AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) Procedure

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jockellis: I'm trying to adjust sights on my M4 .22 LR. I know it will be different at 1,200 FPS from 3,250 FPS and I will be zeroing at 50 feet (pretty much all the distance I have). Does each click on rear sight move by mils or what? Also, as the rear sight is the point of convergence of two line segments forming an angle, shouldn't it be the exact distance you want from your target?

lolzcaption: look like a Windows background

58belvedere: I can hear Killdeer in the video they don't like the noise lol

0311Ares: so since i have a MATECH - AR-15/M16/M4 USGI BACKUP IRON SIGHT, would i set my paper target at 25 meters or 36 yards??

BL Ranch (blrranch): Do you like homebrewing? How about home brewed beer? I know I do. Check out this video on my channel:

John Steel IV: What do you all sight your gun to 25 m or 300 m (= 330 yard approx) or 36 yard and 300 yard (270 meters aprox)

Lee Pedrick: I copied the Battle Zero target. Is 8 x 11 the proper size?

BL Ranch (blrranch): If anyone here is needing to sight in their Trijicon ACOG RCO, please check out this great tutorial video on goldspurs09 channel:

Jay Rod: I am not no expert but doesnt the bullet drop? 

Mr2fierce: bobby the bullet doesnt travel straight going out of the barrel, sights and barrel isnt perfectly pararel

Bobby B: so your saying 36 yrds , bullet will not drop if you jump out to 300 yrds?  ?????  thanks

Bobby B: i thought you zero and when your done. turn your knob back to 6/3?  and if you are zeroed for 25meters,  why would you already be zeroed at 300 without any other adjustments.  thanks

Bobby B: im confused on the reason of 8/3 plus 1,  or 6/3 plus 1.    what was the reason again....thank you

BL Ranch (blrranch): For some reason I am not able to approve all comments on this video. I'm not sure why, so please don't think I'm ignoring you all; glad this video has been so helpful. I do have a newer version on my channel if you are all interested. It's much more to the point and simple. 

darwinfoto09: Thanks for posting this :)

James Dale Reed: thanks for you video It helped me a lot for getting my AR-15 Sighted in .

Brandon Little: well done video sir

BL Ranch: Haha. Yeah. That's a pretty nice sight in the middle of the summer.

atkm2891: Holy crap, you live in the Windows XP background..
AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) procedure 5 out of 5

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AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) procedure