How To Bring A Dead Rechargeable Battery Back To Life

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How to Bring a dead rechargeable battery back to life
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How to Bring ANY Dead Battery Back to Life Again
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keerthi raj: What will happen if we will not use the battery for a long time will it damage the battery

Elizabeth Rexford: Thanks, Spooner! Looks like a great solution! Maybe..........???

skateryah: Hey Spooner, i have a 1300mah 11.1V Li-Po battery and i was wondering, does is matter on what kind of voltage wall cable would you use???

James Lewis: Be aware of course that the chemistry, charging requirements and behaviour of LiPo batteries are all quite different to NiMh, and NiCd batteries.

The reason the charger would not accept the battery you had is because LiPo charger chips are programmed not to charge batteries which have been discharged to the point where they may have been damaged and so could be dangerous to charge.... these batteries can be quite dangerous if damaged, and over discharging them can seriously damage them.

The battery you have is small, and doesn't contain a huge amount of energy, but having forced current into it to push it's voltage up to the range where the normal charger believes that it is "OK to charge"... I would personally not charge it unattended again...

LiPo batteries should remain at a no-load voltage between 3.0 and 4.2v at all times to avoid damaging them.... storing them at 40-50% charge allows for long term storage for months, even years without damage....

Dave Ghjhhj: wow this works. have 1.2 v ni-cd AA from solar lights. they read 0.00 on multi meter. won't take charge at all. used my kids 6v power wheels charger, held contact for about 1 min and they read 1.27ish on multi meter and power on solar lights. not sure if they will last since I just did it. but still pretty cool. I did 5 batteries and they all took a charge.

NextStopPrevious: Wow you look like lucifer from supernatural.. lol

Thanks for the tutorial by the way.

Fred C Dobbs: Could you have instead pulled plug repeatedly in & out of wall casket?

RandomnessPersonified: Who else started watching this video with high hopes but by the end you were like screw this crap, too much work. I'll just buy new ones.

valveman12: The issue with many Lipo batteries is that they stop charging after they drop to a certain voltage. By disconnecting the protection circuit and applying a current controlled Voltage source, you can bring the battery up to where it is above the shut off point. I have done this for laptop batteries with great success. The only issue is if a cell is short.

Richard Peterson: My batteries I use in my e cig builds as well as a ton of other projects are 26650 3.7v 3500mah batteries with 30 amp continuous drain and 60 amp pulse.i can't do this with the charger I have,so how can I do this with these batteries and would it work?

southernexposure123: Is there a certain rate at which to drain a battery down according to its voltage or amp capacity or a certain amount of over voltage to apply to jar it back into taking a charge?

ULOOKN: "to much work, moving on."

Sherly Ann Bergonia: we

Nathan East: That's exactly what happend to my rc battery... I'll give it a try!!!
Thank you so much!

Brandon Pease: Hahahaha like for the notable preparation he took to throw on a polo and make sure his hair was neat so it wouldnt be half as obvious by his enorms pupils that he just smoked an 8ball of meth before tweaking it on some electronics #nerpgod

Charlie robbie: hey gang
hey squad

UnoRaza Back Up: Hey Spooner, be aware you might be under mind control with those large pupils and a CES device can break though.  Many are overpriced and a TENS units can be used in its place. This is eve MORE important if you ever have secondary symptoms like depression or anxiety! Thanks again and pls let me know you were allowed to see this comment, thx!
(Jewgle is censoring my comments they don't like.)

Rehber Moin: +Spooner Baumann how will you recharge your rc mini quadcopter without its charger. Reply ASAP

hiphoppin9: that's a cool technique man
How to Bring a dead rechargeable battery back to life 5 out of 5

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How to Bring a dead rechargeable battery back to life