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IIDASHII: Props to Condor for realism, but a drag carry handle and SAPI plate carriers? I highly doubt anyone expecting to NEED these features is getting their equipment from Condor.

IIDASHII: Ask Google. Its faster.

andrew: Are those real shotgun shells and ak rounds in the mags cuz u was trying to find the airsoft version and that looks like the military vest

kevin zhu: How do I weave it

DOTLeo62: the pouches come with straps on the back that weave into the webbing on the vest, some pouches have snaps on the bottom, some tuck into a slit on the pouch. they are all ready to go without any other equipment needed

Congsterism: why didnt u get the multi cam?

Silas Namara: The pockets for SAPI inserts were larger than I thought I have a TAP Gamma + 10x12

DOTLeo62: @MrRubio07 without a doubt, the cover flaps length is adjustable

samwisescalf: @YllwFvrPB nevermind

DOTLeo62: @samwisescalf MARPAT is very similar in color to the old woodland camo, just a new pattern. I have BDUs in MARPAT and prefer it to ACU

DOTLeo62: @BigLuigi11889 here is the product number for the rifle mag pouch description ModGear Triple Rifle Mag Pouch Army Digital Holds Nine AR-15 or Six AK-47 30 Round Magazines

DOTLeo62: @RomilousCK even with "wearing in" it will never blend in with the environment. It sticks out like a sore thumb. It may make the fabric weaker. If it breaks ill feel like a fool but until it does Im pretty happy with the outcome

BigLuigi11889: which mag pouch is that your using???

samwisescalf: @YllwFvrPB it could be the marine acu because army and marine camo are slightly differen

DOTLeo62: @AaronAR15 this is supposedly ACU but its a bit lighter and has almost a bluish tint to it. In the field it blended with nothing. I lightly sprayed it with green and brown to break it up. It CAN come in multicam, or several other colors. MARPAT isnt one of them or I would have picked that.

TheBgcheez: Nice vest but omg the Velcro would drive them to you

Ralph J: @YllwFvrPB Thank you

DOTLeo62: @Polizer6B I bought it from cheaperthandirt go to cheaper than dirts main page and in the search bar here is your product code MOLLE723 it will come up with two choices, both are this vest. Be aware all pouches are separate.

Ralph J: can you post a link to the actual vest? Stay Safe!

DOTLeo62: @fireworksguy666 here are a few different kinds that are compatable with molle and the first may be what your thinking of awsin .com/ products.a sp? id=237
CONDOR MOLLE vest review 5 out of 5

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