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Thomas Chase: Unfortunately won't work where there is the concerns of four seasons weather conditions, such as ice and snow and the properties of water requiring stepped flashing. Conditions best manifest themselves around through vents where misguided installers leave no water exit at the materials lowest point and the water then seeks a path into the structure to ruin insulation, sheetrock, framing, sheathing and interior finishes inclusive of expensive trim installations. Water goes uphill under ice and water shield type products forced by ice and interior heat transference.

Doug Rennick: your site is frozen,how can we get to it??

Daniel Ortloff: "Temp has no bearing on performance. Only sunshine" I hope you have learned more about solar PV in the time since you made that comment.  Because it only takes a basic understanding of photovoltaics to know that heat absolutely has an effect on production.  Have you gotten this product UL listed?  

Bogdan Drepin: can you please share the cost analysis, at least projected costs and break even points. Looks like a fantastic system/idea !!!

TeamJC777: Let me know if you can get these made.

nrgbigbucksezy: Great idea hope it takes of for you

TheRealXesc: Awesome product, awesome concept - I mailed you - let know how this progresses, please! :)

Charons Obol: best idea i have seen...

DANIEL ARGUELLES: @gosolar11 Unisolar, Atlantis Energy Systems and Dow Solar Solutions all have a version of a Solar Shingle. After almost 40,000 hits, if you dont have a Thin film provider......doesnt seem like you will ever get one! Sometimes you have to help the thin film manufacturer and design yourself around their product.

Golden Lion: @davepamn I am not a thin film supplier. I am researching solar power.

gosolar11: @davepamn I do not have a film supplier for this product yet. I am still in the development stages. This varies from each PV film. When I have more answers I will contact you.

Golden Lion: 900 square feet of roof

gosolar11: @davepamn This all depends on the size of the roof, and how many powered shingles are installed.

Golden Lion: How many amps will an average roof produce?

gosolar11: @burrant61

Kelly Wes Kirkconnell: Nice system- I searched all over here, you are the only one who can show it- rest have pictures. If Regulators stop you they need to b regulated.

gosolar11: There are many new smaller solar tile that work in the same way (Sole, Sunslates, Eagle green) to name a few. These all connect under the shingles without penetrating the roof deck. The difference between my idea and these are, the wind rating from the metal shingle, and the idea that the dummy shingles match EXACTLY, not just have the same profile, not just can be integrated, but exactly so one can not tell one from the other after installation.

ArtisanTony: There is a difference. I have been involved in the construction industry for 30 years and most solar shingle products pass wires through to the attic so that connections are accessible. Your product will never meet NEC code requirements for accessible connections. If you had a bad connection there would be no way to find it. You have to engineer these issues into your product. I have been involved with code issues and product testing, I normally charge for this type of consulting :)

gosolar11: This is no different than any other solar powered shingle. One has to make sure that all the connections are tested before the next row is installed. (same as any other)

ArtisanTony: I am not sure I would trust that many connections. What if one connection is defective? How do you find it and repair it?
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