Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster

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Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster
Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster
Conley Factory Tour Model V8 Working 1/4 Scale Engine
Conley Factory Tour Model V8 Working 1/4 Scale Engine
1/4 scale Blown
1/4 scale Blown "Stinger 609" V8 engine built by Gary Conley
Conley precision
Conley precision
Stinger 609 drag boat project part 2: trailer
Stinger 609 drag boat project part 2: trailer

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Mr39036ce: Approximate H.P. ? Torque? Now you need a trans or slipper two disc.

Mr39036ce: Any plans for a Hemi?

Bradley On Meth: Why don't people use these on go karts instead of rc cars, I don't get it its got by far enough power and seems too powerful for even a big rc car

Jesse Marquez: so coool

randalljames: would like to see at least one of these motors doing some work... all are just fired up and run...

TheUAVpilot: nice display model, to bad they don't produce enough power to actually move itself.

deadboy600: You should build a flat plane!!

deadboy600: If these powered lawn equipment I might not hate landscapers.

Glen Edwards: how could anyone thumb down this? it's freekin' awesome!

Halloween Reviewer: Could you put this on a real gokart

tommy23490: What transmission do these use?

Rakin Newaz: Except with a triple intake bug catcher, you know like the ones on funny car dragsters

Rakin Newaz: I actually bought the Conley stinger 609 top fuel dragster, and it is a beast! Well worth the money

James Spignola: Really impressive!
Now please build us some aircraft engines. DB 605 v-12 in quarter scale, oh and a Merlin v-12 of course.

Keith Maning: Mr Conley you my hero I love these little engines and I know all the machining skills involved .anyone who talks crap on this video is don't know crap

backyardbasher: its a shame they used cheep and nasty carbs that are designed for chainsaw/strimmer/weedwhacker/zenoah type engines. on those 1 carb feeds a single 26-33cc cylinder and they use 2 carbs to feed 8 ? , cant help thinking its way lean and underpowered, i doubt they run too well underload.

Finlay Knowles: I would get one but its way too much money

World Embassy: awesome those carberators look like some carberators iv seen on some chainsaws

3D RC: I want an engine SO bad but they are so expensive

Joe Loc: someone still needs to make a 2JZ and a RB26 miniature engine
Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster 5 out of 5

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Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster