LitterLoo Automated Litter Box

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LitterLoo Automated Litter Box
LitterLoo Automated Litter Box
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Kumiko Hara: This seems like the best auto litter box design so far.

Richard Reinert: for the love of god, why is this not on the market yet?!?

Morgan Allen: Any idea on what the cost will be?

malmapunkrock: wow this is purrrrrfect ! where can I get one !??!?! :O

marjan oudshoorn: I am waiting for this litterbox since I saw the movie 2 years ago. It is the best litterbox I ever have seen.
 It seems it is for sale soon?
And....are you sending it too to the Netherlands??  Please please lol

LitterLoo: Update:  When the Kickstarter happens (hopefully within the next few months) I'm told you should be able to contribute to the Kickstarter by pre-ordering your unit at what I would think is a highly discounted price.  It will naturally take quite a while (perhaps a year's time frame or so) to receive your unit, but by contributing to the Kickstarter you'll help to raise money to develop the tooling which will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The patent was licensed by Mount Kisco Products LLC.  I'll be helping him get the word out, but for full disclosure I'm not a stockholder in this company.  The only relationship I have with this company is the license agreement.

Aleks Saric: Can't wait to buy this. Good luck, hope to see it online by this year 

Theresa DeVincentis: I can hardly wait for this product to come out.  I have tried a lot of products on the market and think this one is the answer to everything.  I hope this comes out soon.  I would even be interested in discussing purchasing this prior to production.

pqxxedf: The type of plastic also makes a difference in whether the litter sticks to the sides. Sterilite storage boxes made from waxy clear plastic will not allow litter to remain attached for very long. Two or three days later there is no sign of where the litter was stuck to the sides. After many months of use, the sides of the box remain sparkling clean. They say it's just polypropylene but it seems like ultrahigh molecular weight (UHMW). Anybody who wants to try it, just go to your local megastore and buy a Sterilite storage box made of waxy clear plastic. If a clump sticks to the side, just tap it off. A few days later, there will be no residue left from where that clump was. None.

Don't worry about the height of the box. Your cat will get used to it. If you're concerned, you can place a step next to the box. They are the best manual litter boxes you can find. 

Note. They are not UV resistant, so they will disintegrate if left in direct sunlight.

radochka1000: This looks like a nice litter box! I hope its for sale in near future. :)

David Johnson: So when is this comming out? Very interested but haven't seen anything on this in a while.

scarlettrosegarden: Shouldn't you have a Facebook page to really spread the word?  I've been waiting years for the LitterLoo~  I hope it's not much longer!!
Where is your Kickstarter page?

Josephine Glazov: When,where,and what cost?
Great idea but please make it available asap and available to the cats of Perth (240v) !
Can you please show cats around it and not spooked by the movement ?
Best wishes getting ALL involved activated as it looks like a wonderful answer to a continual problem.

LitterLoo: Kickstarter Update:

The Licensee has been spending a good bit of time and money investigating getting prototypes built and building an execution plan.  I've been refining the electronics and he's been working with a machine shop to build another prototype by hand.  There's a lot going on and there has been a lot of progress without the Kickstarter.  The Kickstarter has been delayed a bit because a family member was going to develop it but has since become too busy, and there appears to be no sense of urgency to roll out the Kickstarter because he doesn't seem to need the money just yet.  He still plans to do the Kickstarter and I'm working on getting him my other cleaner prototype for the Kickstarter video.  The one I have is in better condition and with the updated electronics.

I'll post when there's more news!  Thanks for your support!

Dallas Delegates: It's so beautifully elegant and simple in design.  I love it.  It solves all the current problems with other automated litter boxes.  The only remaining deal breaker for me would be price.  I hope these come to market soon, and for a very reasonable price.  Meanwhile, are you not able to produce more of these to sell to private individuals?? Hint, Hint, Hint

Clauz Z: I really like this. Where do they sell it?

Ruth Nicol: Hi, is there any news on when the Kickstarter campaign will be up and running? really hope it's soon. Want this so much! Please let us know.

Yoav Givati: I want this self-cleaning litter box, but the site says it's only a prototype.

Reshare to help the inventor get it licensed!

ricky wong: Hi I have been interested in your litter box for quite some time. As up until a week ago you had no plans to produce this. I had no option other than to create my own version. For my own use of course. Mine sits in a self contained cupboard. I would love see your product go into production. Please keep us updates. 

Logan Crist: PLEASE, ADD TO MY LIST, if you've actually spent $$$, and help LitterLoo....
_14 things I've learned to demand when buying an Auto Litter Box product: 
1- Doesn't take 45 minutes to run a cycle.
2- No special $25 litter from Amazon every month.
3- No special $5 bags twice a year. "you must use our specially made bags..." blah blah blah, Walmart plastic sac.
4- No special $10 cleaning solution from Amazon twice a year
5- Just no hidden life long charges.
6- No enclosed box.
7- No enclosed box that rotates and smears waste all over inside the enclosed box and then my cats tail and whiskers.
8- No enclosed box that I have to make sure is always clean (which is more work than scooping poop) so it doesn't end up on my cat's tail and whiskers.
9- Doesn't blow hot air filling my house with the wretched smell of cat droppings and angering a pregnant wife - once a day. 
10- Doesn't break any 'easily replaceable parts' randomly - but seems once every six months.
11- Doesn't sound like someone is vacuuming at 2:45 am cause cats eat and use the bathroom at weird times. 
12- Uses regular litter so I can get when I get their cat food and groceries.
13- Easy to make look nice and clean; as in, not a contraption which makes everyone want to see it run so they can understand through reverse engineering and then tell you it's stupid and gonna break. Which forces me to lie to them when I buy a different one later.
14- All the cats use it.
15- Somehow - Cuts down on paw litter being tracked around my house -- which feels like I stepped on loose gravel but really it's just dirt that was soaked in cat pee and is now dry, found stuck on my foot and maybe my bed later.
LitterLoo Automated Litter Box 5 out of 5

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