ZOOM Q2HD Vs. Q3HD - Comparison

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ZOOM Q2HD vs. Q3HD - Comparison
ZOOM Q2HD vs. Q3HD - Comparison
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Zoom Camera Comparisons (Q2n VS Q2HD VS Q3)
ZOOM Q2-HD vs. Q3-HD: Audio and Video Test.
ZOOM Q2-HD vs. Q3-HD: Audio and Video Test.
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The Zoom Q2HD vs Regular Camera Microphones
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Zoom Q2HD Audio Test

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Billy Barton: I know this model is discontinued. I have a friend who just purchased the q2 hd and is having an issue that it produces a file type that is not recognized by youtube. Could this be as easy as a file type selected in audio or video? Thanks!

billyscrapper: great video ...would you happen to know which model is older...the Q3 blue or the Q3 silver....or is there any diff. between these 2?... thnx. Billy T

JATYmusic: Since the 2 must work off of batteries, though, the streaming is going to be limited to battery life, right? Is there a way to stream the 3 while it is plugged in?

dezziwood555: My Q2 eats batteries. Duracells last for about 10 minutes and cheap batteries do not work at all. It freezes when batteries get low,.

SMS CUSTOMS: I didn't talk about that crap plastic Female threaded screw for the Tripod that eventually crack. Whoever finalized that in production should have their Ass Flogged.
Why they didn't put a stainless steel one in there just shows u have a few Spider Monkeys with no brains designing this crap.
If u know how to fix it, let me know. I didn't even try yet. Thanks and why didn't you bring that up?????

tellarjj: Sorry, i bought 2 Q3HD (4 years a go) but the quality is not the best i can think about it, because the two devices are not working anymore !...

Silk Boxing: I have both. I dig the Q3. Bigger screen the double mics are nice and the usb is connected so always have it with you. Even though it is small, u can always have an extension, but I rarely use it, The only problem is my plastic port at the bottom on the Q3 cracked so the stand will not screw in and they do not sell that part. It is hard wired. I used the stand all the time to record. I am trading it in for the q8

PRE CBS FENDER: Would the Q2HD work for simply uploading guitar video to youtube..

spikeduval: does the Q2HD hook up to a stand?

Ludens Trio: Actually Q2 can be plugged to the wall through its USB port by using the (sold separately) ZOOM adapter. 

John Crichton: Really wanted the Q3 but can't find it anywhere for a normal price. $80 for the Q2 vs $150 for the Q3? I'll take the Q2.

Josh Woodley: Which one would be best for recording live music?

ChrisAndTommy GoodTimeFolkRockShow: 01:13     juust so everyone knows .....a USB Wall wart will power the Q2HD

Melanj Muzical: When making a review please try first to do your homework... Q2HD has AC capabilities!!!!! The only difference from Q3HD is that the Q2HD adapter has usb connectivity (just like a phone charger) as the Q3HD has a barrel type adapter.Check stores for the Q2HS bundle pack Zoom APQ-2HD (" Zoom APQ-2HD - six additional accessories for the Zoom Q2HD. Package includes HDMI cable for connecting to HDTV, thomann windscreen to reduce noise, tabletop tripod with adjustable-length legs, padded-shell case, AC adapter and USB cable" ) 

michael86734: cool saw wich one is better?
does the Q2 record 1080p or only 720p

SonicSenseProAudio: Zoom's Q2HD - The Q3HD gets a baby brother!
ZOOM Q2HD vs. Q3HD - Comparison

Mary P: Which one has the best mic capability? And video?

porotikos: hi there. i want to buy a good cam to record my bands performance. the q3hd has been discontinued. so i was looking for q2hd. i want to ask if the q2hd mic is good for recording live bands, or if the mics on q3hd are way better. if the functionallity is similar, ill go for q2hd. i care mostly for sound so...will q2hd give a good stereo feeling? thank you

Daren Arthur: great demo,just 1 question can the q3 record video and stereo line in at the same time.recording a digital piano I have to record video and audio line using 2 devices and match the audio to video which is a pain.

2N3 CHORD JAMS: Need some help. When I down load a short video unto my PC  windows 7 I only get video no audio  anybody got an idea here?
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ZOOM Q2HD vs. Q3HD - Comparison