Harley Davidson Motorcycles : About Slobbering Oil Problems In A Harley Davidson

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Darren Oliverio: I own an aftermarket shop in St. Cloud Florida, You did a good job.We service all makes and models. I simply dont understand the Harley Haters?When I drive my Ford truck to get serviced I dont hear all of the Ford haters or chevy haters.

If i guy wants to drive a metric cruiser, or a Harley or a sport bike live and let live.
I personally drive a Harley Softail and love it, I have had EVERY manufacturer out there, Why do i have to explain my ownership to anyone??.This guy made a good video trying to help other people.I just dont get the anger....I dont freaking get it.

Rich Russo: HELP!! When I pour oil in the oil tank (S&S EVO) it flows directly to the crankase.I put 4 quarts and still was empty When I started the bike ,it puked out of the crankase .All 4 quarts are in the crankase. Any thoughts?

Chris P Bacon: Harley Davidson. Motorcycles for Muppets that dress like the Village People.

Steven Parsons: I have a '94 fatboy, oil coming out of the carb, took it apart and everything looks good why is it sumping oil out the S&S carb?

clockworkbike: My 06 sportster blew out a liter of oil on a 500 km ride. The stock airbreather could not keep up with that flow and oil was all over the right side of the engine. I read posts that say don't fill your oil tank to the ecommended level. That doesn't make sense to me. It's a dry sump engine, the oil level in the tank should not affect the level in the crankcase. My question is, if this is a design problem then why don't they all do this? I've seen sportsters that don't blow any oil. Could this problem be an oil scavaging problem? The oil pump not returning oil to the tank fast enough? Has anyone tried replacing the oil pump to cure this problem?

Pat 68: I find when things go wrong with bikes that's when you learn! I'm not a mechanic and I have mates who are and show me what the freak is gong on with a V twin engine and everything that goes with it and how to fix it. Yes Harley charge the earth but they do have nice show rooms to pay for!! lol Quite fascinating so you really need to be boning up on the manual and watching great youtube videos from the experts so your a bit more in the know? Hey when your out riding and you stop for a drink what else you going to talk about I can only slate my missis and the boss at work so many times before the boys get bored of it!!

Turbo Maxx: Turbo Max does let your engine run much much cooler by reducing friction 10 times greater than any other engine or gear oil helping piston rings to see you and keep compression and keep your V-Twin that runs extremely hot on the road not in the shop. if you would like your V-twin engine to run smoother quieter and cooler doubling your oil life and get more miles between engine rebuilds then I tried turbo Max if not continue to used what you currently use.

Turbo Maxx: If you want to lower oil temps check out turbo maxx oil modifier and turbo maxx c-4 fuel combustor cat. This stuff keeps the oil from burning up low oil pressure when the engine is hot we have went from 0 to 12 psig at idle.

themaxrider: The reason they have the oil problems that they do, is the entire design. Take a long stroke engine, with massive CC's, and barely any crankcase, where is all that down pressure supposed to go?
It's inevitable.
It will take a redesign of the entire engine to stop this from happening. A long stroke engine has ridiculous piston speeds even at idle compared to other engines.
You think because it's idling so slow, the crankshaft is barley turning, but in fact the pistons have to travel a long distance, which in comparison to other brands is crazy! Nearly three times the distance as other engines that produce equal or even more power, because of the longer power band. When your harley quits producing power at 5500 Rpms, others are just getting started! All at the same time never reaching piston speeds that your harley reaches at it's redline.
Try to understand I build engines, and I can honestly tell you the harley design is so backwards in so many ways that I have trouble understanding why the popularity.
Thank God for Indians, the country still has a chance to make something American and not be the laughing stock of the entire world!

Michael Miller: I went outlaw style on my breather. I really don't care to have temperature resistant, detergent oil going into the intake. Harley should just route this to the oil tank and be done with it.

tony lombardy: Great info. on this. Thanks.

emmanuelsurf: I changed the air intake in my sportster and now gas is leaking through the air intake and the bike is not running. It wasn't doing that before with the old air intake. Any advice?

Roy Martin: It would be nice if we could silence the negative morons that don't get it. It's about tradition, having fun, just chilling out, and not smashing our balls on a long ride until we turn into girls LOL. If you don't like Harley Davidson, stay off of Harley channels. That's only common sense don't you think? Harley is an American icon. Sure they require a bit of maintenance, but it's worth it I think. I have had several Harleys, and never had any trouble with them... except for an old Panhead I had. That one had a lot of issues (then again it had 263K miles on it) . Currently I have a 2007 FatBoy that is fully customized. I have never had any trouble with it (currently 60K miles on it). Also, I don't go onto all the Crotch Rocket channels bad mouthing them. So why do you feel the need to do it here? Stick to your own channels and the intelligent ones in our group will stick to ours. It shows a huge lack of intelligence to run your mouth just to annoy people. I do have to agree with one point though.... Who the hell puts tampons in their breather!? LOL. There are better fixes for this problem.

Ulysses North: freak harleys

1964fleetwood: And whats with the freakin goatees? DIIIIIIIIICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1964fleetwood: what crap! Just like the typical tattoo covered assholes who drive them.

Scott Davis: It is a simple fix. Look at my two videos on how to correct oil slobbering through your air filter. I have a solution with a stock air filter and housing and an Arlen Ness Big Sucker stage 1 air kit. If you are going with the stock setup very cheap, if you but a big sucker it will be around 130 bucks or so and you will need around 15 bucks in accessories. Check out my videos on my channel.

rick johnson: Hey Cheevous. My sister in law has a 2006 Harley Sporster 1200 it is blowing oil through the air cleaner and out onto the exhaust just below and back. I pulled of the air cleaner and it was full of oil and filthy. Can this be remedied cheaply and easy?

Scott Davis: Harley's are supposed to leak oil mist from the heads, that's where the engine breathes. Most Harley's leak oil and it is normal. The air intake is supposed to suck up all the oil mist and the carb burns it up. In some cases like mine with big compression kits and motor conversions the carb can't burn it up fast enough so some leaks out of air filter. It is as simple as re routing the oil mist. All engines breathe some are designed differently. Don't let it scare you from Harley's mine is great.

DrJekyl30: OMG this is hilarious. I had no idea that Harley's were this bad. Stick a tampon in your bike to keep it from spraying oil? Wow man Harley Davidson never ceases to amaze me LOL.
Harley Davidson Motorcycles : About Slobbering Oil Problems in a Harley Davidson 5 out of 5

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Harley Davidson Motorcycles : About Slobbering Oil Problems in a Harley Davidson