AR-15 Reliability Upgrades - David Tubb's CS Springs

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mark baxter: A friend of mine has informed me that you also apparrently cannot use a lightening link in a Rock River Arms rifle due to the inner ledge under the rear take down pin is to high.

mark baxter: That thing is called the cam that you have to turn to remove the bolt from the carrier. Has probably been told since, but didn't feel like checking every comment that has ever been said for any new viewer.

bobby alex: well, I think your homemade tool might have been part of the problem.  The right tool for the right job is a good rule of thumb.  $30 bucks is cheaper and easier than a trip to the gunsmith.  Think it may have been a good idea to check the headspace on the new BCG?

Evan Steiner: Hi Ebomey....If you replace the buffer spring with a David Tubbs spring, do you have to replace the other springs you replaced or can I just replace the buffer spring alone? Thanks Ebomey and Merry Christmas.  It's cold up here in Minnesota!!

Are you retarded?: After watching the begining of your vid i was just was thinking that you must be a really cool dude to have so many people think about you dearly to give you cool stuff that you actually want for your birthday.Have a great day

ebomey: That is what they say!

leadfarmer556: I replaced my buffer spring with a springco spring. they say these chrome silica springs should last the life of the rifle!

ebomey: Thank you!

frankie122: Love your channel brother

ebomey: You're welcome.

joshhaynes350: Wow thanks for the fast ass reply lol. Aight ebomey approved so I'm gonna roll with it

ebomey: I consider this a must setup. Definitely quieter then the stock set.

joshhaynes350: How's the buffer and buffer spring doing? I'm debating on the exact same set up with the heavy spikes buffer and tubbs spring to quiet down the twang, and ease recoil

ebomey: Spike's uses high quality springs and there is no reason to replace them. I just wanted to use the tubbs set.

W806D: Also, were the springs in the Spikes Tactical BCG poor to need upgrade? I am debating a Spikes bcg but I figure maybe WHY if I can just upgrade my springs and be done with it. What do you really gain by the added expense of the new bcg if you have to upgrade it immediately....just thinking with my bank account in mind...ha ha

W806D: would have been easy while you had the ejector out. When you go that far? OK. no harm. was just wondering.

ebomey: Why? Waste of time! this isn't just my opinion this comes from two very worthy gunsmiths.

W806D: So no head clearance check?

ebomey: a lot of companies are just like that when you order something that has a low price you always seem to get screwed on shipping!

CUNT: I just ordered this spring set due to failure to extract problems on my cmmg pistol they look awesome and from everything I have heard they are the best. I just have one issue with D. Tubbs, The set is $15.00 USD approx. which is fine for a quality product however the $14.00 USD approx. I'm paying for standard shipping is just stupid,IMO he needs to fix the shipping costs it's a bit ridiculous. Buyer beware.
AR-15 Reliability Upgrades - David Tubb's CS springs 5 out of 5

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AR-15 Reliability Upgrades - David Tubb's CS springs