Path Of Exile Lightning Strike Templar Build (Mace/Shield)

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Path of Exile Lightning Strike Templar Build (Mace/Shield)
Path of Exile Lightning Strike Templar Build (Mace/Shield)
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captnt3rror: you sound like colbycheeze haha

Danny Forrest: I'm finding that I don't feel that tanky either! When i solo I get my ass kicked at times in Merciless. Is my gear not appropriate??

adz broughton: JAck will u be getting elder scrolls online? :)

Blurbyo: dont get any shock passives becasue you have resolute technique and will never crit...

Droga Shabu: you hit slow

BornAgainEngineer: I use infernal blow. Exploding heads AOE damage addictive and IMHO it works better than 1H LS. Deals 20% of enemies max health in fire damage, then i get anther +200% on top of that (so ~60% max health in fire damage). Killing 2 guys (or 1 rare guy) frequently kills 10.

Eimas19: Damn i want a templar!

The Healthy Gamer: What kind of build did you do in CB? What are you doing now?

lostny76: Like for example he takes RT which makes it so you cant crit but can always hit. Yet his main attack is LS which main dmg comes from shock stacks which you get from crits.

NoBigDealBro: Is this type of game a genre now? Or is this game along with torchlight and others just blatantly copying Diablo? Genuine question, no offense intended

WarElephant2121: are you able to shock ememies when you are not allowed to crit?

lostny76: Yeah this is a very bad build DO NOT FOLLOW IT!

The Healthy Gamer: Thanks brother, I'm making a cooking vid today and have some more fitness stuff coming this week(along with a REALLY awesome interview I think you guys will like) so it won't be all PoE stuff.

jrydland: Oh yeah, minimalist is definitely great but maybe a tiny tiny bit too small, but that could be my taste and my eyes, screen resolution and what not. I have a 24 " and the video window is pretty small, and I dont have contact lenses on, but I just thought I'd let you know what I thought ^^ Btw, the game isn't out yet is it? The characters you make here, can you use them in the actual release? And is the betakeys easy to get? Thanks in advance

The Healthy Gamer: I'll probably try it. Not getting my hopes up too high right now because of all the recent disappointing releases.

david bryant: I was looking into your final build tree and its based around maces which one entire tree for maces increases your crit multiplier. The problem with this is that when you took resolute technique that bonus became completely useless because you can not crit. What would you think about going 1H axe route with added dmg and atk speed instead of crit.?

ShiinyGyarados: What's the point of taking accuracy nodes if you're ultimately going to pick up Resolute Technique?

Bawheidbob: Very nice this is similar to my little character i played in closed beta.

Aluxx G: Can you show what auras you are using :)?

eric123chan: im guessing that the gameplay footage he was showing was in normal difficulty and in normal difficulty you generally just use the weapon that gives u the most DPS so i guess his strongest weapon was a 2-H mace at that time. But the build is ultimately geared towards a 1-H mace and shield.

j0lt: I just started playing this game (downloading now) and saw this build or what appeared to be like it on the trailer; Thanks for making my introduction into this game easier Jack <3

Alacress: Good question, I was thinking about that too. Plus, is it wise to pick a skill that takes away any and all chance to crit? That just doesn't sit well with me.

The Healthy Gamer: Lower levels(sub 35 before you start taking actual nodes that give you +% mace damage) it makes sense to just use whatever weapon gives you the most DPS. And before you're in cruel difficulty the mobs don't hit hard enough to really warrant a shield. I'm running mace/shield now at 40. That extra armor really helps in the higher difficulties.

The Healthy Gamer: Hm that didn't link right, post it over on the forums and I'll take a look at it, I opened up the healthy gamer forums again.

The Healthy Gamer: You know I'm not fully sure how shock works. I think they removed shock from crits from lightning strike when it moved to open beta because in CB it was too OP. But I think if you take that shock node up on the top of the skill tree it just gives you a flat 10% chance to shock.

Joston Bobor: Thank you! This clears up some confusion i was having regarding the talent tree.

Tomáš Géci: im gonna go for this too. supported with a ranger attack totem with arc. but I wanned go two handed. Is shield that much improvement for survivability ? ( I would invest in two handed block chance instead). please reply :)

ksonfk: Out of curiosity how is your Templar doing in cruel?

The Healthy Gamer: Yep yep use whatever weapon you can equip that gives you the best DPS to start off with. When you enter cruel difficulty you want to start focusing on 1hander and shield for the extra armor. When you start taking nodes that give you + mace damage then really focus on finding a mace.

breno2342: Dude, you sound exactly like HDstarcraft.

Karl Peach: Haha sorry man. I couldn't actually remember the name and couldn't be bothered to google it myself :P

The Healthy Gamer: You're right, the monk is kind of the paladin of D3 and templar is kind of the paladin of PoE. I prefer wearing plate to cloth though so I like this templar more :)

mahe4: i thought they only nerfed lightning arrows own shock chance, and increased the amount of damage you need to shock an enemy. as far as i know, you need a critical hit AND enough damage from the enemys x% maximum health... but i'm not entirely sure

The Healthy Gamer: Well you should start back up! PoE is the perfect game for build guides :D

NoBigDealBro: Gotcha

Karl Peach: It's called ARPG (Action Role Playing Game). By the way, Diablo DID NOT come up with this genre, and were most definitely not the first to make this type of game..

Supbro: is this any good for pvp?

Jessica Woods: how is the community if this game? coming from WoW blizzards community sucks ass I hope this is better in terms of people to play with.

Holesale00: IS this build still viable?

lostny76: This really is a crap build. If you really need a LS build please check the path of exile forums.

Shane Ratnayaka: the lightning strike will miss but the there is a chance that the bolts will miss too when they hit so that's why resolute techniques is handy. HITS EVERY TIME.

Jeff Deming: I'll give this build a try.

The Healthy Gamer: I think the extra DPS from the 2hand would outweigh any loss in defense from the shield. Right now I'm finding the build is SUPER tanky but my DPS SUUUUUCKS haha.

jrydland: Ah, new intro, cool! I think the logo was a bit small, at least in 480p but I can read it at least. The talent tree is amazing, every character is unique just because of that tree, quite interesting (-:

ImDa1TruG: can anyone tell me where to find tempest shield gem

I Am A PoEnist: Its funny that the title says (Mace/Shield) but still ur using staff.. makes no sense tbh :) but thanks anyways

lucy Thomas: so good! super promotions= cheapest price+10%orbs+VIP discount(8%). Extra 20% Orbs in first trade from Live chat, Instant delivery. dde Ty website: everyonegame*com

thormond: not even close to 'good' yet optimized build

MrSupahnin10doh: i really want to make a class that is all about supporting friends with buffs and perhaps even minions, do i use witch or templar and what kind of buold should i be looking for? (basically i want to be a healer/buffer)

Ryziou HD: Templar reminds me of Monk in D3 a little :3
Path of Exile Lightning Strike Templar Build (Mace/Shield) 4.8 out of 5

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Path of Exile Lightning Strike Templar Build (Mace/Shield)