Honda Mower Won't Start Troubleshooting Diagnosis

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How to Fix a Honda Lawn Mower That Won't Start
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mario m: 0ctober 2018, i had given up and was ready to take lawn mower the shop... Decided to go on youtube for last attempt. Thank you for your video Peter, even though I was not able to use Starting Fluid, I instead added small amount of fuel after 3 pulls BOOM!!
It started!!

Juan Carlos Cadavid: How change the stud honda ridgeline

Aymee Vega: What if I open the gas knob and it leaks the gas!... what do I need to do?

Oscar Saravia: Thank you for this video!

calgaryjsc: what was the socket size for spark plug?

rotfan77: I tried most everything in your videos, can't figure out what's wrong with my Honda push mower here's a link to the YouTube video showing my problem( only about 20 second video.), thanks

Yan Zhao: Hi, can you advise if it should have a float valve seat to let starting work? Since mine is disassembled and I found it was missing the seat, it worked for some minutes and died and couldn’t be started again, I am checking the reason to fix it by myself. Many thanks for your help to give a helpful comment soon.

rotfan77: Starting fluid did not allow my mower to start the spark plug was dry and clean

ed z: Whats the name of the cable when your going to start and you pull lever back on handle bars

SIMON KHAYAT: I really love this lawn mower.>>>  I is easy to manuver and fits in small spaces well . I really does the job well when it comes to picking up leaves. I met my expectations.

Ron Lewis: Thank You!!

Richard D Wu: Sir, 3 years after you posted this video my need for it surfaced. I have not finished watching the entire video but have never seen a logical and well explained sequence of lawn mower troubleshooting that is superior to this video in the important aspects. I found your slow pace of talking to be very helpful as well. Although I've many years of balky lawn mower repairs behind me, it is easy to forget: begin with the fundamentals.

Tubby: What's the size of the socket to remove the spark plug

Michael Fowler: I'm wanting to know about an inline fillter?

Yan Huang: Thank u so much works like a charm. The engine roar to life even louder than stronger than before.

It's JustMe: My Honda HRR216VKA is always hard to start. Even the first time out of the box it gave me trouble. I wish I would have stayed with my old Toro, or at least bought a better model of Honda.

wldTraveller: Thanks I had been overseas and my mower in storage for over 5 1/2 years. I was forgetting to pull in the handle in when I was trying to start it. Started right up! Runs like a champ. Note to run it completely out of gas and drain the tank before storing for long periods of time. That will help keep it clean for when you come back to it! Worked for me.

Roger didit: Like vatch-ing paint dry.

Philip Virgil Jenkinson: Wow, such a helpful video! You gave me the knowledge to fix my Honda. Legend! Cheers, PJ

fucheduck: mower runs louder than it did a couple years ago. could it be that the crankshaft needs replacing from excessive friction? that is what the local lawnmower mechanic wanted to do when I changed the blade-I thought he was trying to cheat me out of money. so I refused but now I am unsure. I don't think it is the muffler it would sound a lot worse if it was. I have changed the oil. It sounds very loud none-the-less.
Honda Mower won't start troubleshooting diagnosis 5 out of 5

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Honda Mower won't start troubleshooting diagnosis