2003-2007 Honda Accord Brake Drums Clean And Adjust

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MonkeyFlop: Thank you soooo much!

James Underwood: Great concise tutorial!!!

Youll Never Know: The drum is difficult to remove because over time there will be a small ridge where the brake shoe doesnt wear on very edge of the drum surface, you should grind that ridge away with a dremal or rotary air tool once you can start to feel it with your fingers, the ridge has to pass over the shoes as you remove it for cleaning or whatever, the more miles you have the bigger the ridge will get, or you can have them turned on a brake lathe, but its really not necessary on a Honda until you get really high mileage .

Jay B.: So there should be resistance even when the brake isn’t engaged?

Los Lakers: This was harder than it looked. Mine didn't make the clicking sound like yours. The locking mechanism on the wheel did work, it just didn't have that snap to it like yours to make that clicking sound. I pressed against the rubber part on the cylinder and I noticed some oil leaking out. I hope I didn't permanently mess it up. I found a better way to spin the wheel without touching the rubber on the cylinder. I just keep the flat head flat. I only did one side and tested the e brake and I had to pull the e brake all of the way up to get the car to stop. I know I need to do the other side but when I do the other side will it be enough to stop the car? When I adjusted one side I couldn't get the drum brack on. I had to bring back the wheel until I was able to get the drum back on. Thanks guys.

clide42: I have a question I have 2009 Honda Civic lx I changed the shoes but I can’t seem to get the drum over the brake shoe

Liga: I have an issue with my 2006 Honda Accord and I'm asking you because it might've happened to you too. When I brake and slow down, I can hear a clicking noise in my rear brakes, what is it?

MOHAMMAD AZIM: great camerawork. which camera did u use? thanks.

ILeapZHD: My brake pedals are really soft and my e brake goes all the way up? Someone give me some input. Please


Haile boss: thanks for the vid yo
appreciate the info

Hamad Alganis: I opened my drums just to clean and lube the contact points without the intention to replace the shoes or adjusting the star, since I have a perfect adjustment and my hand brake is very tight . Somehow, while squeezing the brush between the contact points and the shoe, the whole assembly lost its center point and I could not fit back the drum without trying to wiggle the whole thing up/down/left/right and every time I put the drum back it touches one of the shoes and it does not rotate freely. I ended up releasing the adjustment and now I have a weak hand brake. My question : Is there a way or a trick to avoid such a situation next time?

fearwidge: Many thanks. Watched several "tutes" on how to remove/repair Honda (2004 Civic in my case) rear brakes, and yours was the easy-to-understand vid that taught me how to fix 'em. Saved me hours of work. Appreciate it.

Gary Stephen Manning: What size bolts did you use to push the drum out and off?

Tho Truong Do: Dumb question: what is the size of the bolts to push the drum out?
Thank you

slimslideye Phipps: I wish u were close to new Jersey ...

slimslideye Phipps: a job well done where is this shop .I need to a just my hand breaks ...

RAVI MANGAT: Nice idea on hanging the drum on the studs to clean the inside of the drum. Thanks

Chip Clarke: Nicely done video. I have a '99 Civic EX Cpe with rear drums and am just now learning how to service it. I bought a Haynes manual and buy a new tool or two for each new project - changing belts, replacing rear hubs, replacing the radiator, etc. Cleaning and adjusting the rear brakes and flushing the brake lines is next on the list. I wish all vids were as clear and concise as this one. Thank you!!!

JG39697: By adjusting the handbrake itself, will it be the same?
2003-2007 Honda Accord Brake drums clean and adjust 5 out of 5

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2003-2007 Honda Accord Brake drums clean and adjust