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Doug Rennick: your site is frozen,how can we get to it??

Dan Ortloff: "Temp has no bearing on performance. Only sunshine" I hope you have learned more about solar PV in the time since you made that comment. Because it only takes a basic understanding of photovoltaics to know that heat absolutely has an effect on production. Have you gotten this product UL listed? 

woo2fly21 .: wow

Jim Jam: i live in ny. What are the downfalls when this metal shingle gets below freezing in the winter??

gosolar11: vero beach FL. There is a website in the information part of the you tube page with all my contact info and more about the shingle

gosolar11: Temp has no bearing on performance. Only sunshine

gosolar11: This is no different than any other solar powered shingle. One has to make sure that all the connections are tested before the next row is installed. (same as any other)

gosolar11: It is better to tear off and go to the plywood

gosolar11: The object of this style roof is not to just install solar on a roof. That can be acomplished with many different solar panels. The pupose of this roof is to have a totally integrated roof where the solar is indistinguishable from the area that is regular shingles. The base shingle is a 30 yr shingle with the same film attached that you speak of. As far as connections, any conection that fails is a problem no matter how many. The twistlock connections with dyelectric grease do not come apart.

cabbaze: heat buildup gonna reduce output from those panels heaps.

Golden Lion: How many amps will an average roof produce?

gosolar11: This is a prototype, and still a work in progress. I have approached many solar companies with no buyers yet. The age would depend on which companies film I would use. The shingle itself will last 25 yrs.

bbman: does this actually produce electricity or is it just for heating?

jamonic1: thanks.

bmed19: cool. but since they wired in series wut happens when one of the wires dont connect ne more. then u got an entire row of non functioning shingles. cool idea tho

gosolar11: @burrant61

Golden Lion: 900 square feet of roof

gosolar11: I don't see any of those issues as being a problem. We have existing technologies already for each one of them. My invention takes existing technologies and tries to put them to a better more cosmetic use.

burrant61: Hello, how is your project going so far? I would like to talk to you about it. Might be able to help get this going. Can you send me your email or post it here? thx.

Bogdan Drepin: can you please share the cost analysis, at least projected costs and break even points. Looks like a fantastic system/idea !!!

goofboot: How does the roof stand up to walking on as sometimes happens.

lordbiran1: i emailed u the other day looking for more info i think u have a great product

Daniel Arguelles: Thin film and traditional silicon PV are now offered in different colors so color matching is not really a big deal anymore. Besides why would you make your whole roof dark? That would make your roof less energy efficient and lower the PV performance because of a higher surface temperature.

jamonic1: where are you located? Get in touch with me if you can

gosolar11: It is not yet available. I will update you when it is

gosolar11: @davepamn I do not have a film supplier for this product yet. I am still in the development stages. This varies from each PV film. When I have more answers I will contact you.

ArtisanTony: There is a difference. I have been involved in the construction industry for 30 years and most solar shingle products pass wires through to the attic so that connections are accessible. Your product will never meet NEC code requirements for accessible connections. If you had a bad connection there would be no way to find it. You have to engineer these issues into your product. I have been involved with code issues and product testing, I normally charge for this type of consulting :)

TheRealXesc: Awesome product, awesome concept - I mailed you - let know how this progresses, please! :)

rif42: What about problem with cooling of backside of the solar PV cells? Do they still work well if roof becomes 50-60 degree Celsius?

meatcannon: Bird crap?

nrgbigbucksezy: Great idea hope it takes of for you

gosolar11: The solar slates and dow product are the reason my invention is better. While they say their shingle and solar shingle match the don't, these are a PERFECT match solar and dummy.

gosolar11: my shingle in the video produces electricity. The system the comment was on is to heat water only

idstealth: I think this is a very good idea, but you should not let the solar shingles shadow each other, if they do, they will not generate much power. All panels should be FULLY exposed to sunlight to work properly, any areas actually covered will actually suck power from your power storage unit or not generate any power at all for that particular shingle.

DANIEL ARGUELLES: @gosolar11 Unisolar, Atlantis Energy Systems and Dow Solar Solutions all have a version of a Solar Shingle. After almost 40,000 hits, if you dont have a Thin film provider......doesnt seem like you will ever get one! Sometimes you have to help the thin film manufacturer and design yourself around their product.

Charons Obol: best idea i have seen...

gosolar11: this is still a prototype, when it is prodution I'm sure this will be tested

Daniel Arguelles: So for $800 to $1000 per square, What you are offering is really a color matching solution? Really I believe the first hurdle that should be overcome is the great expense to the homeowner to include PV. I dont really think the consensus would care about aesthetics much if they had an energy solution that would roll their FPL meter backwards.

ArtisanTony: I am not sure I would trust that many connections. What if one connection is defective? How do you find it and repair it?

gosolar11: @davepamn This all depends on the size of the roof, and how many powered shingles are installed.

Daniel Arguelles: The demand is for an affordable solar roof integrated product that looks good and performs well. As any proud inventor, I would caution you to think your solution is the "best and perfect match". We have a roof solution that is just as good and already is in production with Florida and Miami Dade County approvals.

Lueyrush: how do these work in the cold like a michigan winter cus all this solar stuff real big in cali where it dont get cold, im jus wondering

gosolar11: Look at the website in the information box for that. I was limited in time on the video

gosolar11: There are many new smaller solar tile that work in the same way (Sole, Sunslates, Eagle green) to name a few. These all connect under the shingles without penetrating the roof deck. The difference between my idea and these are, the wind rating from the metal shingle, and the idea that the dummy shingles match EXACTLY, not just have the same profile, not just can be integrated, but exactly so one can not tell one from the other after installation.

gosolar11: It is wired in paralel

Daniel Arguelles: gosolar11, High temp does bear down on performance of any solar module or thin film. Solar Slates by Atlantis Energy are kind of the same idea and have been out for a while on a composite shingle. Dow Solar Solutions ripped off the same idea to make a solar shingle with thermal plastic embedded with Global Thin Film. Are you going to sue Dow for Patent Violation? You better hire a good attorney.


n8rsk8r1: I wish you could give more facts as to what/how much energy is produced :)

Golden Lion: @davepamn I am not a thin film supplier. I am researching solar power.

gosolar11: Personally I wouldn't care if there was an elaphant on my roof if it was cheap and saved me money on my electric bill. However, by the attempts of others to match(and the failure to do so) there is a demand for this, and this is the best and only perfect match. $800 to $1000 a square is also on of the cheapest solutions
solar shingle 4.8 out of 5

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