that will accept a plastic bag to make removing and disposing of the waste easier and more sanitary.

4. The ability to add an optional Wi-fi feature so that you may monitor the Litter Loo and your cat’s habits from you smart phone or computer, especially useful when away for a few days.

5. A more effective and reliable motor and gears for the operation of the Litter Loo.

6. For tech geeks we have built in a spot where you may add a “Raspberry Pi” module. This feature will not add to the cost of the Litter Loo.

This new prototype is going to have to be tested for a couple of months to make certain that all the new features are working properly, reliably, and as intended. This will bump our schedule but it is far more important that we deliver a product that everyone (including your cat) loves and that works flawlessly.

Here is my best estimate at our new schedule.

May 2016 Build new prototype. Submit computer files to vendors for estimating cost of tooling and manufacture.

June – July 2016 Test new prototype, make adjustments to engineering as necessary.

August 2016 Order molds to be produced. I’m told that this process will take anywhere from three to five months. The molds are never perfect on the first try, so samples must be made, molds must be modified, and more samples must be made, perhaps more modifications, etc.

December 2016 – Jan 2017 The molds should be ready to go. Order the first batch of Litter Loos to be mass produced. I’m told that this will take 60 to 90 days.

March –April 2017 First batch of Litter Loos will be ready to ship to customers,

As soon as I have the new prototype I will take pictures and videos of it and post them online. We may do another Kickstarter campaign in the summer. I will be taking pre-orders for the Litter Loo by early fall. At this time I do not know the cost of the molds or the production cost or the shipping cost for the Litter Loo. Once I have those numbers I will set the retail price for the Litter Loo. I hope and expect that the $300 retail price will remain. I will also do my utmost to honor my pledge to my backers to sell them a Litter Loo for $200.00. I am frustrated that things cannot move along more quickly, but still undaunted, very excited about this project and committed to seeing it through. I hope to post videos of the new prototype in action in about 3 or 4 weeks.

Thank you all for your continued support.

LitterLoo: Update: The engineering phase is almost complete and we should be building a rapid prototype this month. This puts us over a month behind schedule, but it's really important to get this right. We're glad the company doing the engineering is focusing on quality over speed. If everything else goes well, we're looking at a November-ish delivery date.

Here is some random update information: The final product looks like it's going to be a little wider than the original prototype -- by about 2 inches. The circuitry for the prototype, including the new circuitry for the tray-full indicator, is working very well. The software is complete! Only a couple of parameters need to be tuned for the final product. We now have 4 tunable parameters including litter level position (for accommodating various brands of litter) and timer adjustment, and sensitivity adjustments. I've also made some good progress with the optional Wi-Fi module that will allow you to monitor usage while you're on short trips away from your cats. This will give our customers great peace of mind when leaving their cats unattended.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!

Chrusher 29: Just came across this today while looking, pricing, and comparing self-cleaning litter boxes. I've seen many comments about how people have one or two cats and this would be perfect. Well, I rescue and I currently have 18 cats! I am in true need of a good self-cleaning litter box!!! The only issue I can see with this is that the sides are not enough to protect from the massive throwing out litter while the cats are digging! I would have litter messes galore!!! I certainly hope when this is finished and ready for market that it will be reasonably priced because I will need at least 4 units and I am disabled so I don't get very much money to live on. I want you to know I think it is a Great Concept!!!
LitterLoo Automated Litter Box 5 out of 5

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LitterLoo Automated Litter Box