LitterLoo Automated Litter Box

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Emmi em: Where can I buy this? I want one.

Josean Way: How much are you going to be marketing them for?

Josean Way: When is going to be available? Looks like a fantastic design. I need one!!!!!!! I was wondering if it had a manual mode, my frisky felines will jump at noises.

msxmargo: I just researched auto kitty boxes and this to is the best idea and big for a kitties - is this for sell yet? where?

LitterLoo: Below is an update from Les with the new updated schedule. There have been so many additions that we think it's important to push the schedule out to make sure everything works flawlessly. Here's the update!


The engineering of the new Litter Loo is 99% complete. We will begin to build a new rapid prototype next week. Some of the new features that the original Litter Loo did not have:

1. A movable drip cap on the fourth side (next to the sifting tower). In our testing we discovered that some cats will face away from the sifting tower and pee toward the screen. We needed to prevent that so we came up with a drip cap that moves out of the way so that the clean litter can enter the sifting tower and the clumps can slide down the ramp into the waste drawer.

2. Two additional buttons and three additional lights. These additional controls and indicators will add the following features:

a. Drawer full light to let you know you must empty the waste drawer.

b. Adjustment to allow for different types of litter so that it levels properly.

c. Cycle/Cancel button to either start a cycle or cancel a cycle in progress.

d. Ability to set the delay timer to five different settings (3, 5, 7, 10 or 15 minutes).

e. Ability to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors to either increase sensitivity to detect small kittens, or decrease sensitivity due to nearby vibrations or activity.

f. Ability to set the Litter Loo to “automatic” or “manual” mode of operation

3. A waste drawer that will accept a plastic bag to make removing and disposing of the waste easier and more sanitary.

4. The ability to add an optional Wi-fi feature so that you may monitor the Litter Loo and your cat’s habits from you smart phone or computer, especially useful when away for a few days.

5. A more effective and reliable motor and gears for the operation of the Litter Loo.

6. For tech geeks we have built in a spot where you may add a “Raspberry Pi” module. This feature will not add to the cost of the Litter Loo.

This new prototype is going to have to be tested for a couple of months to make certain that all the new features are working properly, reliably, and as intended. This will bump our schedule but it is far more important that we deliver a product that everyone (including your cat) loves and that works flawlessly.

Here is my best estimate at our new schedule.

May 2016 Build new prototype. Submit computer files to vendors for estimating cost of tooling and manufacture.

June – July 2016 Test new prototype, make adjustments to engineering as necessary.

August 2016 Order molds to be produced. I’m told that this process will take anywhere from three to five months. The molds are never perfect on the first try, so samples must be made, molds must be modified, and more samples must be made, perhaps more modifications, etc.

December 2016 – Jan 2017 The molds should be ready to go. Order the first batch of Litter Loos to be mass produced. I’m told that this will take 60 to 90 days.

March –April 2017 First batch of Litter Loos will be ready to ship to customers,

As soon as I have the new prototype I will take pictures and videos of it and post them online. We may do another Kickstarter campaign in the summer. I will be taking pre-orders for the Litter Loo by early fall. At this time I do not know the cost of the molds or the production cost or the shipping cost for the Litter Loo. Once I have those numbers I will set the retail price for the Litter Loo. I hope and expect that the $300 retail price will remain. I will also do my utmost to honor my pledge to my backers to sell them a Litter Loo for $200.00. I am frustrated that things cannot move along more quickly, but still undaunted, very excited about this project and committed to seeing it through. I hope to post videos of the new prototype in action in about 3 or 4 weeks.

Thank you all for your continued support.

LitterLoo: Update: The engineering phase is almost complete and we should be building a rapid prototype this month. This puts us over a month behind schedule, but it's really important to get this right. We're glad the company doing the engineering is focusing on quality over speed. If everything else goes well, we're looking at a November-ish delivery date.

Here is some random update information: The final product looks like it's going to be a little wider than the original prototype -- by about 2 inches. The circuitry for the prototype, including the new circuitry for the tray-full indicator, is working very well. The software is complete! Only a couple of parameters need to be tuned for the final product. We now have 4 tunable parameters including litter level position (for accommodating various brands of litter) and timer adjustment, and sensitivity adjustments. I've also made some good progress with the optional Wi-Fi module that will allow you to monitor usage while you're on short trips away from your cats. This will give our customers great peace of mind when leaving their cats unattended.

Thanks everyone for your continued support!

Austin “Crusher” Moore: Just came across this today while looking, pricing, and comparing self-cleaning litter boxes. I've seen many comments about how people have one or two cats and this would be perfect. Well, I rescue and I currently have 18 cats! I am in true need of a good self-cleaning litter box!!! The only issue I can see with this is that the sides are not enough to protect from the massive throwing out litter while the cats are digging! I would have litter messes galore!!! I certainly hope when this is finished and ready for market that it will be reasonably priced because I will need at least 4 units and I am disabled so I don't get very much money to live on. I want you to know I think it is a Great Concept!!!

EnnoiaBlog: Vaporware....

Isha B: I only found out about this today while looking up self cleaning litter boxes and I can't believe it's not on the market! The kickstart is over and y'all didn't meet your goal:/ what exactly does that mean? You still have all those funds or must they refunded? I hope not as I truly wish to own a Litter Loo. I would love to hear another video of it cleaning to hear the loudness but I was sold on this short video. The clumps are far to large but it would appear any litter can be used which is the best feature. It truly will be a bargain. Keep us posted once this is to hit the market:)

LitterLoo: At the end of the 30 day campaign, we got to 91% funding at $45,770, and 215 backers! The primary goal of the Kickstarter campaign wasn't really to raise $50,000, but rather to determine the level of interest in the product. It will cost about $300,000 to bring this product to market, so $50,000, although certainly helpful, isn’t as important as what we learned!

So what did we learn? Is $45,770 good for a Kickstarter? I had no idea how good it was until I read, I was blown away by what I found. Only about 36% of all projects on Kickstarter are successful. Of those successfully funded projects, only about 15% of them raise over $20,000. How many raised over $45,000? It’s hard to say from the report, but I would have to estimate around 7%. So in the Kickstarter world, $45,000 is a lot of money! We beat out 93% of all successfully funded projects! Les and I are thrilled with this result, and the project is full steam ahead. Remember, this was done mostly through word of mouth from you, our fabulous supporters! We are still expecting delivery of the first units later this year. It hasn’t been determined if another Kickstarter will be necessary. It’s not clear how important that really is – but Les plans to reward those who pledged by honoring their highly discounted pledge price.

Should there be another Kickstarter attempt, I’m sure we can raise well over $50,000 by simply changing our profile photo (which didn’t really pop) and extending the campaign length from 30 days to 60 days. Just these two changes surely would make a big difference!

Thank you all for the great support, and the future of Litter Loo is very bright!

KM W: The Kickstarter has 9 days to go.  Tell your cat-loving friends to support it!  They will get the Kickstarter discounted price, and help make sure it actually gets manufactured soon. Read the comments there for more information about design improvements.

LitterLoo: Exactly half way through the campaign, and 64% funded. This is going to be close! Still need to sell 6 per day to meet the goal of $50,000 - and that's about the rate they are going.

LitterLoo: The Kickstarter is 47% funded in just over a week! 110 backers and we've hit about $24,000 in pledges! But the traffic is starting to slow down, so keep spreading the word!

Ruth Nicol: +KM W, they are on Kickstarter now, maybe the same people will find them there.

KM W: Over the years, the Litter Loo has been discussed in a few cat forums and groups.  When I tried to find those to see if anyone had posted that the product was on track to actually be sold, I discovered they no longer existed.  (In internet time, a few years is a LONG time.)

Ruth Nicol: I'm in for 2 of them and I can't wait!

LitterLoo: As of 8:00am 1/7/2016, just under 20 hours since the launch, we are already %18 funded with 39 backers! Great start everyone!

Just an important point I should make... According to Mt. Kisco Products, the projected retail price is $299, so this is probably the only time in history the Litter Loo will be offered at $200 with free shipping!

If you signed up for email updates, you have or will soon receive the following update:


Hello Litter Loo Fan!

The day has finally come and the Litter Loo Kickstarter has launched!

You can help make the Litter Loo a reality and show your support for the product, and even reserve one of the first units off the production line! But there are only 30 days for you to help.

Kickstarter is a pledge-based funding web site. Here are the many ways you can contribute!

o Share the Kickstarter project page (see below) on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and forward to your friends. Even if they don’t have cats, they may have friends that do and would love this product!

o Pledge as little as $1 to help make the Litter Loo a reality. For every $225 pledged in $1, $10, and $20 pledges, a Litter Loo will be donated to a local animal shelter! Pledging even $1 multiple times over multiple days will help make the project more popular and more visible to others on the Kickstarter web site!

o Pledge $200 or more to reserve one of the first Litter Loo units off the production line with free U.S. shipping! This is about a $99 discount from the projected retail price.

o If you really want to significantly help, you can always pledge more than the minimum pledge for the perk you choose!

Please click on the link below (or copy/paste it into a web browser if clicking doesn't work) to visit the Litter Loo Project Kickstarter Page where you can make pledges and see full details of the rewards.

Visit the Litter Loo Kickstarter Page

Thank you all for your incredible support over the years!


Disclaimer: You are receiving this email as a courtesy to Mt. Kisco Products, LLC, who ultimately is responsible for the success of the Litter Loo. The patent holder has no equity interest in Mt. Kisco Products, LLC and ultimately has no control over the production of the product. Please refer to this link below for more information about how Kickstarter projects work and the associated risks...

About Kickstarter Projects

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KM W: Let's hope enough people back the kickstarter.  Tell your cat-loving friends!  (It's off to a good start on day one!)

LitterLoo: The Litter Loo Kickstarter has launched! Spread the word! There are only 30 days to meet the funding goal of $50,000. Please share, and thank you fans for all your support over the years!

Danny Hanes: The Kickstarter is live! -
LitterLoo Automated Litter Box 5 out of 5

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