DIESEL PERCY & THOMAS R/C Thomas The Train Toy Trains Kids Toy Train Set Thomas The Tank Engine

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Markjess Manuel: 09j

rhydz: Take a look at this video on YouTube:

rhydz: Take a look at this video on YouTube:

ToyTrains4u: We were lucky to find a UK Ebay trader (with Hong Kong connections) and were online when he listed them. Thanks for watching

ToyTrains4u: Thank you

Poutypuffer46: take the good with the bad an r/c engine that goes with out an extra wagon is prety cool

ToyTrains4u: I agree with that. Thanks for watching

bsdevani1: the 3 speed one is better.

JD41796: Double comment, sorry about that, but which one do you like the best? and which one operates the best? :P

ToyTrains4u: Thanks for watching

ToyTrains4u: The 3 speed ones do more but ours don't work very well. Sometimes they do but often they don't. These new ones are much more reliable but don't do as much. It's all personal preference.

ToyTrains4u: They have changed the shape of Thomas slightly to get 3 x AAA batteries in him. This at least does away with the battery truck and those very breakable wires. Thanks for watching

mordobro449: That yard they're at are you gonna do a video on that?

JD41796: well, I hope that percy will get fixed, and you're smart for wanting to use these, other then thomas, these guys are an amazing design, I'm glad Mattel is starting to get a little smarter :P

ToyTrains4u: It's the new Trackmaster Flexi-Track that's just been released. We got ours from an Ebay seller in the US. Thanks for watching

ToyTrains4u: The trade off losing the truck is the extra weight that Thomas looks like he's carrying. They needed a little extra space for the batteries. Thanks for watching.

Ho ZONG XI: thomas looks strange.his boiler is too tall

ThomasTankCollectables: Thomas looks like he could do with loosing some weight! The others look good, I am assuming they don't need to have the truck behind attached at all times? If so that is a good improvement, because it was a nuisance having that truck that had to be there with the old models.

ToyTrains4u: It's just a slight design change to get the batteries in Thomas rather than a towed truck. Thanks for watching

ToyTrains4u: We did a video on it many years ago. It's made for the blue track. If you search for Sodor Rail Yard on our channel you'll see it. Sorry about the quality, it was on our old camera.

Keevi142: Thomas looks weird....but the others look fine..

keith dang: cool rc train with new remote design :D

Marcus Yamamoto: Ya

Ucwepn: yet to find any of these for sale :(

ToyTrains4u: No. They must all operate on different frequencies because we had them working quite close together. Thanks for watching

hugo Suarez: Gun bloom Mellon

ToyTrains4u: Thanks. You may have noticed in the film that we had to point the Percy control unit directly at Percy to get him moving where we didn't with the other 2. Maybe it was just our unit. Our favourite is Diesel largely because it's the first r/c Diesel that we've ever had. Apart from the slight directional problem with Percy the response from the trains is excellent and instant, much better than the 3 speed ones which we had a lot of trouble with. These new 3 are going to get well used in videos.

Random Youtuber: can all of them controlled by one remote? thanks

ToyTrains4u: We will do more yes. We really want the Plarail Chuggington to run on the blue tracks but they are not generally available yet. We've finally tracked down a My First Thomas Talking Stanley so hopefully we'll get that made soon. Thanks for watching

Nick Dovolos: Where did u get those boss track piece

DIESEL PERCY & THOMAS R/C Thomas The Train Toy Trains Kids Toy Train Set Thomas The Tank Engine 3.3 out of 5

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DIESEL PERCY & THOMAS R/C Thomas The Train Toy Trains Kids Toy Train Set Thomas The Tank Engine