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ABRARBADGIRL: this crap made me horny hahaha

Melvin Ishtar: well that escalated quickly.

derpysquidz11: Kill it with fire before it lays eggs dear god 

the rad gamer: KILL IT WITH FIRE

John Straners: Wtf am I watching

Tyler Knox: I've seen enough Hentai to know where this is going.

MA Ortiz: U know that so called "octopus" she's having sexual inter course is right? It's a "DEMON" straight from hell! She's bring it male sutures to sacrifice and worship's it! Just 4 sexual/emotional support! That's freakn crazy! !!!! We're living in the last days before the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ! ( and guess what it the TRUTH!!!) I can admit I'm a sinner the Trinity know that ..... Satan knows our weaknesses and will try to lead us a stray into total darkness and will deceive us and lead us straight to hell!!! Please my sweet Jesus Christ forgive us of all of our sins(past/present/future) in ur holy name (in Jesus name Amen) 

Sven Reimer: what is the name of this movie? where can I find / download? to answer in advance!

MA Ortiz: Please heavenly Father God our Lord and saviour ,my sweet piericuos Jesus Christ and our holy spirit,,,, please be merciful upon us in Jesus name Amen!

Raymond Melendez: I totally get the look on his face. He was like there must be a Japanese freaker in this crew


E Schur: One of the most bizarre movies ever

DEVOURER: I can't fap to this because of Sam Neil's face.

XxmidnightjayxX: Never click random links e.e

imdxman: YOU BREED RAPTORS?!?!?

TheL779: Holly crap!

Billy Vaughn: thanks

Billy Vaughn: whats the name of this movie i seen it years ago but i forgot what it was called

Jasmine Romulus: WAT THE freak I JUS WATCH.....excuse my France but dat jus had to be told!!!!

Alpha crew: Is that Sam Neill?

LS R: This is a good candidate for my "dafukdidIwatch?" prize...

normandycap07: Dr. Grant, don't be perv.

João Alegria: What the Phuck I just saw o.O

British lass: freakin creepy

zooeyhall: Holy s**t---I can't believe I actually watched this.....

Louis Tan: im that strange part of youtube again...

antonio V.: Man id kill that thing if it was bangin my girl

Satans Mullet: Uh...Oo....key?.. i dont know if i should get a boner or recoil, in horror lol.. wow...

enterthafatass: Ive got the weirdest boner right now.

slylox36: is that.......sam neill

bastlake: man, Jurassic Park got weird

Leo Kolotilenko: this is why I shouldn't click random links

Sayeeda Durrani: @VEES07 I don't get it. Is that monster just their imagination? Or it real?

Skunk Kusai: hentai! lol

IndigoChildess: The Possession (1981)

ND7652: Now I know where Sam Neil . Got that look in Jurassic Park from

BarryWhitwell: @VocaloidDTM If you knew the history of this film, or were a fan, you'll know where this title originated from.

therealalexb: Whaaaholy crap.

majinvegeta1254: That's a strange bitch (octopus)

zambot3: Posession, 1981

psytokine1: features Frank McCay from "Monsters University"

jkeane992: That's freaked up

Sharita Sharmin: Hahaha dude you are funny. This movie was excellent. Dark and depressing, but excellent nonetheless. Wish I could see the uncut version, but at least someone on youtube put it up.

Neon Fire: so is it an alien or a demon? dafuq? If that thing was banging my girl i would try to take it off but if it spat blood at me and gave me a warning hiss i'd be like "Um im sorry to say this but... BYE BITCH" then run the freak out of there

GoingToNimrod: Almost what ?

Tara Webster: O.o

brushstrokesrock: That monster is a lucky bastard for banging Isabelle Adjani :P

thefreakyboutiki: Jurassic Pork.

Turtle Super: Omg freak that octopus fk off u rapist

Ludivine Piaggio: Esto les encantaría a los japoneses o.O
possession octopus scene.wmv 4.3 out of 5

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