Ultraman Mebius Vs. Zoa Muruchi

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jasonsong95: i have a feeling the man in black was the young boy who was bullied in the original series.

Golza22: @LeaperThatLeaps yea i ment the NEO series. my friends account was removed from youtube about 2 weeks ago and he had a few videos like Gomora vs Gomess and Magura, Eleking vs Dorako, and Gomora,Eleking and Litra vs Tyrant

Golza22: think u can upload eleking vs zoa muruchi

Bubblezb50: 5,000 views and 9 comments still don't have Like(s) or Dislike(s)? Weird.

LeaperThatLeaps: @Golza22 I already did, it is up on dailymotion.

Golza22: @LeaperThatLeaps k thx if you have time think u can uploadf some Ultra Galaxy Videos? Its been a wile since ive seen some

gezorapus: Can you upload Ultraman Jack vs Muruchi?

LeaperThatLeaps: @Golza22 I have uploaded them on dailymotion as well. My name on there is ExOrochi type that in to see all my videos. But if you mean the Ultra Galaxy NEO series I'll try, I have not uploaded them because I can't find a place where I can download them, but once I do I will make sure to upload them on dailymotion.

LeaperThatLeaps: @gezorapus Sure, I'll do it next week. No videos are being uploaded this week.

Golza22: @LeaperThatLeaps how cum yt wont allow Ultra Galaxy videos
Ultraman Mebius vs. Zoa Muruchi 4.3 out of 5

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Ultraman Mebius vs. Zoa Muruchi