Mercruiser Sterndrive Alignment

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Mercruiser Sterndrive Alignment
Mercruiser Sterndrive Alignment
When you
When you "DO" have you Mercruiser engine aligned right.
Checking Mercruiser engine alignment
Checking Mercruiser engine alignment
How To Align Your Boat Engine
How To Align Your Boat Engine
When you do
When you do "NOT" a Mercruiser engine aligned correctly!

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Grant MX: No one tells you the if it isn't aligned right you have to move the engine around until it's perfect. Not an easy task. I have a one of a kind custom super charged 502 chevy pickle fork tunnel hull I bought that's never been in the water. Man what a mistake buying this boat.  After seeing engine mounts that didn't look right I did some checking/measuring, and had to pull total bravo 3 off of transom and pull engine, and have to do a complete re-install. I had to remove ""everything"" out of boat.  Found some tiny dry rot in transom where bolts go through, easy fix because small. Mine must have a custom drive shaft that doesn't have a U-joint, and goes through the custom bell housing, through an automotive racing hydraulic clutch and into the end of crank just like a car or truck. I am worried that if I add material to beef up transom the drive shaft won't go far enough into end of crank. This is going to be a nightmare job. Bought it sight unseen over internet, my fault. Owner said turn key and new. Bravo 3 and engine are new but many problems like wrong rocker arms, props, cam, carbs, exhaust, and on and on.  Seller got Parkinson's so can't talk to me or help me. I can't even find guy who built the engine, custom clutch, and custom bravo 3. Had to send cam out to be measured to find out it is not a blower cam. And it's got a left hand foot gas pedal and clutch is on right side for right foot if you can believe that!  I guess they added the clutch to save the bravo clutch or maybe they removed the bravo clutch?  My buddy bought a nice looking boat and we took it out and I fell through the floor when walking around in it. Total boat rotted out completely from front to back. Even in front open bow total rotted underneath the floor. After looking at engine stringers we were lucky to make it back to trailer. His boat rotted from having a cover over it for a few years with 0 ventilation and maybe water inside. I have mine covered with fan inside and vents 24/7. I have to do this boat right because it is so nice. Need to find out if my drive shaft is adjustable, can move in and out of outdrive? I hate to dismantle the outdrive since it's new. I pulled total outdrive off transom in one piece. Drive shaft going to engine is solid/stiff and does not move around so this installation has to be perfect from what I see.

Performance Product Technologies: Learn how to properly #align the input shaft for a #Mercruiser #Alpha or #Bravo #sterndrive by watching this #video:

William Ray: I appreciate the video and the simplicity you guys kept to the whole process...just have to get my hands on an alignment tool. Thanks!

Carl Zorro: If and when putting the tool through, give problem such as it seem you have to look for the entering and doesn't grabs as it does in these videos, I saw the guy trying to grab the gimbal to insert it in but kept missing and when he did it was hard to take out the tool, would this mean that is wayyyyyy off? got it in there but was told it needs alignment. helppppppppppppp

james: great info, my first boat and changing engine as I bought it with cracked block, and water in driveshaft tunnel?

Performance Product Technologies: You're welcome thanks for the feedback!

RayneoftheCanadian: would prefer narration over music. Thanks for uploading.

robertdolesh: Thanks for the video. Now I understand how this all works. My engine sunk (rotten floor). Thought all was good until the drive shaft was too tight in the coupler....

Rick: I thought it was a good video, not looking forward to tackling my first outdrive repair but appreciate the important information.

Charlie Knox: waste of time watching this

Les Jupiter: Why the music..

orlando tercero: tovias este es el video mas claro

Marty Lustig: Nice, quality video, a real pro! excellent choice of music! Wow what a inspiration after watching countless other useless videos! "More Please! " (I feel now that aligning my own engine and new drive is gonna be allot easier after watching) My boat I had to take a saw's all and cut the old drive shaft in half to separate it from the engine coupler due to improper alignment? and a leaky drive axle boot, It was like welded Thanks for the video!
Mercruiser Sterndrive Alignment 5 out of 5

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Mercruiser Sterndrive Alignment