Man Cuts Off Wife's Head For Cheating!

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Man Cuts Off Wife's Head For Cheating!
Man Cuts Off Wife's Head For Cheating!
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Man decapitated (head cut off) on Canadian bus
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My reaction to Mexican woman getting her head cut off because she cheated
My reaction to Mexican woman getting her head cut off because she cheated

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Sierra Gunn: man are disGrateful

m.m mcewan: omg

Felix Villegas: That's what the Zetas do, to make a point but it's not for cheating it was for being a snitch.

Shawn Adams: you'll never catch me in mexico 

Hilde Venegas: It*

Hilde Venegas: If you speak Spanish you'll know that cheating was not the reason. I had to do something with the drug cartels. Pretty freaked up either way. America keep consuming drugs so we can have more of thise type of videos

adidaas2008: you're an idiot

MiracleTheGreat: ew lol thats graphic but then again so is this so i completely understand

audi boye: Bitch hurry up in show da dam video

MiracleTheGreat: does the link not work in the description?

ALBERT WESKER: she wasnt cheating that video is about mexican drug cartels scaring the other cartel zetas vs cdg, they werent together they are rivals the u.s. thinks this is evil and to people in mexico this is normal living it happens so often :( i live about 5 mins from mexico and i dont hear about it in the news here (u.s trying to hide it) , i have to search certain websites just to know about it 10 kills per week or so that crap happens. not lying

BityKfemcee: I was going to say.. that's probably not the case. most likely its a drug cartel involvement. they tend to execute with beheading.. cutting peoples heads offs alive.. sick and sad.. but beheading has been around for agesss. theirs a lot of cartel videos cutting peoples heads offs. Sad..

MiracleTheGreat: so cutting off someones head isnt bad? lol

Rewayah: Thats whats happens when people don;'t follow Islam.. You NEED هslam! (Oh, and believe me.. you don't wana discuss ~beheadings~ with me.. I for one am FOR execution by beheading.. =) believe me, spare your own time.. ). Oh, and thank God.. the video is blocked here in Dubai.. thank God.. And yes.. EXACTLY!! Why would he film this?

nicola dalby: no hunni the link doent work xx

Tray Jones: Kill a girl he's stright up kitty. Hope he dies

MiracleTheGreat: @jdogg what do you mean

MiracleTheGreat: its very gruesome

Nina Lopez: Nasty man why u did that

MiracleTheGreat: i dont think this should be normal at all its just horrible

MiracleTheGreat: im sorry to hear about your just glad your not there

susana Rueda: Them* or Once your in it, you cant Get out. Usally the only way out is Death

MiracleTheGreat: its just sad

MiracleTheGreat: hmmm ok interesting...yet disturbing

simmonsc6855: .....

Rell B: All these freakers will get what they deserve come judgement day. They may have gotten away with it in their freaked up system but god sees everything and knows everything. These bastards will get theirs

Maria Casanova: Hoo kills them for cheating mexican men are the most chraters there cowards when they cheat oh its ok but when its done to them they dont like it the gov. From mex could stop it but they get a cut to pritend to go after bad guys oboma should go to war with los zetas in sted of over seas and mexico shoulnt get in the way

susana Rueda: She was involve in all that, you cant mess with Yhem

am so endowed: io dont give a freak. that woman is too pretty to be treated that way. i swear to the dietiues i worship, if i knew that man, he would have being history

am so endowed: i would be glad to join u do that to him. i think she was drug before this time thats why there was no screams

Obeyhannkkproduction: First of all he didn't cut her head off get cheating its a gang in Mexico and she with the other gang they killed her to prove a statement

dasanely01: If i was yall I wouldn't watch it I haven't seen it but I was told about it its freaking disgusting that's a human being he killed like the people in this world are going nuts freaking psycho

BityKfemcee: and yeah I just watched it. its the zetas executing her. the man repeats it twice. im Mexican.. and will never step a foot in mexico because how bad this drug war has gotten. haven't been their since I was 9. my bestfriends brother went missing 2 years ago. they sent him back to mexico after he served prison time in the U.S... unfortunately hes most likely dead.. I just hope he didn't die this way.

embalmer223: She deserved it...why be a whore...glad he made a all the degenerates out there with thier falsehood, its about time bitches get thier head rite or separated from thier body...end of sure there are many opinions, and thats mine..only because im entitled that in our constitution which I am proud of...but to all women; dont cheat, that wont happen to you..that simple...

WassellThatAbout: Wasn't as bad as people make it out to be, the actual story is she is part of a drug Mafia the whole ''wife cheats'' bullcrap is a made up story to make it go viral.

pygreen01: it is the mexican cartel the Zetas... they cut her head off because she was snitching. Thats how they do down there

MiracleTheGreat: well i know that now lol

Joshua Lynch: You all have the story wrong she didt cheat she isn't even his wife the guys are a gang and she told people about somthing they did so they killed her

MiracleTheGreat: ok i updated the link for you

Callum Birch: I saw it I'm 13

Rewayah: Luckly, you won't. So, keep dreaming, stay happy.

Mayra Reyes: Hey i understand. Im mexican nd i think its sooo horrible. I dnt think it was cheating though. He kept saying this is for the ppl that freak with the Zetas. Bt i actually have seen worse. If u just google mexican execution the pics says it all. Im glad i was born im AMERICA : ) RIP TO HER

Sean Rowe: i agree with how you feel! But since i analise everytuhng" THe 1 thing that i can't figure out is? A normal HUMAN" would struggle? scream? cry? She did notihng?? i'm trippi'n? did he use a box cutter knife? crazy ass crap! I' would love to do a vid to that guy"..not killing him but making him beg for his life! Have him watch vid of himself killing her over n over again!....nuts!

embalmer223: You got a cute

Chad Henderson: Sup baby hmu

MrKodakFlicFlic: P9800mipl9k

am so endowed: i swear if i had my way, i would behead you

Taylour Darden: I can't bring myself to watch it

Tetra3Ne56scur: @miri12007 flat out girl!! HE IS ON DRUGS OR SOMETHIN! I was crying too girl I am feelin ya too ! Just to make things feel better watch my videos! My hermit crabs will cheer you up

THELLOYDPROJECT: The last coment stfu and girl i agree with you that was to far and when he is locked up they gone have fun with him
Man Cuts Off Wife's Head For Cheating! 3.7 out of 5

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Man Cuts Off Wife's Head For Cheating!