Homemade Lead Shot Maker

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Homemade Lead Shot Maker
Homemade Lead Shot Maker
Oasis Lead Shot Maker - Success!!
Oasis Lead Shot Maker - Success!!
homemade lead shot maker
homemade lead shot maker
The Affordable Lead Shot Maker Double Burner #7.5 Shot  70+ lbs Hour Lead Shot
The Affordable Lead Shot Maker Double Burner #7.5 Shot 70+ lbs Hour Lead Shot
Homemade Lead Shot Maker
Homemade Lead Shot Maker

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Rwong Spilleng: What kind of liquid are you using?

Warren Hall: Hi would sent one of them trays to Australia if yes send ne a email
wassa007 optusnet.com.au
Thank you

Ashish Sona: Hi, just wondering what is the important of the coolant used here

Thor's Axe: Please send me the link and nomenclature to buy these components so I can build one. or if I can get them direct from you, I will do business that way. Thank you. Dave.

Terry lick: brilliant another project for me to make ammo for my right hand man shortie the shotie.👍

Terry lick: just brilliant. you brought the ammo machines out. love it. keep pushing them out. all the best and take care.👍

Shekelton: Nice

Teun: OWWWWW MY GOD thats smart

Cole Herold: If you're still selling these along with the drippers can you please send me an email at heroldco@alma.k12.wi.us

hugh regalado: Nice job!!

Manchap karM: Hi are you still building the ladles ? would`nt mind one with to make 5s many thanks

dcsensui: This is ingenious! Perhaps a machine can be set up at the skeet range where old lead shot can be "mined" and recycled.

dcsensui: I read this story when I was a kid. It's how the process of making lead shot was invented back in the 18th Century. Prior to that, lead shot was cast. A difficult and expensive process.

The idea came to William Watts in a dream. You can read the story here:

Jon Archer: hi woodsman
message sent

Jon Archer: hi woodsman
just about to embark on making my own shot, have got the lead , antimony and tin have got some old cooker rings for the heat source. could you make me a casting for the ladel and if so what would the cost be ? where about in the country are you sounds like a staffs accent.

Eetio: 4:02 best homemade shot on Youtube!

vn IOT: Great sir! Pls show me how to get ball round like you do in this video. thanks in advance

Arnaud Devorsine: Hey, what do you add to the water to stop splashing?

Michael Kontou: Hi Woodsman243, great videos. Do you have any contact information?

Jeff Reitz: Great video! Can you tell me what angle the ladle is sitting at? Is the ramp the shot runs down at 90 degrees from the dripper face?
Homemade Lead Shot Maker 5 out of 5

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Homemade Lead Shot Maker