Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster

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Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster
Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster
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Conley precision
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kotaro kojima: no test run?

Remeq PL: buy the rc model top fuel dragster

Damion Henry: That's freaking awesome.

Nate McElroy: in all reality it's even cooler then the real deal bc of the work anyone with common sense knows it took to make that the precision involved must b insanity. absolutely awesome keep it up

Skuppernog The Floran: So do you have to disassemble and reassemble it between every race? XD

biggdaddy blade works: how much power that thing making i wonder

Aleksi Hh: It would be fast as freak if he drives it. 10hp and few kilos...

doug mayer: So cool!

Tj: When are we going to see 10,000 rpm down the strip. I'm thinking these motors are all show and sound. I have not seen one run yet

MrDrakePrice: conleys are just disappointing, sweeeet sound and NO power

ZGoutdoors ZGvlogs032: 1. Where can I get one 2.cost to build one 3. Is it louder in person.

Mr39036ce: Approximate H.P. ? Torque? Now you need a trans or slipper two disc.

Mr39036ce: Any plans for a Hemi?

Bradley On Meth: Why don't people use these on go karts instead of rc cars, I don't get it its got by far enough power and seems too powerful for even a big rc car

Jesse Marquez: so coool

randalljames: would like to see at least one of these motors doing some work... all are just fired up and run...

TheUAVpilot: nice display model, to bad they don't produce enough power to actually move itself.

deadboy600: You should build a flat plane!!

deadboy600: If these powered lawn equipment I might not hate landscapers.

Glen Edwards: how could anyone thumb down this? it's freekin' awesome!
Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster 5 out of 5

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Stinger 609 Top Fuel Dragster