Furnace Blower Motor Diagnosis And Repair

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Furnace Blower Motor Diagnosis and Repair
Furnace Blower Motor Diagnosis and Repair
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Chowdy Chopz: Please check your smoke detector

Nina Simone: Problem: I've gone thru 2 motors in 2 yrs since I bought this house. Of course the heating guys always want me to buy whole new furnace.  The can t tell why I have this problem.  What do you think?

bebopjunky: York/Lennox if it is programmed from distributor spin the cage and if she spins like you jump start the motor you got a bad module. Same with Trane. the module is a fancy way of making you pay 700 dollars for a 5-15 dollar cap.

44357514: This Video with all the complicated Diagram makes you just want to call and Hire the heating and Air-Conditioning Company to come repair your problem.

fcorrea71: Great video. It took my fears away!
A couple of days ago I noticed "weird behavior" from my heater system, like the fan keeps on running a while longer than usual blowing cold air after temperature on thermostat reached its settings (fan motor making unusual noise).
One morning, the fan stop spinning and I can hear a humming noise coming from the air vents... I noticed the fan motor not spinning and humming noise will stop minutes later. The gas furnace will go on and of, so the humming noise from the motor. I tried to spin the fan manually and I felt some resistance.

My fear was about major damage and costly repair, but now I got a great reference to troubleshooting and/or avoid being ripped off from a technician if I decide to go that way.
My mistake: 15+ yr old unit (Lennox), never serviced besides frequent filter replacement.

Thanks a lot 

Don Jon: Should you watch video how to change battery in smoke detector?

Heather Wanamaker: On Thurs evening I suspected that my furnace was going bad or something was wrong, because I was losing heat, Fri morning I called a local repair place(who is excellent) and I had to order a new blower motor- and the cost with the repairman replacing it costs me almost 400 dollars. And this weekend I have no heat save for a small elecric heater

Tony Frewin: Good video, you're right that the polarity of the capacitor doesn't matter, remember AC swings both ways. Also when polarity does matter you don't usually have two wires the same colour.
The description of squirrel cage refers to the rotor of the motor and not the scroll type fan as so many people believe.
It's a shame that there are so many greedy people that don't change an honest rate for work so people have to have a go them selves.
Glad it all worked out for you. 

Murray Strauss: I really like this video. My issue is that blower wont come on when AC is on - either auto or fan. I switched the setting to heat and guess what. The blower came on - I switched the settings back to AC and it's running just fine. If I shut it off no blower fan. I do not have a volt meter so not sure how to test the safe-t-switch. Any thoughts?

Doug Koehler: I'd go for the run capacitor first. I wonder if an electrician would? Nah, he'd go for the big bucks. Thanks for this video. 

Jesse Thorn: Awesome video.  Really appreciate it.  I just happen to have the exact same model furnace and I discovered that my motor wasn't turning, causing the heat to build up in the heat exchanger until it tripped the limit switch.  Now I can probably verify if my suspicions were true. 

kosh2001: my furnace is 20 yrs old how hard will it be finding a replacement motor?

george gonzalez: Those are not resistors inside the motor, they are windings.

brianminkc: you can't measure impedance with an ohm meter.  Just resistance.

boilermech: a faulty capacitor is usually the problem. and 90% of diyers wind up replacing both motor and cap. now all that money wasted and time. it pays to hire a pro. annual maintenance should be checking capacitors. if not find a new company.

Patrick Riley: Did you mention what type of furnace this was and what the part number of the motor was? I would appreciate knowing this info. Thank-you.....

MissOseni: my furnace starts but is not blowing air. what are the chances this is what i need to do?

Cesar Fernandez: excellent job...simply the best!!!

Eugene Korsunsky: Thank you for the demonstration, your video was extremely educational considering you are not a pro. I hope this will help me out to troubleshoot and fix my system. Thank you again, five thumbs up :D.
Furnace Blower Motor Diagnosis and Repair 5 out of 5

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Furnace Blower Motor Diagnosis and Repair