AR-15 Reliability Upgrades - David Tubb's CS Springs

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waterfrontboss06: You must be hurting for money with the 50,000 Ad's you have in your video. Not even wasting my time I'm out

Steve Gossett: What type of red dot scope are you using in the video?

79dogface: Why tubbs and not the bcm extractor kit ?

PkwyDrive13: I have never had to watch so many ads in one video lol 6 ads!

chad shepherd: can you get some more ads on this video?  might as well watch regular tv...

cj spicy: You don't just set the extractor spring in there, there's a side of the spring that's wider and it locks in place.

shadow man: I have been using David Tubb`s springs in my AR15 for a while now. The bolt springs and the buffer spring along with a heavy buffer make quite a difference in performance and were the brass ends up. These are upgrades I would highly recommend to anyone with an AR15.

TheNomdeguerre: So are you still using the Tubbs chrome silicon springs? If so, what are your thoughts?

bobby alex: well, I think your homemade tool might have been part of the problem.  The right tool for the right job is a good rule of thumb.  $30 bucks is cheaper and easier than a trip to the gunsmith.  Think it may have been a good idea to check the headspace on the new BCG?

Evan Steiner: Hi Ebomey....If you replace the buffer spring with a David Tubbs spring, do you have to replace the other springs you replaced or can I just replace the buffer spring alone? Thanks Ebomey and Merry Christmas.  It's cold up here in Minnesota!!

Tony Howell: After watching the begining of your vid i was just was thinking that you must be a really cool dude to have so many people think about you dearly to give you cool stuff that you actually want for your birthday.Have a great day

ebomey: That is what they say!

leadfarmer556: I replaced my buffer spring with a springco spring. they say these chrome silica springs should last the life of the rifle!

ebomey: Thank you!

frankie122: Love your channel brother

ebomey: You're welcome.

joshhaynes350: Wow thanks for the fast ass reply lol. Aight ebomey approved so I'm gonna roll with it

ebomey: I consider this a must setup. Definitely quieter then the stock set.

joshhaynes350: How's the buffer and buffer spring doing? I'm debating on the exact same set up with the heavy spikes buffer and tubbs spring to quiet down the twang, and ease recoil

ebomey: Spike's uses high quality springs and there is no reason to replace them. I just wanted to use the tubbs set.
AR-15 Reliability Upgrades - David Tubb's CS springs 5 out of 5

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AR-15 Reliability Upgrades - David Tubb's CS springs