Twist Out: Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme

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Cutebw cutebw: Love the way u had the braids curled up on the head look really cool like back in 30s or 40s.

Ngnilé Kou: Joli twist I like

Jasmine Alston: I've tried the twist-out as well as the braid out but the hair in front of my face never has definition, i do both my twist/braid outs with the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie do you have any advice? 

Lacresha Martin: Pretty

Nick Step: Love it looks great!

Devera Robinson: Wow, that's really nice!! Did you use any other products? What is your hair texture? Please forgive me if you've already answered these questions.

Fatima Siad: Beautiful, twist out

Nita Gal: Please come check out my channel, I have just became a *StyleHaul* Partner and I am really looking for my channel to grow. Please help me get to 500 subscribers, and I plan to do REALLY BIG giveaway when I reach that 500 : -)

Polar Bear: you know it depends on the products you use too. Some just arent good for twist outs

Gem AmI: hairstyle looks cute, i'm doing a twist out for school tomorrow > my lazy hairstyle :)

anewmeePassion: i kind of miss your old vids. I think your long absence has created a loss of something i really can't even describe, kind of like kimmay. You seem more detached, but maybe it's just me. Lovely twist out tho

Emiko Gilbert: Gorge!

Nikkimae2003: Hi, for the final style I ended up doing, I did separate to create more volume with the style

versella love: Very pretty:)

Tee B: Love this products!! Very moisturizing

Michellepinkmonique: Hi, How long did ur twist out last? Did ur definition last throughout the week without reapplying more product? and my last question is how does this work against the humidity if its humid where you live?

maniya carter: That looks great ! Everyone i just started my journey so please subcribe .. 1carterborn

MyNaturalMyChoice: Great results!

downtoaT: Nice, quick, and to the point. The definition looks great. Please check out my channel when you get the chance. Stay blessed!

SkinGrindCleaver: heaven

Nikkimae2003: Wish I could remember, sorry!

Volthan: Wow, beautiful! Keep that smile btw :)

Judith Lee-Ogette: Also The Steamer is Great. Now I'm Concerned About Hard Water Issues, and Getting a Water Softner Stick. Your Hair is Beautifull, Your advice Needed. :D

gwenn4ya: Your hair always looks nice Mae! Awesome!!

addorable4u: Your hair is so pretty!

reallyme02: Very pretty Mae.

1221tam: You look beautiful. Your hair has lots of sheen and is so healthy looking. Great definition too!

Reservechic: You've definitely got a bomb twist out going on! I'd love to see you do more reviews or possibly demos on the Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea products in the future! The line has really been getting lots of rave reviews.

tulil78: Nice

Curly4Christy: Lol no kidding, this is cute

ShazzieBe: Very pretty!

Starry Nite: Could you make a video of hair products that you reccomend is the best to use? From shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, creme...etc

Judith Lee-Ogette: Nikki, Will You Seriously Check Out The Dements Who are Commenting! There are Sooo Many Psychopaths it's Alarming! Please tell Your Husband to Check Out the Maniacs and their Phoney Channels. LoveYa, Gods Blessings and Xs

socialwork30: Beautiful! I love your top!!!

LethalLemonLime: Beautiful! as always

Ashley Lynn: Short & sweet!☺

Victoria Renee: Your hair is gorgeous! =)

LifeWithMandI: How long have you been natural?

ashley marie: Pretty!!

Timeless14: nice

Andrina Murray: Call me crazy, but I think I met you last night?? Lol maybe I'm trippin

shinyjewelsz: Why you no separate?

TheOliviab1: wow its soooo pretty!

Jesuslovesme: Now this hairstyle is so me...very pretty im try this hairstyle

Delora B.: Pretty!!!!!!!!!

Make Me Over, Eb: I will try the oil on fingertips to minimize frizz.

BlackAndFashion: It is really wonderful ! and you're really cute !

Jazzy C: Nikkimae,What do you use at night to retwist?

KarmaDollz: nice, when my hair grows out I can do more tutorials on twist outs.

potterylady1: looks good!
Twist Out: Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme 4.8 out of 5

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Twist Out: Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme