Mini Rocket Stove Heater With Camping Cookstove

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Mini Rocket Stove Heater with Camping Cookstove
Mini Rocket Stove Heater with Camping Cookstove
mini camp cook stove fire up
mini camp cook stove fire up
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cwayne4: best mini rocket stove/heater I have seen so far. loved the ribs. truely mini. minimalistic but fully functional and well crated. 10/10

Jerry Plush: hold that darn camera still, please

karl De Pauw: for a 4"it will do but for bigger metal is doomed just use ceramic (clay perlite water glass)

Maxwell Speedwell: Another great invention... the tripod!
It's an amazing invention. Attach the camera
to the top and the viewers won't get sick.

Duggy Dugg: fine example

Eric Ross: I got a lot of design ideas from this, thanks!!!

fred san: Nice.

Update to small oven ?
Have an idea on my channel 5L can RS oven (bad quality vidéo sorry)

smoke dont go on food,
 oven is very fast to preheat,
pizza cook in 5min (as pro)

a can with blades (as vortex but not obligatory),
a cast iron plate from cook stove on, with a pyrex from kitchen (where to put meat),,
and as oven a "panettone" (italian cake) box, hole ont top for chimney.

Have good winter.

Leandro: Por favor, DEJE LA CAMARA QUIETA....! , ME DUELEN LOS OJOS....!

Red Proton: That's an awesome build! You did a really good job.

Astareban: fix your camera

LiveFreeAndBushcraft: Have you tried using it as a heater in a family sized tent?  Just curious how it would do heating a small room.  Thanks for the vid.

Effie Per: "Quincy" Nice descriptive video, just try not to move the camera on your next video, this gave me a dizziness, find someone to help you. For the rest you did great job !!!

Brent Anderson: Very cool! Has anyone ever said that you sound a lot like Alan Alda? I mean that in a good way.

TheDirtyyoungman1: Very cool.. How much does the whole thing weigh? (sorry if you told us already, I didn't catch it)

Lilwolf2000: This is amazing!  How is it holding up a year later?  What material did you build the exhaust area?  Did you have the burn chamber insulated?

Very cool! 

Simon Brown: know that only one on here

deltavee2: 53:00 - Canadian beverage? Puhleeeze! That's American kiddy beer.

Designedbyinstinct2: I really like this little stove man, nice work.

Nick Scheibelhut: Well done sir. My hat's off to you. I've grumbled quietly to myself (OK... anyone who would listen and not always so quietly) for quite some time now about the obsession some parts of the rocket stove community have with CSA, ratios, minimum-this, maximum-that... I have seen too many people discouraged from even attempting to push boundaries and try new things because of this strict adherence to what fits their definition of a rocket stove. It's very reassuring to see someone else who refused to accept their answers.

This is the smallest stove I've seen on here so far, and I love it. It seems to work great, and based on my experiences, if you were to put that in a more enclosed space (a tent, for example), it would only perform better.

I've recently made one similar in size from a .308 ammo can and 2 inch exhaust pipe. If I had anything more than cell phone with a terribly scratched lens I'd love to put up a few videos to help encourage more experimentation from others on here, but that's on the "I'll get to it eventually" list.

I just finished a larger, but still very portable, stove this week that I'm very satisfied with so far, but have a handful of changes I'd like to try working with before I proclaim it a resounding success. Besides the exhaust leaving the back near the bottom, the total stove is roughly 10x10x18 inches tall and functions nearly flawless as a "batch box" style rocket stove using 2x3 inch steel tubing for the internal riser.

Keep doin what you're doin, man! great work!

John Hill: I bet that beer tasted great after sitting beside the fire
Mini Rocket Stove Heater with Camping Cookstove 5 out of 5

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Mini Rocket Stove Heater with Camping Cookstove