Brushless Versus Brushed Drill Show-Down

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Hamza Lateef: nice video and hah! the makita had beat the new dewalt dcd985

Kyle Bennett: Excellent video!

David Handley: What an excellent well presented unbiased review!  These type of reviews can easily get bogged down in too much detail, and they often only add to the confusion.  Thank you.  Cheers from down under.

FoodOnCrack: Damn you have one of the smoothest voices i have ever heard.

Gabriel S.: Coming from an RC airplane background, back in the day fuel/glow engines were more powerful than electric because all we had were heavy and powerless brushed motor/nicad setups. Those days of electric flight sucks.

Nowadays thanks to brushless motors electric RC planes are pretty much superior in every way to their fuel/glow power brethren; they fly faster, longer, are lighter and more reliable than Fuel/glow setups, except arguably for the realism or scale planes because of the smoke and sound.

Adam Pierce: great test, easy to understand.

Land Designs Unlimited LLC: I don't know who edited that video but holy cow they're good at it!  Fun video to watch.

EdmondLau2007: Steve,

Great video!  I'm currently in the research phase of which drill to go with.  Your test was perfect for my research as those were the 3 brands I was looking at this evening when I was at the big box store.  I was leaning towards Milwaukee and after viewing your video, I think I'm leaning Milwaukee a little bit more.  You also did a good job explaining the difference between brushed and brushless.  Honestly, I never even heard of brushless until I started doing my research a couple weeks ago.  Have you tried Ridgid drills?

George MacDonald: Can't really be bothered to read every comment. Did anyone mention that the Milwaukee here has a 4.0ah battery whilst the other two only have 3.0ah batteries?

B Kelley: Thanks Steve, best video yet on youtube! Very professional. Holy cow I cant get over how well the vid was put together, tech, audio, visual, etc. You are the man, I will for sure sign up newsletter. Have you ever though about becoming the next "Home Improvement" icon? Tim Allen would be proud LoL. Seriously though.  

May C: Thanks for your clear and concise explanations! Do you have a vid comparing both brushless and brushed Milwaukee? 

Jared McAllister: Great video, great breakdown of the different motor types.  I'm looking to purchase a cordless 18v/20v  drill. As a novice, it's been tough weeding through all this terminology.  Brush vs brushless, now they are throwing 18v vs 20v.

EarthPersona: Very good explanation.

wettosixecho: damn your voice is clear as freak dude crap i also thought i was watching this in 4k until i hovered over the settings and saw it was on 480p freaking mind blown great vid

Jair Graff: muito bom!!!

Patrick Belizaire: Thank you for the great explanation and tests. Your video is very clear and concise.

Trueskills23: Makita invented brushless technology on powertools in 2003 so why are you promoting milwaukee like if they did???

Ростислав Искандаров: Driving circuits of brushless drills are much more complicated and expensive, There is a great possibility that it will die(nothing perfect!) before a motor and gears. Thats the problem!
In Russia there is no chance to repair Milwaukee stuff, not paying 80% of a new drill price, and warranty does not help)). So we prefer cheapest brusched drivers or HILTI(which is undoubted)

josh33025: They're really all 18 nominal volts and have 20+ volts right off the charger.

Tyler Fu: It sounds like a brushless motor in a power tool is essentially a AC motor (not unlike an induction motor) that uses computers to vary the frequency of the AC line (converted from DC) to change its speed. The problem is if the circuit breaks, then the tool becomes worthless. There are VFD available out there to allow people to run 3 phase motors on a single phase power source (and probably even DC, since VFD always converts the AC into DC anyways), however they are a separate module so if that breaks you can always replace it. DC motor brushes on the other hand are easily and cheaply replaced. I can't say the same for the computer module of a brushless power tool...
Brushless versus Brushed Drill Show-Down 5 out of 5

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Brushless versus Brushed Drill Show-Down