LitterLoo Automated Litter Box

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LitterLoo Automated Litter Box
LitterLoo Automated Litter Box
Kickstarter Video
Kickstarter Video
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Training and Safety
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Gabriel Lin: stupid design... too shallow to contain litter. Make it higher


mos ab: Holy freak.. no other automated litter box design that I know off deals with the issue of pee clumps sticking to the sides and the bottom.
Why is it taking so long for this thing to come out? I have been checking in for years now. Have you guys given up?

Carol Ford: What brand of litter is in the box? I love the clumps.

icsunonove: How do I get this???

Emmi em: sold anywhere yet? can't find info, looks like a good design.

Lisa Jo H: The only thing I don't like is the cord sticking off the front where the cat would be jumping into the litter box, it's kinda in the way and some kitty's like to chew cords. Is there anyway to make it more inconspicuous? But I do love this design. Easy and open topped. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» is it available to purchase yet? And how much?

Byromie: This has got to be the best automated litter box idea I have ever seen. Functional and more compact. Saw your video as a recommendation to my own litter box idea that I tried to license without success. While yours is the best electric box, my idea I believe is the best manual litter box idea. Unfortunately the litter box market is just way too flooded and I don't have the cash. Wish you luck with your awesome idea. I'll be sticking with cheap manual boxes, but maybe some day I'll get a automated one ☺️

LitterLoo: UPDATE: A picture of the modified and painted prototype can be seen on the web site: I'm told another Kickstarter is coming soon!

Lanna Studio: Just wonder how much when them first come out..

Karl Knight: what happens when the cat gets curious and goes under it and gets trapped while its rotating is there a sensor for this?

SAMMIsLIFE: I think my cats would be scared of this

Tractorz: what is the height from the bottom to the top of the pan? Will my cat have to JUMP into it or can they climb into it?

MrBorderdown: Same as every other automatic box; Designed for unrealistic consistent feces. The box will need manually cleaned far more often than advertised. The grate will get clogged, where you'll have to disassemble to clean more often than advertised. Cats will still urinate on the sides of the box, it will dry and stink. The motion will scare most cats, so they will dart out of the box terrified after BMs regardless of a timer or motion detector. That litter will be thrown and trailed everywhere. Due to it being less coarse; It will get everywhere including the air. The non-stick coating will fade rapidly from the uric acid in the piss. You kickstarter is filled with outright lies, and there are actual devices that use indoor plumbing. There is nothing this box does differently. A plumbing based solution is the most sanitary, period.

LitterLoo: UPDATE: Although May is the current estimate for release, we've been surprised how quickly schedules are getting pushed back. Our engineering company (as talented as they are) grossly underestimated the time it would take to design this for production, but we're still pushing hard and making great progress. We're currently refining the design to maximize quality while reducing production costs. We want this to be the best litter box on the market and an excellent value. Version 2 of our prototype is due within about a week, and from this we'll be performing significant updates to the design to reduce shipping size, reduce production costs, and maximize quietness. Nobody wants to hear an automatic litter box at 1:00 am, so we're pushing hard to be perfect in every area including noise levels. We want to get this right the first time and leave no doubt that this will be the best litter box on the market at a very reasonable price.

Flor RΓ©: Hi! Is it true that this wonderful litter would be released on May 2017? Please let me know, I'm really interested. Thank you!

B D: Where can I purchase 1 of these I've been searching high and low can any 1 direct me

Meire Jaeger: How I can buy it?

MoDRun: Kinda interested actualy.
Just wondering how loud it is - as in if it makes a loud sound my cat dont like once the cats wont use it again.
Also how will i know the litterwaste wont start smelling the whole house?
Because im looking for something that will seal the smell of the litterwaste until its full and then i have to go out with it.
I alredy waste enough plastic bags as it is going to the trash with cat litter waste.

Emmi em: Where can I buy this? I want one.
LitterLoo Automated Litter Box 5 out of 5

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LitterLoo Automated Litter Box