AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) Procedure

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AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) procedure
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AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) procedure (5/26/2013) ***NEW VERSION***
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Bobby B: im confused on the reason of 8/3 plus 1, or 6/3 plus 1. what was the reason again....thank you

Mr2fierce: bobby the bullet doesnt travel straight going out of the barrel, sights and barrel isnt perfectly pararel

Bobby B: so your saying 36 yrds , bullet will not drop if you jump out to 300 yrds? ????? thanks

Bobby B: i thought you zero and when your done. turn your knob back to 6/3? and if you are zeroed for 25meters, why would you already be zeroed at 300 without any other adjustments. thanks

BL Ranch: For some reason I am not able to approve all comments on this video. I'm not sure why, so please don't think I'm ignoring you all; glad this video has been so helpful. I do have a newer version on my channel if you are all interested. It's much more to the point and simple. 

darwinfoto09: Thanks for posting this :)

James Dale Reed: thanks for you video It helped me a lot for getting my AR-15 Sighted in .

BL Ranch: All other fine elevation and windage adjustments are made from that set BZO. If you get your windage and elevation out of whack, you can go back and apply those clicks you recorded from your initial BZO session and that will get your rifle back to it's set point. You should never really have to mess with the front sight post again after the initial BZO unless it get damaged or you are shooting on another rifle.

ThermalSh0ck: can you use this method for a aimpoint optic?

BL Ranch: That's an excellent point. The rear sites, as good as they are, aren't entirely perfect. It's more accurate to rely on a click count than to use the center index line as the center start point. From a tactical perspective, using the click count method allows you to re-establish a BZO in low light conditions.

Hayseed1776: Hello great vid ,,but my RRA ar has a 6/3 not 8/3 on the side of the rear site is it the same.? my front site is all the way up and I used the rear site for the up and down too along with the left and right is the wrong ?

overload889: Thats a really handy video. Unfortunately the BZO target link isnt working for me. I tried to save the picture but the web page locks up everytime.

1039sflem: I tried to zero my AR-15 a couple of weeks ago. I had trouble getting consistent groups. In the end, my rear sight is only about 1/4 the way from the far left side travel stop. Is this normal or should I try again. I did finally get some decent shots on target, but at my age, my eyes just to focus like they used to. Do you have any suggestions?

rls303: Been all over Y/Tube... This by-far is the best on what i needed...Thanks

BL Ranch: Absolutely. Good catch. You will want to make all of your elevation adjustments from the front site post initially during the BZO phase. All windage adjustments are made from the rear sight windage knob. Once your BZO is established you can make all the minor elevation corrections with the rear sight elevation knob. By recording your initial BZO settings you can get back to your set point without having to do the guess work. I periodically set mechanical zero on my rear sight and apply my...

BL Ranch: ...that it will be right on or very close to 300 yards/meters.

BL Ranch: Any time. I'm very cognizant of that when I script out the videos. I like to convey the pertinent information without a lot of distraction.

BL Ranch: This was shot in south eastern Washington.

BL Ranch: Haha. I threw that in there as a good "tie in".

rls303: Sounds like a great way to get sidetracked:) Had to comeback to this video after taking my rear sight off to get a scope on"My memory ain't what it used to be.. lol Looking forward to the next one. Take care

MR-FLIP 556: what if im using a flip up sight magpul mbus gen 2 whats a m-zero for it

BL Ranch: For example. My BZO for that rifle (one in the video) is 38 right, 6 clockwise. This means from the farthest left position on my rear sight I apply 38 clicks to the right and have my front sight post turned 6 notches clockwise from the flush position. I keep this record on the back of one of my business cards in the buttstock compartment.

BL Ranch: Here's a point of clarification for users of this tutorial. If you are planning to zero your rifle in meters, set the target 25 meters from the muzzle of your weapon. Set your rear sight elevation knob to 8/3 or 6/3 +1. If you are zeroing for yards, like I was doing in this tutorial, you will set the target 36 yards from the muzzle of your weapon and leave the rear sight elevation knob at 8/3 or 6/3. A range finder with a selector for yards/meters makes this helpful.

rls303: Thanks again & also for the link for targets...Take care

BL Ranch: Thanks for the tip on the tag. I got it updated. I haven't watched Steve's video, but I can tell you that's not a good way to establish a good BZO. There's too much room for error when using the 0-200 large site.

semiautoriflelover1: Good job with the video, if you put "how to zero your AR15/M4 platform" you will get more videos. Steve from safearmsreview is telling people to zero with large aperture screwing up all the new shooters.

BL Ranch: Absolutely. Just pick a point on your rear sight and make all your adjustments from the front sight and you will be in good shape.

BL Ranch: Actually a full regular step is approximately 3 feet. So 12 steps for the 36 yard would be what you are shooting for. It will be close enough to make the rifle accurate. This might be a good follow up video idea. So if you're out somewhere and your range finder goes down you can still get a decent BZO.

semiautoriflelover1: Why would you need to count the clicks with the A2 sights? A2 sights have line in center, it was A1 sights you counted clicks.

BL Ranch: Something that may help with grouping is front sight focus. When you get your natural point of aim and good body position, try making the front sight post clear as you sight in on the target. This will cause the target to become blurry, which would seem counter-intuitive but really helps in keeping the groups tighter.

MR-FLIP 556: great info thank you i subed you for all your help...i have one last noob question 75 foot steps is 25yrds am i correct.. my target finder broke so iam trying my hardest to get the 25yrds to the T

BL Ranch: Yes. That was the 36 Yard BZO.

BL Ranch: I use either a 5.56 round or my Leatherman. I ordered a sight tool online and it's not very good.

BL Ranch: Ha. That would be pretty impressive if that ever happened. I need to get some new videos up. I'm thinking I'll do one with my new Remington 700. I've been having a lot of fun with that thing.

Hayseed1776: How do you feel about the Burris 6.5x20x50mm would that be a good scope for 3-500 yards ? thanks again..

BL Ranch: I see what you are saying here with respect to that conversion. But what this is showing is the 36 yard / 300 yard or 25 meter / 300 meter system of zeroing irrespective of 27 yards equaling 25 meters. The ballistics show that at 36 yards, the bullet's point of impact is the same as 300 yards. The same is shown for 25 meters and 300 meters respectively. It's not an exact science but for a combat BZO, it's good enough for engaging targets at those two ranges; one for standard and one for metric

PAYBACK118: Thanks for your video and time. My sights (Magpul MBUS GEN2's) do not have these 8/3 markings. Is there a way I could still use this method?

BL Ranch: The 6/3 sight is the same thing as far as this technique is concerned. When you establish your BZO be it for the 300 yard or 300 meter method, you will want to make all of your elevation corrections from the front sight post initially. Once your zero is established, then you can adjust accordingly from your rear sight elevation knob. This zeroing method just serves as a start point and allows you to rapidly engage targets in and around 300 yards / meters.

semiautoriflelover1: I see your point, I hated the A1 sight because it has so few clicks. Have you ever tried the Lt Col Chuck Santose improved zero? Where you unscrew the rear sight and give yourself 2 extra clicks so you can have 200 zero setting? Marines use this many times or at least the ones I talked to.

BL Ranch: It's my pleasure. Glad this helped.

Brandon Little: well done video sir

BL Ranch: M4 BZO Targets are up. Check out the links above.

BL Ranch: The principle is fundamentally the same when you are sighting in an optic. The click ratio will vary, but the concept remains the same. A nice spotting scope along with your aimpoint should do the job nicely. As for the ballistics, if you are shooting the same or close to the same platform, you could probably do the abbreviated short range technique.

TennGunLover: ok i have a question, i'm using a Matech rear sight (came standard on my colt 6920) the elevation on the sight reads 200m, 300m, 400m, 450m, 500m, 550m, 600m. I dont have a 8/3 +1. Would you suggest using the 300m setting and doing the 25m zero technique or setting it at 200m or another range?

rkrzbk: Thats what I do. I bring 3 targets. After two 3-round groups I tape a new target over the previous one (I shoot through cardboard as well. I made a target out of thick paint mixers and duct tape ; ). That way, I can track my progress easier.

MR-FLIP 556: do you have to start off at mechanical zero.. here is my issue today i went out and used the zero target how ever i delt with rely bad wind so i gave up and came home i did make a few adjustment to can i get back out when its not windy and continue to zero in or do i have to go back to mechanical zero?? great vid you got a sub

worddunlap: Today's ammo prices caused me to use a laser to get the basic sighting, then it took 3 rounds to check it, slight adjustment to elevation and three more to check again. It's dead on and any missed targets are due to my own errors. I used to know my settings on an M-16, we were told we could pick up any M-16 and use those settings in an emergency. Civilian life has so many options I doubt it would work.

BL Ranch: I don't think it matters much where the scope sits. When you adjust a scope or sights for that matter, you are adjusting the sighting system to the ballistics of that round. One thing you might consider is getting flip iron sights which will allow you to mount the scope to the flat-top. I like my scope as close to the receiver just so it's not banging into things. But the actual distance from the barrel doesn't make a difference.

Rodrigo Chagas: Excellent Tutorial!

Hayseed1776: ok so I have a new question since I got my new scope I cant see my front site I have my scope mounted on a Burris PEPR mount ,that mount is on top of my tactical carry handle,now should I get a small riser to go between actual top of carry handle and the Burris mount,that should get me up high enough so I can use my iron site again,but the scope will be about 2 inches above the barrel ,is that to high ?its either that or mount the Burris mount right on top of the ar and take off the carry handle
AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) procedure 4.9 out of 5

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AR15 / M16 / M4: Battle Sight Zero (BZO) procedure