AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) Procedure

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lolzcaption: look like a Windows background

58belvedere: I can hear Killdeer in the video they don't like the noise lol

0311Ares: so since i have a MATECH - AR-15/M16/M4 USGI BACKUP IRON SIGHT, would i set my paper target at 25 meters or 36 yards??

BL Ranch (blrranch): Do you like homebrewing? How about home brewed beer? I know I do. Check out this video on my channel:

John Steel IV: What do you all sight your gun to 25 m or 300 m (= 330 yard approx) or 36 yard and 300 yard (270 meters aprox)

Lee Pedrick: I copied the Battle Zero target. Is 8 x 11 the proper size?

BL Ranch (blrranch): If anyone here is needing to sight in their Trijicon ACOG RCO, please check out this great tutorial video on goldspurs09 channel:

Jay Rod: I am not no expert but doesnt the bullet drop? 

Mr2fierce: bobby the bullet doesnt travel straight going out of the barrel, sights and barrel isnt perfectly pararel

Bobby B: so your saying 36 yrds , bullet will not drop if you jump out to 300 yrds?  ?????  thanks

Bobby B: i thought you zero and when your done. turn your knob back to 6/3?  and if you are zeroed for 25meters,  why would you already be zeroed at 300 without any other adjustments.  thanks

Bobby B: im confused on the reason of 8/3 plus 1,  or 6/3 plus 1.    what was the reason again....thank you

BL Ranch (blrranch): For some reason I am not able to approve all comments on this video. I'm not sure why, so please don't think I'm ignoring you all; glad this video has been so helpful. I do have a newer version on my channel if you are all interested. It's much more to the point and simple. 

darwinfoto09: Thanks for posting this :)

James Dale Reed: thanks for you video It helped me a lot for getting my AR-15 Sighted in .

Brandon Little: well done video sir

BL Ranch: Haha. Yeah. That's a pretty nice sight in the middle of the summer.

atkm2891: Holy crap, you live in the Windows XP background..

BL Ranch: This was shot in south eastern Washington.
AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) procedure 5 out of 5

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AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) procedure