How To Make A Paracord Cancer Awareness Bracelets

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Charron Oliver: Easy Breezy!  Thank you for that tip Mr. Coop!  Coop out!

lynnette solomon: thanks that was cool

Will Garrett: what lighter did u use in this video

GunsnGear100: Yeah there is no use for fids. I also just use PLARS. Haha great video man I love your vids. Thanks for the post!

MrCoop: Mine are really tight but when I made this video I had all ready put the ribbon on it once so it wasn't that hard the next time around. But the first time it was a pain..

broussardenator: You must make your bracelets more loose than mine. I tried this on a bracelet that I made and it was impossible to get my fid through it. :(

MrCoop: Thanks and you are very welcome.

CookieMonstr227: That is one heck of a nice lighter and thanks for the video

MrCoop: You are very welcome

Jonah: thank you sir

MrCoop: Not really, The plain old bic one work nice to start they burn slower but I do use a buetain one a lot. But you really have to watch what you are doing with that one or your project will go up in smoke..LOL

Sarah Doodle: any certain one that you found works best?

MrCoop: Thank ya, as for the burn it just takes practice. I use all kinds of lighters.

Sarah Doodle: Hey Mr. Coop :) LOVE the videos :) I learned this from you, but I've found that if you take the string out of the ribbon, it'll sit flatter. Just a thought. Keep up the GREAT work! quick question: how do you make the burn look so pretty? I always seem to burn the sides badly. is it a certain lighter you use?

june penny: Another great one!!!!! thanks coop!!!!!

MrCoop: Thank you little lady I'll get ya out ASAP. And thank you for all the kind words. It makes me happy knowing that my videos have help at least one person out there.. Fell better soon sweetie.. :O)

rockchick37: Hey Coop , Yes got your PM & have just pm'd you back my friend. All is done ;o) Thanks again for this video. I'm gonna try this out 2morrow. I also watched your lanyard knot vid earlier which I HAVE TO LEARN eeekkkk. But hey your teaching me daily & I'M LOVING IT. You really have given me a new lease of life. A Thank you just dosent seem enough. Take care friend :o)

MrCoop: You are very welcome little lady. Did you get the pm I sent you?

rockchick37: Thank you Coop for another great tutorial :o) I saw this design the other day & wondered how it was done. You never fail to let me down. I've got some pink & white paracord so i'm gonna make some. Take care my friend. Over & Out from accross the big pond :o)

ldavidson1216: LOVE THIS METHOD!!! So much easier than incorporating everything into the bracelet like Tying It All Together demonstrates. No offense to TIAT!! They do great bracelets, but this method is so much easier and looks just as good, if not better. Going out to get me some forceps today, 'cause the pliers are a little tough for my weak hands. Thanks, keep doin' wha'cha' doin', and happy cording.
How To Make A Paracord Cancer Awareness Bracelets 5 out of 5

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How To Make A Paracord Cancer Awareness Bracelets