Testing The Charging Circuit On A Laptop Motherboard Part 1

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jazzman427: This is great, very nice of you to share. Where is the best site to get schematics at minimal cost?

Houssem Koubaa: Hello.
Where did you find the diagrams?
In which website?

Jeff Raymondville: Next to my jack sparks when I plug in. Can I fix it?

Karl Decauwer: discusting

Jason.L: Great video thanks for sharing! I have a question, my HP laptop is making some kind of buzzing noise which sounds like electrical interference or a static noise. I can't hear it when the laptop is sitting on idle doing nothing but as soon as I open browser or something else the noise begins and it continues buzzing until I stop using it. (It's not a HDD and it's not a fan neither) Do you know what could it be how to fix that?

w w: Hi I have a question about the chip at 1.26
I need to replace a D95280  1206, can I just purchase a chip and solder it in using a reflow gun, or does the chip need to be programmed to suit the motherboard.

Tyrone Nelson: That don't make sense at all, why would the laptop drop the voltage to 5 volts and then boost it back up to 10 volts? that would be very inefficient

une bre: thx

Dano C.: You were having a hard time figuring this out. You were all over the place. When you went from 19vDC to 5vDC there was no place on the schematic that showed the 5vDC line. Then from 5vDC to 10vDC there was no explanation or reference on the schematic like with when it was 19vDC....

Carol Jenkins: Hey this valerie Jennings i can't see the word

Raslan Anver: Excellent explanation very useful. Only one small part is not clear vpack 5v becomes 10v. Which circuit part raise from 5 to 10v. If possible please answer.

Roѕнαɴ Zαмeer: It would be much supportive if you can state the model number of the Motherboard on which the Demo is being given .Thanks

Life Care: Loptop turn on and work well after 10 to 15 seconds quick pover off please tell me problem?

Adkham Turdaliev: Hello, Sir!

Would you help or provide any clue to what happened to my laptop charging? Charger started overheating sometime ago.
I've burned one and bought another new, but it is also heating much. What i have noticed however, temprature of the charger stays normal when laptop is turned off and it is still charging. But when i turn on the laptop it heats up almost to untouchable heat.

I will highly appreciate any guidance

Yussif Abubakari: Great job

Dario Mendoza: pretty cool !!!

Karen O: Well Done! missing the brain part that tells me 5V. How do you know? it wasn't marked. Could it be on the Board?

nikpacara: Darren, can you explain me this part of mosfet Q22:


Why it should have 19v out from the Drain pins as well...?
I have a problem at my laptop and exactly at this point doesn't give me 19v out?! My laptop is HP Compaq 6830s and the Mosfet number is Q1031

Can you explain me if you were right because this might be my motherboard's problem! Thanks

Alan Whitaker: Great video extremely informative

Attila Szabo: wish i had fata sheet
Testing the charging circuit on a laptop motherboard Part 1 5 out of 5

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Testing the charging circuit on a laptop motherboard Part 1