Harley Davidson Motorcycles : About Slobbering Oil Problems In A Harley Davidson

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Roy Martin (BanishCorruptGovOfficials): It would be nice if we could silence the negative morons that don't get it. It's about tradition, having fun, just chilling out, and not smashing our balls on a long ride until we turn into girls LOL. If you don't like Harley Davidson, stay off of Harley channels. That's only common sense don't you think? Harley is an American icon. Sure they require a bit of maintenance, but it's worth it I think. I have had several Harleys, and never had any trouble with them... except for an old Panhead I had. That one had a lot of issues (then again it had 263K miles on it) . Currently I have a 2007 FatBoy that is fully customized. I have never had any trouble with it (currently 60K miles on it). Also, I don't go onto all the Crotch Rocket channels bad mouthing them. So why do you feel the need to do it here? Stick to your own channels and the intelligent ones in our group will stick to ours. It shows a huge lack of intelligence to run your mouth just to annoy people. I do have to agree with one point though.... Who the hell puts tampons in their breather!? LOL. There are better fixes for this problem.

Ulysses North: freak harleys

1964fleetwood: And whats with the freakin goatees? DIIIIIIIIICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1964fleetwood: what crap! Just like the typical tattoo covered assholes who drive them.

Scott Davis: It is a simple fix. Look at my two videos on how to correct oil slobbering through your air filter. I have a solution with a stock air filter and housing and an Arlen Ness Big Sucker stage 1 air kit. If you are going with the stock setup very cheap, if you but a big sucker it will be around 130 bucks or so and you will need around 15 bucks in accessories. Check out my videos on my channel.

rick johnson: Hey Cheevous. My sister in law has a 2006 Harley Sporster 1200 it is blowing oil through the air cleaner and out onto the exhaust just below and back. I pulled of the air cleaner and it was full of oil and filthy. Can this be remedied cheaply and easy?

Scott Davis: Harley's are supposed to leak oil mist from the heads, that's where the engine breathes. Most Harley's leak oil and it is normal. The air intake is supposed to suck up all the oil mist and the carb burns it up. In some cases like mine with big compression kits and motor conversions the carb can't burn it up fast enough so some leaks out of air filter. It is as simple as re routing the oil mist. All engines breathe some are designed differently. Don't let it scare you from Harley's mine is great.

DrJekyl30: OMG this is hilarious. I had no idea that Harley's were this bad. Stick a tampon in your bike to keep it from spraying oil? Wow man Harley Davidson never ceases to amaze me LOL.

Robert Ghaderi: This is why I don't throw out the fingers when passing anyone on a sportbike. I've recently realized after purchasing my harley, that most sportbike riders ride like assholes. Go ahead and "blow by" my harley, you're the ones raising the fatality rate...

cheevous: The Harley oil misting is an easy thing to fix. Run the misting from your breather bolts into a catch can, breather filter, or run it directly to the ground. it is only oil mist very little at a time but continuous. After time it collects and sprays on your bike, pants, and everything else. Check out my video on how to resolve oil misting. It is a very easy fix. For a temporary fix get tampons and slide them in your airbox, it will soak up the oil mist. Change as needed.

cheevous: I have a 2006 Sportster. It was an 883 but we converted it with the Wesico 10:1 compression 1200 kit. I am running one bigger jet in the carbs, vance and hines short shot pipes. Bike runs great and I have never had one problem ever. Is it fast? it is fast for a sporty. Harley's were never really about speed, it is about the cruise, style, sound, and fun. If you want to go fast get a crotch rocket. I use to race rockets but now I am all about cruising and being comfortable.

poppieslittlejodie: @AsphaltCowboyPacks To sit there and say that a Jap bike is not as dependable as a Harley is simply a stupid thing to say. Oh yeah, you could reference one or two instances of a Jap bike not being dependable, but that is because of stupid owners; not the bike. In addition, my KZ will eat any Harley that crosses its path. When you go to drag strip, there are a number of bikes, but rarely is there a Harley. You will see a KZ, a GS, or a Busa, and they are Harley killers; hands down.

CrudeDude: @AsphaltCowboyPacks Ass fault cowboy packs ...his boyfriend

CrudeDude: @AsphaltCowboyPacks Yeah, you can hear 'em "sound like crap" as they blow by your two cylinder tractor.....

CrudeDude: @AsphaltCowboyPacks Sure you do....... (snicker)

Rick Taylor: A couple maxi-pads inside the air breather of the Sporty and FLHS works great. No more drips on the cross-over pipe. Got that tip long ago and don't remember where. Change them out every oil change.

beesdad: Sorry, tell me again (a fouth time) .. you're a 'Certified Harley Davidson Master Technician' is that right? Might be simpler to just buy a decent bike to start with.

CrudeDude: Slobbering tractors

flathead59: I can't get the oil filter off on an 85 Electraglide,I don't want to damage anything,any suggestions??? kazendaniel@yahoo.com

Austyg: oil misting the back tire, eh? . . . great design . . . hmmpff hmpff . . . lol
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Harley Davidson Motorcycles : About Slobbering Oil Problems in a Harley Davidson