Devon AirGunner Rabbit Hunting With The HW100 Scopecam

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tony togher: Nice shooting´╗┐

dcboi8111: The impact sound ­čĹŹ
I would recommend some slow-mo clips so we can further appreciate the accuracy.´╗┐

bile moahmmed: Bro nice vids man i like it. Subscribed :) Bro what gun are you using and how much?´╗┐

lucas vd velde: Nice shots and still a Nice gun´╗┐

troperalbo: nice shot´╗┐

Urban Survivor: This is one fella that deserves his permission,´╗┐

Jd5710: I'd love to see Devon airgunner & Teds holdover clean up some Australian pests....( cats )´╗┐

jimmy smith: Iv got a hw100 best gun iv ever owned´╗┐

Russell Connor: good shots mate what cam set up do you use and how do you attach it??´╗┐

levi combee: man there everywhere! do you mind me asking where your located?´╗┐

Tony Nelson: Try this delicious recipe when cooking your rabbit. ┬áButtermilk Fried Rabbit Recipe´╗┐

Vara k8e: 2:20 - 4:28 this is where i use a Gatling gun´╗┐

Devon Airgunner: They all get eaten.´╗┐

terd squadler: I hope you didn't just get rid of them´╗┐

ohmm99: 4:00 Wait... wait... wait :DD Just shoot !´╗┐

beretmp15: if I was the other rabbit at 2:14, Id be like freak this Imma go visit my Uncle Bugs in America. lol´╗┐

Devon Airgunner: Well spotted mate. Slight editing sequence oops!´╗┐

Devon Airgunner: Thanks Lee.´╗┐

Mandy Stephenson: dude u shot his bro 2.02 ´╗┐

lee edwards: Great shooting m8 :-)´╗┐
Devon AirGunner Rabbit hunting with the HW100 Scopecam 5 out of 5

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Devon AirGunner Rabbit hunting with the HW100 Scopecam