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kawivloger: I have a Crosman PC77 and besides the steel breech that installed, the rest is all stock. I was shooting really bad groups even with a scope, and it turned out that the plastic (stock) barrel band was poorly made and the hole was too large for my barrel and hence allowed it to wobble. So, I have decided to get a metal barrel band for it. But, I also want to silence it without having to buy a longer barrel (I need it to be easily transportable and I keep it in a drawer). Do you think you can make a one-piece aluminum barrel band that is also treadled? and if not is there any onther way to thread it w/out buying a larger barrel? thanx   

Kevys Rc & Music: not in all states they are not leagle

kenny474: Actually, silencers are 100% legal in the states. Canada may be different, but in the states, they are 100% legal, on airguns and firearms. Gamo even makes a factory silenced rifle, the Whisper VH. As for firearms, all it takes is some paperwork and a fee and you're good to go.

Kevys Rc & Music: keep looking i dont make siliencers they are totaly illeagle for airguns or any other gun at least in the US and in canada they are.

kenny474: Do you do any silencer work? Just curious. I've got an old Crossman pistol (can't recall the model #) that has been heavily modded with larger valve, bolt-action breech, silencer, large CO2 tank and re-crowned barrel. Now I'm considering buying one of the newer models and I'd like to silence it as well as perform some of the same mods and I'm looking for sources, etc. I just don't have the time to do the work myself this time (silencers eat up a lot of machine time)

Kevys Rc & Music: email me please my email address is in the discription in this video

Amazing-Jayman: how much for a 6" brass muzzle brake, brass barrel band, and brass co2 cap

Kevys Rc & Music: @pleximanic1 the muzzle brakes i make will fit the 2240 2289 and if you put on a longer barrel on the 1377 will also fit as well , my 1377 has an 11.5 inch barrel which i also free floated and put on a muzzle brake that has a fornt site pin i also make grips and many other mod parts forhte 22xx and 13xx guns as well as the qb 78 79 models and many other guns

Kevys Rc & Music: @miketheknife2 and your point is what, see i do this for a living not a hobby there is a huge diference regular price on the average aluim brakes are 35.00 each and up , I DONT WORK FOR FREE

miketheknife2: i know a guy who sells the same parts for $15.00

Kevys Rc & Music: nope they dont reduce but they can be made to redirect the sound

TheMultiGunMan: ★★★★★
Crosman 2240 2289 1377 mod parts for sale.AVI 5 out of 5

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Crosman 2240 2289 1377 mod parts for sale.AVI