2 Meter Coffee Can Antenna

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Coffee Can 2-Meter Antenna in Action!
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mike hayden: Very nice job. Will a swr reading be affected with indoor interferance with a analyzer? I know when I have tested antennas indoors with a rf swr signal they show higher than outside.

John Hatter: True, it is not a serious antenna. There is no problem in receiving, but if you transmit above 5-10 watts, the can is not thick enough to handle the RF. You will get a very nice /hot (top) can and a nice burn if touched. Use outside only

Gene B: I plan on making an antenna 180 degrees out from the one you have built. It will be for Fox Hunting. The antenna will not be for transmitting, so the poorer design I can create, the better. I do need to build one good enough to hear the 3rd harmonic (UHF) on the lower part of the 2m band. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sean Ingram: That is Neat :)   I take it that the coffee can is the groundplane itself :)  I've seen the ones where a smaller diameter coffee can is used - about half the size of that one :) Good video :)

Patrick Murphy: Great videos as always but the audio in the could use some leveling... your quit voice vs the loud coffee can.

smallenginedude71: milo are still in metal cans and are quite large

Shawn Rullens: you could a coffee can for 70cm too.
73 n3tee

Fred Romano: Does it matter if the coffee is regular or decaf?

jacky Parker: Done similar myself and it works a treat 

Kd8OUR: Sleeve antennas work well and are easy to make.  paint cans work good too.   You can even get away with using nothing but the coax if you have mad hatter coax hacking skills.  Stick the whole thing in a fiberglass or PVC tube and seal.  I work at an airport.  VHF/UHF sleeve antennas, ground planes and discones.

If you have an old mag mount the element can work well with a coffee or pain can.  

Jopa Liz: Может лучше с пивной банки?)

Bill McGraw: Is that 5/8 of a half wave? I scribbled a long time, confused.

Jonathan Warner: Is it just the metal bottom of the can that is providing the ground plane? If so this should work with one of the cardboard sided coffee cans with the metal bottom. I wonder if extra radials would make a better ground plane for it?

hi li: like the adult version of plastic cups and a string. all you need now is a coffee can emitter. 

26CT1520: Excellent videos, thanks. 73's

Rob Fern: impressive! I have to try this one but with a paint can since those coffee cans are collector's items nowadays.

thanks for sharing.


ad5kl: Great idea for an attic NOAA or VHF scanner antenna.

Anthony W Stanton: Way cool video of a home-brew antenna! I gotta find a coffee can now and try it! Oh, a pizza pan works great as a ground plane as well!
73 de AC6GM

Ade Larsen: You don't have any paint cans ??
It's time for you to paint the house !! Make your wife happy !

Bill Bijnsdorp: Hi Dave
For the vertical element you could use an antenna from the back of a tv or portable radio. No need to cut wire, just extend as needed. The ground plane could be the metal screen from a fan'
Bill  ve3srh
2 Meter Coffee Can Antenna 5 out of 5

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2 Meter Coffee Can Antenna