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IIDASHII: Props to Condor for realism, but a drag carry handle and SAPI plate carriers? I highly doubt anyone expecting to NEED these features is getting their equipment from Condor.

IIDASHII: Ask Google. Its faster.

andrew: Are those real shotgun shells and ak rounds in the mags cuz u was trying to find the airsoft version and that looks like the military vest

kevin zhu: How do I weave it

DOTLeo62: the pouches come with straps on the back that weave into the webbing on the vest, some pouches have snaps on the bottom, some tuck into a slit on the pouch. they are all ready to go without any other equipment needed

somedirtyangel: @congwen12 He probably didn't get it because it cost about $40 more. I would have though, Multicam is sick! lol

somedirtyangel: Does all the MOLLE gear come with straps for the vest? Or do I need ALICE or MOLLE speed clips?

Congsterism: why didnt u get the multi cam?

Silas Namara: The pockets for SAPI inserts were larger than I thought I have a TAP Gamma + 10x12

DOTLeo62: @MrRubio07 without a doubt, the cover flaps length is adjustable

MrNico898: what kind of condor vest is that, trying to find the same one but in woodland

samwisescalf: @YllwFvrPB nevermind

DOTLeo62: @samwisescalf MARPAT is very similar in color to the old woodland camo, just a new pattern. I have BDUs in MARPAT and prefer it to ACU

DOTLeo62: @BigLuigi11889 here is the product number for the rifle mag pouch description ModGear Triple Rifle Mag Pouch Army Digital Holds Nine AR-15 or Six AK-47 30 Round Magazines

DOTLeo62: @RomilousCK even with "wearing in" it will never blend in with the environment. It sticks out like a sore thumb. It may make the fabric weaker. If it breaks ill feel like a fool but until it does Im pretty happy with the outcome

BigLuigi11889: which mag pouch is that your using???

RomilousCK: aaronar15 If you didn't know All ACU's come like that, you have to break it in to get the colors to dull out a bit. Even with new Issued Acu's they are washed and mudded up during training, to get the dark fade. you never want to spray paint it or whatever you did.. :P the chemicals in the paint can break down the fabric and make it weaker. Acu's have a really cool tread design that is made to get get clean quick.

samwisescalf: @YllwFvrPB it could be the marine acu because army and marine camo are slightly differen

thedealer456: @Gloomshadow1 Go to the site, look at the webbing in the picture, and compare it to your pouches. I will guess that your pouches are 3 rows high by 6 rows wide. Most vests will fit two such pouches on the bottom of the front panel. Once again, look at the pictures.

Gloomshadow1: Condor makes a tri-compartment mag pouch that can hold 6 M-16 or AK mags..just wondering if this vest has enough room on it to hold TWO of those pouches on it?
CONDOR MOLLE vest review 5 out of 5

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